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My car was crushed!


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I bought a car in August and set up the tax payments by direct debit.



On Dec 7th my car was clamped.

I called dvla and the Leeds pound and was told the previous owner had sorned the car

so the tax payments hadn't been requested.

While on the phone they towed it!



I left 7 messages on their answerphone but because of flooding I didn't get through.

I managed to get through today only to find they crushed it within 2 days!



I need to write in and they will investigate within 10 working days.

I have proof the direct debit was set up, which the dvla can check anyway.



If it's dvla fault I'll get compensation, if not, I get nothing!

I'm absolutely gutted!



Can anyone help with a letter to the dvla? It was my first car.



I'm disabled and have serious memory issues so can't remember if I sent in the v62?



What can I do? I'm heartbroken!

I didn't even get to sit in it!



I just passed my theory and was close to passing my test but I feel like it was all a waste of time now.



All that money I spent might have been for nothing!



Thanks for your help

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By taxing it, you removed it from SORN.


The worrying thing is it is very easy to SORN anyones car as long as you know the REG and the address it is registered to, meaning that they can also then crush the care with little notice. Did the previous owner SORN it after he sold it to you?

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As far as I know yes.

It was sold to me by my brother in law who owns a garage.



Obviously I need to speak to him but the woman at the pound told me if it was sorned but I had taxed it and dvla weren't requesting the payments then it's not my fault and I shouldn't have to pay a thing.



I can prove that I had the debit set up.

It didn't help that I couldn't get through to the dvla despite 6-7 calls and messages left.

I'm absolutely gutted!



I have a feeling it's going to end up being my fault for what ever reason.

I don't have the best of luck!



I was so proud that I had a car that was totally legal and I was close to actually passing my test and driving it 😢.



I can't remember if I sent the new keeper form in.

I really don't know what to do......


To be honest, I've no idea when it was sorned.

I'll get hold of him tonight and ask.....


I don't think the car was actually taxed?

Even though the direct debit was set up on my side, they weren't actually requesting the payments.



I had no idea about this until I got a text from my bank to say the payment hadn't been taken by the dvla?



So technically it wasn't taxed I guess?

I just have a bad feeling about this 😕.



If dvla are found to be at fault, I will apparently get compensation?



Does that mean I'll get the market value of the car or would it be the price I paid?

thanks for your help.



I don't remember getting a letter about the car not being taxed?

I got the text the same time I found the car had been clamped!



I got straight on the phone to them and explained about the direct debit and as I was talking to them the truck came and towed it away!



The woman on the phone told me to contact the pound in Leeds where the car had been taken but because there was flooding, nobody was answering.



I left message after message explaining the situation and asking for a call back, which never came.



I managed to get through today but the car had been crushed 2 days after towing

so I didn't get a chance to sort it out anyway.



Do I have a legal case?



I'm absolutely fuming!

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You say you can't remember if you notified dvla of your ownership and sent them the log book. Do you still have the log book or can't you find it ?



The car will have been taxed from the first day of the month you applied.

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You say you can't remember if you notified dvla of your ownership and sent them the log book. Do you still have the log book or can't you find it ?




A new keeper does not notify, or send anything to the DVLA. They, and the old keeper, complete the relevant parts of the existing V5C. The old keeper gives the green 'New Keeper Supplement' part to the new keeper (which they keep) and then notifies the DVLA of the transfer - either by post or on-line. The new keeper uses the details on the New Keeper Supplement to licence the vehicle, and when the DVLA receive the notification from the old keeper, they update the register and send the new keeper their V5C.

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And a thousand new car owners get tickets and fines from the DVLA. I would always insist that 'I' as the new purchaser send off the documents, after all, once the cars gone and the seller has the money in his hand, who to say he will be bothered, it's not his car any longer.

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There is no point in sending the New Keeper Supplement to the DVLA, they will not update the register when they receive it.

A new keeper is required to either licence or declare SORN for the vehicle using the details from the New Keeper Supplement, which will prevent any tickets, penalties etc.

The DVLA will be aware from those details that there has been a change of keeper. If the new V5C does not arrive within 4 weeks, it can be applied for with a form V62.

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I'm confused. You say the car was clamped on the 7th December, and crushed 2 days later, yet you couldn't get through to the car impound because of the flooding in Leeds. If there was nobody at the pound due to flooding how did they crush the car? As I remember things, it was much nearer Christmas that Leeds suffered from flooding.



Also you mention that you don't remember if you sent the V62 off or not, but then state that you have taxed the car via direct debit. Why were you using a V62? Did you ever receive a V5C in your name.

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I've no idea. I was told when I got throug the other day that the car had been crushed....

No I didn't receive the v5c. It's my first car so wasn't sure how it worked?




How come you have waited from 7th December until the other day to get in touch with them about the car?



When did you try to contact the impound to get your vehicle back?

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I just used the green slip to set up the direct debit and left it at that...

I called the dvla and they told me to call Leeds pound, which I did. Dvla told me about the flooding and said the pound was struggling so I may have trouble getting through. I had no answer from the pound at all until a few days ago....they told me the car had been crushed.....I'm just repeating what they said? I'm confused myself to be honest.....

I didn't call over Christmas week itself though....

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I called as soon as I saw the car was clamped and they towed it while I was on the phone? I wasn't sure of the date when I called them. I was told by dvla then that the previous owner had sorned it and if I could prove the DD was set up there would be no problem, to call Leeds pound and tell them and as I could prove it I wouldn't be liable and I could get the car back. I called almost every day but there was no answer so I left 6-7 messages explaining the situation and asking for a call back which never came. I left it over Christmas, then had a flare of my illness so didn't call that week. I got through a few days ago only to be told the exact dates, that the car had been towed on the 7th and they had "disposed" of it on the 9th. I actually thought it was later than that? I asked if this meant it had been crushed and they said yes. I was advised to write to ththe m and explain, that there would be an investigation which would take 10 working days and the dvla would be able to confirm that the DD was set up or not. If this was the case, I would get compensation. If not, I'm entitled to nothing. I KNOW it was set up. I also know that as the previous owner had sorned it, the dvla weren't requesting the payments which is why they were never paid and the car was towed fo no tax as this is what the dvla actually told me (they weren't requesting the payments due to the car being sorned). Would this mean that the previous owner hadn't sent in the paperwork? I'm totally confused! . My illness affects my memory so I couldn't be exact on dates. It was dvla that confirmed them. I'll make sure I write things down in future! All I know is I had taxed the car in August, or so I thought and things were fine. The first I knew that there was an issue was when I saw the car had been clamped. I hadn't driven the car as I'm learning to drive.

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To clarify

I bought the car in August and taxed it by monthly payments straight away (or so it was supposed to be)

The car sat outside my house until December when it was clamped and towed

I called almost every day for around 3 weeks, leaving messages to contact me, with no reply

Left it over Christmas

Had a flare of my illness so didn't call for another week or so which means I left it approximately 2 weeks?

Got through last week when they told me the dates and to write and ask for an investigation

The car was never taxed as it was registered as sorned so they weren't requesting the payments.....

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I don't get why, if I had taxed it, it was still down as being sorned? I've got a bad feeling about this. I'm not the best at being organised but I was so proud I had bought the car, taxed it and was almost ready to drive it 😔.

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I set up an annual Direct Debit in August. I had no email or other communication from the DVLA to say it was set up so not trusting the DVLA at all, I went immediately online and checked with my bank that the direct debit was in fact set up and printed out confirmation of that.


You should do the same. If you don't do online banking then go in and get confirmation or if that's not possible give them a ring to check. If the direct debit hasn't in fact been set up, I don't think there is anything you can do. As your DD was for monthly payments, you should have noticed that payment wasn't taken on your statement and taken action then.

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Right, I've confirmed with my bank that the DD was set up. The first payment went out 23/07/15, second payment °3/08/15. No payments were taken after that but the DD is still live and hasn't been cancelled. I've had the bank email me proof of the payments which state clearly that they are to DVLA. Surely this will be enough to confirm that the car should have been taxed. That I have to write to them and include the proof. They will investigate it and I'll have a response within 10 working days. It's got to be enough...one thing I'm not sure about and they couldn't tell me is, will I get what I paid for the car or will it be market value? I'm tempted to tell them I want reimbursement for all the calls I've had to make!

Could anyone help me with some form of letter please? I'm useless at things like that and tend to ramble and not make much sense 😕.

Thanks ever so much for all your help 🙂

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That's great, that's all that's needed. You are entitled to be put into the same situation as you were before it happened, so they can't decide the value of the car. Do you have a receipt for that ?

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Thank you. I have statements from the bank to show that the initial 2 payments were collected but then they didn't request any more payments? It states DVLA and shows an amount just over £12.


I dont actually have a receipt for the car with it being my brother in law but that won't be a problem, he'll confirm in writing when the car was sold and how much for. I did check with him that he had sent the paperwork off, which he had. I'm confused as to why they took the first payments and not any more? I can show that there were funds in the account for the tax. I also have a recent text message stating that the payment was not requested by DVLA.


I'm not sure how to word the letter of complaint. I'm not good with things like that. Can anyone help with that please? Obviously I don't want to hang around. I'll send the letter recorded delivery. I also thought I would send the complaint by email just in case. Would that be a good idea? I really appreciate the advice.....

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