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Hello. I'm looking for some advice please. I can see that there are several posts regarding RLP but I didn't see any with minors and a search brings up hundreds of posts:!:.


My 17 year old daughter and her friend were caught shoplifting in a large well known store. The friend ran off but my daughter went to court last month.


She has since received a letter from RLP saying that "their client" wants a three figure amount as a contribution towards losses. The letter spans two pages plus another two with questions and answers. It states that the money requested covers a "substantial period" where the staff were disrupted by "vigilantly observing all actions and apprehending, detaining and interviewing everyone in relation to the incident"


Which i thought was the security guards job...


Also the contribution (:???:) is "to follow all recording, reporting and back office procedures in relation to and the other individuals actions and the goods involved"


Not sure I understand that at all...


And finally "time taken in advising police and crime partnerships in relation to the incident for the detection and prevention of crime. The incident also gives rise to administration costs and maintaining systems to deal with this incident."


When I first read the letter I thought they couldn't do anything as it had already been to court and had been dealt with but I rang the solicitors that my daughter had used this morning to double check. They were concerned and asked me to go in as soon as I could. They arranged an appointment for this afternoon and told me to also look at the CAB website or phone them. I rang them and they told me that they couldn't advise me and I needed to go to a solicitor.


The solicitor read through the letter and told me that we need to respond to it asap. She said we needed to explain that we had sought legal advice but that we needed more time as Christmas is approaching. She said she could then look into how to defend it. I queried the cost at this point and she didn't reply but said as it's a civil matter we couldn't get legal aid. She said if I wanted to cut the cost I could call RLP myself and she also said to tell them that my daughter has no income and would not be able to pay any amount and this would leave us, her parents, having to pay (which the way the letter reads, they wouldn't care about either way as long as they got the money.) She said as I left that she would contact me with further information but stated I should not ignore the letter or I will have bailiffs visit who she said aren't nice people.


So, can anyone advise where we stand? From the posts I've read on here, I shouldn't respond but the solicitor is telling me I should respond quickly before the 21 day deadline.


I forgot to add that the solicitor also said that if we don't pay any amount we were likely to incur fines and charges and also that my daughter would go to court again and receive a CCJ which would affect her credit rating.

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stupid solicitor.



RLP are totally powerless

and can do absolutely NOTHING to YOU or HER.



TOTALLY ignore then



there has been several threads regarding RLP and minors here



don't het conned!!!



NONE of that money goes back to the retailer anyway!!



can we have a laugh please



scan you upload

that letter as a PDF [put all the scan sinto WORD first then upload as a PDF



there was a case widely publicised where the company took minors to court and lost badly.



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Prob wnt to court for shoplifting. However your daughter should have given up the friends name, and in any case, RLP cant touch you. Simply ignore them.


I'd also advise getting another solicitor as it really sounds like he as absolutely no expertise in this field, and as such should NOT be giving out legal advice about it

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Hi and welcome to CAG.


Your daughter has been punished in the correct way. By the courts.


RLP are nothing more than agents acting for the store. At the top of this forum are some stickies (including one of mine) which lay out what they can and cannot do.


The store security staff are paid irrespective of whether they catch anyone at all so that cost is already paid for by customers at the till.


If goods stolen were unfit for sale then those costs (plus admin fees) could be claimed but no more than that so the spurious amounts claimed by RLP bear no relation to the actual costs the store could claim.


The case DX referred to includes a store that were granted an anonymity clause (as did the two teenagers) RLP sent many people there and tried to claim for their time as well. They lost! Since that time (as far as we can tell) no other cases have occurred and that is from 2012.


So, in my opinion, ignore RLP and their pet debt collector of the day as they can do nothing to your daughter. The store could make a claim but it will cost them far more than they would ever get back so in general, they don't bother.


Your solicitor should have referred you to a civil, not a criminal lawyer as his/her knowledge in this matter is seriously lacking.


Oh yes, RLP will say that each case costs between £300 and £500 but have never broken that figure down into actual losses.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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the court would have awarded any costs due so RLP arent telling the full story in their letter, just the bit they have made up for theirn own ends.

I bet your solicitor charged you for the advice as well, despite it being wrong. They will hang it out if it suits them to do so as long as you are mug enough to pay them for the pleasure.

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Appallingly inadequate advice by the solicitor - clearly no experience in this field


The best advice by far with RLP is to ignore them and develop a thick skin. In theory the retailer (note - not RLP) could claim for damages caused as a direct consequence, but not for activities which would have occurred irrespective of whether your daughter went into the store or not - monitoring CCTV, form filling and reporting are core duties for security and they are paid a wage to do this, your daughter caused no additional expense unless the goods were damaged or if staff had to work overtime in order to deal with the case.


There is also the fact that a prosecution resulted and the matter of costs should have been disposed of by the Court


Ignore RLP and they will simply keep writing and threatening hellfire and brimstone. They will eventually get a debt collector to write, who will then give up and refer the matter back to RLP who will tell you that they are recommending that their client takes legal action to recover the claim. This may take several months, but it will cease at that point. It cannot affect employment or credit rating (although sadly the matter will stay on your daughter's record should and it may be disclosed by the police should she seek employment in certain fields or for visas when visiting some countries). No court papers will follow though. The matter has concluded so far as the retailer is concerned and any backhander from RLP being successful in their demands is purely a bonus.


Please don't get into letter tennis with RLP or worse still phone them. The rather odious woman who runs RLP tends to bring out the legal dictionary and will make every effort to baffle you with false legalese nonsense designed to scare you into paying.


Oh - and as she also reads these forums and then matches them to cases on file she has a rather unpleasant habit of writing to tell people what a bunch of unknowledgeable, unwashed and uneducated layabouts we all are and that we clearly don't work as we are able to spend time giving bad advice from the comfort of an armchair. She is entitled to her opinion of course - as are we entitled to our thoughts on her company's dubious practices - but suffice to say that nobody has ever returned here to say that they were taken to court or forced to pay up. Not one.


Hopefully your daughter has learned the error of her ways and will not do this again. That is no reason for your family to pay out money where there is no lawful reason to do so.

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






If I have been helpful in any way - please feel free to click on the STAR to the left!


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Three and a half months later, has there been any further updates for this case?

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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