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    • Even if he was over the time  that still does not allow them the powers to fake evidence.. even the police cant do that   mmmmmmm 
    • Again, massive thanks to you for the help provided. Two questions: Should I show the dealership correspondence from Blue Motor Finance? Should I send them this letter?   I have changed a couple of bits from your letter. Please see below the final draft:   Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your email on 6th December 2021 As you know, this is a hire purchase agreement and as such you are effectively the dealer to all intents and purposes. You have a contract with the dealer but that is a different matter and of course it isn't a contract governed by the consumer rights act because neither of you are consumers. However I am a consumer and I'm protected by the consumer credit act and you have all the responsibilities to me as if you were the retailer (which you are). You are a business which is regulated under the FCA – but also you are a business which is regulated under the consumer credit act and this makes you liable under any consumer legislation which I enjoy – in particular, the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The retailer has already indicated that they are prepared to repair the first fault which occurred – the seatbelt fault.  I'm fully prepared to drive the car back to Blackburn for this repair and also for a further diagnosis of any other defects. Of course, I shall be claiming the costs of this from you – in particular if it means that the car has to stay with the dealer overnight or longer and I have to return at a later date. By insisting on this option,  I take it that you do not have any objection in me driving a faulty vehicle for over three hours, therefore assuming the risk of making the transmission issue worse or even risking a possible catastrophic transmission failure.   As a gesture of goodwill to you, I'm prepared to try and take steps to mitigate your losses by taking the car to a repairer local to me in order to have the work and diagnosis carried out there. I should warn you that if you do prefer me to return the vehicle to the retailer in Blackburn, then I may well decide to carry out my own independent inspection should the retailer not agree that the faults which I am describing exist. If an independent inspection confirms my own view, then I shall be looking to you to reimburse the cost of this inspection in addition to any other costs I reasonably incur. You may feel that it is more cost-effective for you in the long term if I have the car repaired locally and diagnosed locally because then this will also amount to an independent inspection and avoid further damage to the transmission.   In respect of your reference to a warranty, please stop trying to fob me off on to warranties. I am perfectly happy to rely on my statutory consumer rights – and I think you had better understand that. I hope you also understand that warranties are subordinate to statutory consumer rights.   You say that your business is regulated by the FCA – and of course that is correct – and that also means that if you start making misleading statements or try to avoid your responsibilities to me then in addition to county court action I am entitled to make a complaint to the financial ombudsman service. The FCA may allow you eight weeks to investigate a problem and to produce a final response, but what the FCA permits you to do is subordinate to my rights under current consumer legislation. Your trumpeting of what you are allowed to do by the FCA is calculated to mislead me. Don't do it. You have sold me a vehicle which is defective and not of satisfactory quality. This is a breach of contract. Your statement that I'm not entitled to recover any reasonable foreseeable losses caused by your breach of contract is incorrect. In particular, your statement that as a consumer I do not have the same entitlement as a business customer is quite wrong – and also calculated to mislead me because I'm sure you must know better. I accept that it is fair enough that the retailer should have an opportunity to inspect the vehicle and to ascertain the fault. As soon as my position is confirmed, then I shall be looking to you to either arrange or at least to agree the cost of repairs so that they can be put in hand without any delay. Don't imagine that that will be as long as eight weeks.   I'm giving you seven days to let me know which course of action you would prefer me to take. I hope you understand that I'm trying to have your best interests in mind at all times. Yours faithfully
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    • So long as they aren't unlawfully discriminating against you because of a protected characteristic, I presume that like anybody else they can pick and choose whom they do business with.    I understand places like Amazon and eBay will close "problem" purchaser accounts quite commonly, and will often also close other accounts that they believe are connected to a problem account  (eg same email, same physical address, same payment details etc).
    • Hi 1st all NO I will not turn it down I'm up there with the big boys   china Russia India me   with global warming   lol .  Thank you for your help but iv got nowhere with !  your repair !  As in terms of them replying  or help .its the wrong time year to drag this out fighting them while I got no hot water or heating.  I have left bad reviews on there sites  hoping that will help others from making the same mistake as me  ! joining there scam !.  As for the NEST  yes it's the government backed scheme for ppl on disability an low income to help warm there homes .  Just do what I did ASK   they can only say yes or no  and there supa fast . So thank you . I will be keeping a look in and see if any one else post about  !your repair!  As I can guarantee I wont be the last person scammed.   Cheers . 
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The World Is About To Go On A Carbon Diet-Good News.

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Let The Diet Begin

The world is about to go on a carbon diet. It won't be easy — or cheap.


Nearly 200 countries across the world on Saturday approved a first-of-its-kind universal agreement to wean Earth off fossil fuels and slow global warming, patting themselves on the back for showing such resolve.


'Historic' Paris climate deal adopted

Paris deal met with calls to action from Canadians

5 key points in Paris Agreement

On Sunday morning, like for many first-day dieters, the reality sets in. The numbers — like calorie limits and hours needed in the gym — are daunting.


More info-and what do you think of this agreement

Some scary comments on the article.

Better get a move on some are thinking.

Many of us do not fully understand how bad things are,or could be if things do not get moving fast.


In practice, world will have to emit nearly no greenhouse gases by 2070 to reach lesser climate goal



Better put this on.To show how things can be done.


5 Countries That Prove The World Does Not Need Fossil Fuels.



It clearly is a worrying situation.So for those that like a good read.And also trying to reassure myself that things will be done as quick as possible.

Fossil Fuel Phase Out.



Sounds like China needs to get stuck in and get moving rapidly.

In some places there you can hardly see your hands in front of your faces.

Breathing must be difficult at times and unhealthy.


Well there you are.A few articles from the Web, i really do not know that much about the problem but got a feeling many of us will soon know plenty.

I can not keep saying winter after winter well it is the jet stream,the direction of the wind that keeps giving us warm winters.

When i was young winters were winters,year after year.

Something is amiss.

Perhaps you can tell me,or say how you feel about this problem.


I hope the leaders are not speaking with Forked Tongues is all i can add.

And i suppose if they are serious Fracking has had it.


Scientists Say Fracking Makes Climate Change Worse, Not Better


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Even though sceptics dsagree there's a problem, for them I say using fossil fuels is the cost to our lungs breathing in the muck.



China etc can carry on and other countries have to cut back use now to balance the use by China and others, because they say we made money from coal and they want their chance. I s'pose that's where the carbon credits system kicks in.


India, expects to tripple it's carbon emissions over the next three years.


To me we could be operating as the five countries listed above, very farcical as if we were serious about it, eco homes could have been built years ago with mostly zero and zero energy bills.


Oh and why have they scrapped the green deal for people to insulate their homes and cuts in subsidies.


I wasn't impressed by this interview either http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35087059


2070 sounds a long way off to me for world leaders claiming to be tackling such an important issue.

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I'm a bit of a sceptic, I accept that there is an impact but I'm unconvinced as to the magnitude. I need to stake my claim in this as an earth sciences graduate so I'm cynical but willing to be convinced otherwise.


Over time the earth's climate has changed dramatically back and forth between hot and cold, tropical and polar so are these changes that we're sensing outside expected variation? Are they, in the terms of paleoclimate, statistically significant?


I've promised myself some time to do some more reading on it whilst I'm recovering from my surgery, but there's some interesting data here:



Although I accept and understand that it's difficult to find peer reviewed info for free online...




On a far less significant front, perhaps it's time for another 'scrappage scheme' this time for the most polluting vehicles with additional assistance for people trading in gas guzzlers for more eco-friendly vehicles. My car is a 2.5 litre monster that struggles to average 28mpg on extended runs, but I'm not in a financial position to change it just because of the fuel consumption...

My views are my own and are not representative of any organisation. if you've found my post helpful please click on the star below.

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