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Vodafone hassle data charges and now theft

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I have been with vodafone for years so would like to think I'm a valued customer. I've never had problems up until now. I switched in september from a 2 year contract to a sim only contract. In my bundle i was meant to have 20GB of data. In my old 2 year contract i had 12GB of data.


Anyway whats happened is that when they have changed my tariff, one half of vodafone system says i am entitled to 20GB of data, yet the other half of there system has been changed to reflect. So whats been happening is that every bit of data that i go over 12GB is being charged for. So last month i questioned it with vodafone, and they raised a bill query to cancel £71 worth of charges. But this hasn't taken into account the remainder of the charges I've incurred for the remainder of the month.


Anyway long story short again, i used 16GB of data, My contract allowance is 20GB and they have billed me 4GB over the 12GB.


The first bill amendment was for £71, but they then started to say that this was final and that the final bill was £46. When i questioned what it comprised of they went a head and confirmed it was for £20 of data. I asked how i can be charged for data when its in my bundle. The advisors each time agreed. But the bill still stood as they refused to do another bill recalculation. Anyway i asked to have my contract terminated due to the hassle and then i was happy to take out another contract which should have been clean without any glitches. They told me for this i would be charged. I suggested a data test drive in order to give vodafone time to sort the problem. This was refused at first.


I phone up to pay for the £26.50 which is what the bill was. after they reluctantly took the payment. the following day i received a text threatening/blackmailing me to hand over money or the remainder of the bill or i shall be cut off. I then phoned them again asking why i received this. they apologised. They said it wouldn't happen. The advisor then said that he would apply a data test drive to my account, which he had done. But also told me that there was still a picture message outstanding on my account for £0.45. I agreed to pay this. I checked my online banking today and they have taken the remaining balance of the account being £19 ish. So basically after the advisor agreed an amount he then proceeded to falsely enter an angered amount and charge my card.


I spent 3 hours on the phone today complaining going around in circles. Ive had enough now. Ive spent in total 10 hours plus on the phone trying to sort this problem out. And I'm just getting passed from person to person.


To make things worse, I'm being charge again for this billing period until the data test drive went live. And they have had the cheek to add a late payment charge onto my account. Which now they have agreed to wipe. They have also agreed to refund the £19 into my account but will take several days. There quick enough to falsely steel it.


So my question to the forum. Where can i go from here? I don't want to be having to go through this hassle every month for the remaining 9 months of my contract.


Do i have ground to have my contract terminated due to a failure on vodafones behalf. Cos they are adamant that i will be charged and i have to pay the charges.


Ive phoned Natwest fraud department up, and basically they have said that if i don't have it in writing what the charge was going to be for which i do, then they have nothing to act upon to carry out a visa charge back, even though its on my bill, and i recorded todays phone conversation for proof.


Also ombusman want 8 weeks and this has now been 4 weeks, and they say it could take a further 8 weeks again so 12 weeks all in total.


I feel its every week I'm having to spend hours on the phone to vodafone


At one point they had great customer service and had no problems recommending them, even got my wife onto them


Im stuck guys and need help. They have proven they can't fix the problem, now i want out



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