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    • Why not? have they sent anything to prove it yet?
    • OK - in a nutshell...   Customer has a leak in the wall behind the shower in their en-suite bathroom which has leaked into another bedroom and they claim on their buildings insurance. We go in and inspect and quote for the repairs - this quote is forwarded, by the customer, to the insurance company who authorise them to go ahead with that quote. When we arrive, the customer says that they want the rest of the bathroom tiled to match - we agree and quote £800.00 for the extra tiling. The design for the tiling is varied, by the customer, to include two vertical mosaic stripes (the mosaic tiles being £12.50 each, plus a considerable increase in labour) - we point out that this will blow the materials budget - screaming ensues... we absorb the cost. The customer purchases a new bathroom suite which they expect us to install as part of the £800.00 that we quoted for the tiling alone - when this pointed out, screaming ensues... we absorb the cost. We complete the insurance repairs to both the bathroom and the bedroom on the other side of the wall. The customer says that they are happy with the insurance repairs, inform the insurance company of the fact and receive the final insurance payment. Some snagging is required on the extras - one of our guys goes in to sort out the odd bits. Customer freaks out because only one person has turned up to do the snagging - tells the man on site to take his tools and go. Customer will now not release the insurance money because the snagging has not been completed and claims that we're in breach of contract.   The insurance money HAS been paid to the customer - they signed off that the insurance based repairs were complete and satisfactory. It's the customer that's holding on to the money. The property is a ground floor flat - so it's leasehold.   I was pointing out that she's European - not any particular "ethnic background"...  
    • Referencing the Particulars of the Claim: 1. The claimant claims the sum of £2300 for an outstanding debt owed. 2. On 01/04/2012 the defendant entered into an agreement with Lloyd bank plc for an overdraft account under the reference X. 3. On 01/04/2016 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £2300. 4. On 01/06/2017 the debt of £2300 was assigned to PRA Group UK LTD. Notices of assignment were sent to the defendant in accordance with s136 law of property act 1925. 5. Payments of £20 were received up to 01/03/2019 and adjustments have been made in the sum of £3.   For 'Particular number 2', i see a lot of other people saying this like 'Paragraph 2 is denied. I do not recall having this account'. I obviously cannot put that, what would i put?
    • Just wanted to report that the court dropped the MS90 and she ended up with 3 points, £40 fine, £30 Victim Sur (?) and £80 court costs.....thing is because she rang her insurance  to be honest and inform what was happening they cancelled her policy there and then charging her £50 to do so.  Now she’s gone to reinstate her insurance it has gone thru the roof because she’s had a cancelled policy!!  Seems a bit unfair, we hoped dropping the MS90 would avoid this - does this sound right?    Thankyou  
    • I'm removing two posts here – one because it refers to "… All from the same ethnic background" and the second one referring to the fact that the customer was Spanish. The first, particularly by king12345 has a strong racist tone about it and is completely unwelcome here.  king1 2345 has been here long enough and knows very well that this is not what we do. ==============================================================================   In terms of the building and insurance problem, it certainly sounds if you are being treated very badly and we would be very happy to help. Unfortunately I find your story is rather unclear – probably because there is a lot of narrative and I'd be grateful if you could clarify your story and in particular breaking down the insurance job and the rest including giving their values. Do you know if the insurance money has been paid to the customer or is the insurance company simply waiting for some kind of approval. You say that the insurance company has signed the job off and so this suggests to me that they are satisfied but what worries me is that they may already have paid the money to the customer who is merely withholding it from you rather than authorising the direct payment of the insurance money to you. Your story needs substantial clarification please. Finally, does your customer own the property? If you are not sure then you should consult the land registry website to ascertain the owner of the property
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Thomson airlines holiday problem

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I booked an holiday with Thomson for Christmas I booked it as a surprise for my mom as she been feeling run down and I thought she need something to look forward to. A couple of days after my mom started to be more ill losing part of vision went to doctors and got told it was an eye infection. A couple days later she lost more vision and acting all confused so I took her to opticians as doctors kept on saying theres nothing wrong. Soon as we got to opticians and took one look sent us straight to a & e after having a brain scan it was confirmed there's a growth and after having biopsy 3 weeks later she was told she got terminal cancer and there can not treat it because of where it is.

I know its my fault I never got insurance because all of this started just after I booked with her sight i never even thought it was anything more then been run down down before I booked it. Then all this happened and forgot about the insurance.

I been all over the place backwards to hospital and on Sunday 29th I emailed Thomson exceptions team to confirm we can not fly due to my mom diagnosis and there said under there exceptions terms and conditions there could refund me the money as its terminal cancer. But because I emailed them 2 days late before the cut of date 3 weeks before I fly I will not received nothing back. I feel to be told I was 2 days late I should received something back I asked if I can have it in vouchers and I will travel later on next year after my mom passes away but no I missed the deadline and there nothing can be done.

I know its my fault about the insurance and then being all over the place trying to find my mom a place to home to as my property is bot suitable and hospital will not discharge her back to the property but to be told there would of refunded me the money if I was just 2 days earlier. Can anyone help if there anything I can do?

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Sorry about your Mum. Thomson are correct and the only thing you can do is write to their CEO at their head office, asking whether they can assist with your exceptional circumstances.


The reason travel companies don't refund within 3 weeks of the travel dates, is that they will have to pay the providers of hotel rooms etc and at this late stage they might not get other travellers to take up cancelled bookings.


Check to see whether your mom or you had any annual travel insurance arranged for previous trips or whether any bank accounts had travel cover as part of a paid account package.

We could do with some help from you.



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HI there


I have moved this thread into the correct forum.












The SabreSheep, All information is offered on good faith and based on mine and others experiences. I am not a qualified legal professional and you should always seek legal advice if you are unsure of your position.

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