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    • Hello All,   A friend of mine started work for a care home around eleven months ago.   From the very start they over paid her and it has just come to light.   I do not know for sure if she was aware of the over-payment, (she is cunning enough to be aware and dizzy enough to not notice!, with apologies to feminist readers!!).   The company has now demanded she repay the over-payment.  I am not clear what the sums are but she was contracted for around 20 hours a week and was paid for thirty so I would estimate 40 hours x minimum wage x 11 months so something like £3500.  (Please don't comment that this was a huge number that she should have noticed, I already know!).   At first they told her she could not leave until she had paid it back, finally an arrangement was made that she will repay at the rate of £50 per month and must settle the balance if she leaves before she has paid it back and they have made her sign a contract to that effect.   I take the view that whether or not she has an obligation to pay it back there should not be any contract that in effect ties her to the place.  She should be free to give notice and work elsewhere, any repayment should be at a rate she can afford and if she has a better job offer she should be able to take it without having to wait to pay back the overpay.   I would be most grateful for any CAG'ers opinions and comments on this matter and what her rights and obligations are. 
    • Just a further update! So far no documentation for SAR request. I have also trawled back through an old BT email account I am still using , found email conversations between myself , HR and union rep. There is mention of my ongoing case with the company, correspondence with HR about coming back to site for follow up interviews and dealings with my rep up to the point I handed in my resignation which was Feb 2014. As far as I can see these conversations prove that I was on suspended leave pending investigation. Coupled with the fact the SAR if it ever appears will not have these email trails as I suspect my works email account was deleted a long time back.  In terms of the mediation I have already noted that I do not have all the relevant information so this will render any mediation useless which should proceed it to court.  For now I will keep these cards close to my chest and provide those documents at a later date. I feel confident that a judge will throw this out on the grounds of their lack of evidence in the first instance. 
    • Glick, is that rhyming slang?   Nice if you could phrase your own opinions an thoughts.
    • Thank you for the clarification, people should be along to advise later.   HB
    • Anyway now I am repeating myself.I will say that, if the Magistrate is merely witnessing the Declaration was made, why in part 23 does it say the court may accept service of such a declaration .   Section 14 of the majistrates act sub 3   And I am also repeating myself when I say the SD will be examined if out of time. I mean it says so on the application for god sake. The fact that such an application is not applied straight to the court should be A clue As for the points you keep raising about misreading the OPs original post, it happens, get over it. It makes me think your comments are more personal than about the issue.   Glick, is that Bluebottle by any chance, well well?    Indecently I never said anyone will be interrogated here, that was you,   An SD is not proof, you said that yourself, as does the old act.   As for making a deal on how to plead, really, so what does the prosecutor tell the DVLA.
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How Amazon, ParcelForce, and Lenovo took my 1352.59 pounds

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Hello Consumer Action Group members,


I have been suffering from a mix of problems since last June.


Long story short:



1. I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller.

2. Laptop's motherboard broke down, and I found out that I can receive a refund/ repair free of charge.

3. Amazon's seller (located in the US) agreed to fix the laptop, and provided US address

4. Sent it via ParcelForce, Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact and I have no clue where my laptop is.



Hello everyone,



I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller. I needed a new laptop for many years so I decided to invest a hefty sum for a good laptop. I purchased the laptop, and within 2 months, I found out that its motherboard was broken.


In order to get a repair, I contacted Amazon support team and they gave me the email address of the reseller. I got the email and I contacted them swiftly. They were based in the US, and told me to send the item to United States.




After I received their instructions, I sent it to their US address immediately.

After a week, I contacted them whether they received it, and the Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact immediately.

In vain, I contacted Amazon whether they can assist in the repair.

After checking my ParcelForce tracking, I found out that it is still in the depot and the reseller refused to pick up the item.


This entire process took two months.


Then I found out that there is an option from my Santander bank, which allows for a chargeback service.

I contacted Santander and they agreed to look into my case, which took another 2 months (because I was in Korea at the time, and they requested a letter which is sent by post).


Now it's October. I contacted Santander again and they told me that due to a mistake from their reps, they told me the wrong timeline and I will not be qualified for a chargeback service.


This got me nuts. I contacted Amazon and Amazon refused to handle the case and every one of their reps stopped replying to my emails.


I considered the last option, and I contacted Parcelforce to send me my item back. They told me that I should apply for the loss of an item, because they cannot track the item anymore. I did exactly that, and they rejected my claim because I should have applied for the procedure within 3 months.


Now I am really angry.

Every one of these corporations told me blatantly wrong information and now I am left with -1352 pounds in my budget, huge drain in my time and energy.


What should be the next step that I take?


Please assist me in the process, that would be incredibly kind of you folks.


Best wishes



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Have you written a full complaint to all companies involved, so you can invoke their complaints procedure? Are you a resident of the UK.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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this chargeback timeline.....



typically its 120 days

sometimes its 540 days.



not sure if satans bank are correct here that you are out of time,



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Hello good folks, I have just sent an email to Amazon US/UK CEOs.


I just find it incredible how a big corporation like Amazon let these shady resellers roam around in its marketplace!


1352 pounds and missing laptop. Extremely disappointed by Amazon's CS! I thought Jeff Bezos cared customer service the most.

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