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Child Care Costs.How can anyone afford this cost-upto 164.00 a week-Per child.

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I must be getting old.

Child Care costs can cost upto 164.00 a week.

People borrowing off payday lenders and using credit cards to pay for this.

Can you believe this.It must be like a nightmare for many.

How do you manage for you out there who have to pay this charge.

2 kids more than some earn i feel.328.00.

I am feeling quite sorry for those that have no choice but to pay this.

You may have a decent job,studied for years,even have perhaps degrees but wiped out with these costs.

It has truly shocked me how times have changed and changing now day to day across the UK


As the cost of a childcare place hits £164 a week, one in four of Northern Ireland parents say they have to use credit cards or payday loans to pay for it


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If your child is 3 or 4, they do get 15 free hours of child care per week.

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So i suppose that knock it down to about 100.00 a week per child at 3 or 4 years old.

If full time 40 hours -15 hours leaves 25 hours at roughly 4.00 per hour,per child.

I bet a few parents can hardly wait for school days to start.

Just imagine if you had twins under three.

Or two young ones close together under three.

Seems to work out if full time say 40 hours about 4.00 per hour per child.


How many children does the average nursery take in.

How much profit roughly per child.A business look at things,hard to see profit in a child i realise that.

Staff wages,heating,food,maintenance of buildings,vehicles and many other things must cost a few pounds.


American look at things where demand for child care is growing.

Why Childcare Workers Are So Poor, Even Though Childcare Costs So Much

They can't even afford daycare for their own kids.


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