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    • Thanks,    I've read the info from the link, nothing I wasn't aware of really. I wouldn't talk to a DCA anyway or anybody else over the phone for just about anything, hence the reason I refused to give them my details when they rang up. The only "conversation" I had was when they rang me and asked me to confirm my details, which I refused to do because it could have been anybody on the phone and as I said, I'd never heard of them anyway at that point. I asked them to contact me in writing, if they wished to pursue the matter, with "a copy of the Agreement" and the reply was that "there isn't one". At that point I said "we have nothing more to discuss then" and ended the call.    I'm still not happy about posting the entire details online but I'll take a look at some of the other threads to see if there's anything relative. 
    • Looks like my mistake. The new machine requires the full reg to be entered now, whereas before, only the first two numbers were required. I entered the first two numbers.
    • Reciveed a summary warrant, phoned up the council who said it was not longer anything to do with them and I'd have to speak to walker love the firm who deal with their summary warrants. I said I wouldn't have anything to do with them becasue it looks like a dodgy dca and I  I don't trust them, the debt is with the council not walker love. Anyway turns out they have no record of an arrangement to pay last years outstanding amount so whatever's gone wrong they have cancelled this years installments, even though regular payments have been made, they then took a summary warrant for last years and this years outstanding amount. I've cleared last years outstanding amount to the council and have a payment reference number, and the council say they'll make contact regarding a single person's discount  which was missed and then calculate the payments for the rest of this year. They say they sent out three letters threatening the summary warrant which were not received. Now to my question, my argument that the debt was with the council and not walker love, and as I've paid and agreed to pay what and the council say they'll contact walker love and stop the action, is this correct or will walker love still pursue? 
    • I'm trying to get my head around this. In effect, over the years you have been paying your own bill for yourself and also the bill for your neighbours usage as well – as metered. At the same time your neighbours have been paying their own water bills based on an SS charge. This means that Yorkshire water have been receiving double for your neighbours water. Now they are proposing to return to you the portion which which they now say represents the amount of water used by a neighbour. I think it would be interesting to talk to your neighbours and see if you can get copies of their bills over the years. Our Yorkshire water proposing to return to you the same amount of money that they charge your neighbours? Even if your neighbours don't have all of their bills to hand, maybe they've got one or two bills available and if it looks as if there is a discrepancy then maybe your neighbours would be kind enough to send the water company and SAR as well. I don't know if I have suggested that you read our customer services guide – but if I haven't then you should do so and implement the advice there in case you have any telephone dealings with the auto company. You haven't said whether you want to have a metered supply or to have an SS charge. Please let us know because it makes a big difference to the final solution you will be looking for. If you want to metered supply then I think you are absolutely entitled to insist on it and you are entitled to insist that Yorkshire water and if this is in your garden, they should then pay for any repairs.
    • Not sure if this is the correct forum, so I apologise in advance.   So, the situation I am currently in.. is that a family member opened a Littlewoods account in my name, at the address I used to live at (Family home). The account was opened in November 2018, goods were obtained and then payments were missed. I usually check my credit report and score every month, but (somewhat foolishly) I didn't bother checking for a few months as my score remained the same. I didn't notice this account on my report until several months after it was opened. I obtained statutory credit reports and went through everything. I then filed this issue with Action Fraud.   I contacted Littlewoods and explained the situation to the fraud team, re-iterating the fact that an account was opened at an address I had not lived at for almost two and a half years at the point that this account was opened, not to mention the account is under a 'Mrs', when I am male. They proceeded to tell me that it was a civil matter and not one for them to deal with. I told them that the amount owed wasn't the issue, but rather the adverse effect it was having on my credit score as I was considering applying for a mortgage soon. They simply doubled down on their 'civil matter' point and hung up on me.    I got in touch with Experian, who added a notice of correction to the entry on my report and provided a template for me to send off to Shop Direct. I sent this letter off and received zero response. The family member had started to make payments after I threatened reporting this to the relevant people, but the account, and the several months of missed payments, still remain as a black mark on my credit file. I will add that I got a CIFAS marker placed on my account to try and prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future.   I have also filed this issue with the Financial Ombudsman. I guess I am posting this because I am not quite sure where to go next or what my next actions should be to get this removed from my credit report. It is incredibly disappointing that a family member would do this to me, but it is also extremely annoying that Littlewoods themselves have been very unhelpful in trying to rectify this issue that has occurred at such a point in my life when I am considering applying for a mortgage. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.
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Hi - am in more than a slight panic!!


(I have posted this problem elsewhere then remembered how helpful this forum was in the past.)


A week ago I received 5 years worth of Business Rates demands

- 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 & 2006/7.



There was no letter just the outstanding amounts.



I had had during that time, a running battle with the Council about these rates due to my feeling the amount was unfair due to part of the property being unused,



I didn't pay the landlord rent for it and I didn't receive any income for it

(it was also pretty derelict and not fit for use).



As a result the Valuation Office sent a nice woman out who agreed it should be split and the empty part be the responsibility of the landlord.



His wife then hit the roof when the Council sent them a bill and it was rejoined (due to her bullying tactics no doubt!).


The debate then went back and forth to the Council and was never settled properly (each time I got sent a new bill, I contacted them, challenged it and it stalled - I did make payments however).


I left the property in late 2007.

Eventually I packed up my business to care for my elderly disabled parent (which I am still doing).



In 2009 (I think!) I was sent similar

- just the bills, no letter.



I had met a guy who said not a problem he would sort it out as it was his line of work.

He duly got involved and I heard no more.



Until a week ago when the same 5 bills appeared And then this morning I received a threatening letter stating a Liability Order had been issued on 19th May 2003 for £2927. And if I do not pay by this Wednesday, they will send in the bailiffs!


I would NEVER ignore any court summons etc. and I was still at the property at the time.



When I looked closer at the bills, the 2002/3 bill to which this LO presumably was for, the amount owed was £1131.40.



The date of this bill was 1/4/2003.



There was a small charge of £50 costs but it does not say what for and anyway it predates the LO anyway

. No further costs on any of the subsequent bills.


There are no names of contactable people on any of the correspondence.


So what do I do????

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Liability orders do not become SB'd but the council has to apply for it within the 6 year period or the debt would be. This means the original LO would be payable but the other debts would be SB. You need to contact the bailiffs and tell them that you wish to explore the recent Valuation Tribunal ruling. Contact the council and tell them the other demands are Statute Barred

You can also challenge the LO by demanding from the council a breakdown of the amount etc and challenge that, esp anything that has been due as part of the disputed property partition. The VA may have to get involved with this and their word will be final.

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Thanks for your reply

- I eventually had to contact the council.



The Magistrates Court who issued the LOs (there was a 2nd) had closed down and although I rang the one which had taken over records etc., they said they didn't have any going back that far.



On ringing the council,

I was short and to the point,

making them note I had called and asking them to put it on hold (which she did for precisely 48 hours!) .



I have spoken to a solicitor friend and also National Debtline (hugely helpful, sympathetic and hopefully useful!) and emailed the council with a Subject Data Access Request of ALL correspondence in regard to this account including payments made, warnings, summons, LOs etc., any correspondence to Law Enforcement etc (LOs were in 2003/2007



so I would have expected action to be taken).

The council woman did admit that she could see the account had been in dispute.

We'll see - I will update on an progress!

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