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Carers - I feel many are worried and stressed. Under pressure.

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Hi tawnyowl


Could I also mention that CAG has a Carer Sources of Interest Stikkie with a comprehensive list of links in our Special Needs, Disability etc area of the forum:



How to Upload Documents/Images on CAG - **INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE**

FORUM RULES - Please ensure to read these before posting **FORUM RULES CLICK HERE**

I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

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Wow,that is a list that will help carers.

How i missed where that room was in the CAG is a mystery.


A few news articles one of which i found difficult to read..Gets right to your heart.

But feel it is the right thing to put it on here.

As i started this thread about Carers i did not really know what to expect.

But am learning many things about different kinds of caring.


Anna's story: Day in the life of a home carer-With Short Video



Now i know there are some that are in favour of Carers still paying for parking at Hospitals

But i have to say i am not one of them.

I was rather roused when the vote was spoilt by a MP and his friends.

Do not believe that this was not done on purpose.

Let us take a closer look at the MP who led on this filibustering.What he is really like.

I have met a few Yorkshiremen and always believed they were straight talking people.

This yorkshireman has strayed from the path.Clearly.


Philip Davies, the master of filibuster and friend to rogue landlords

Tory MP for Shipley has managed to thwart a number of bills to prevent abuses – by talking them out



Now the next news article took some reading.I did not expect to come across a story like it.

It talks about end of life care.It may upset some but feel it needs putting on.Many of us perhaps wonder what may happen to our loved ones at the end of this life.


My Dad 99 Blind and Deaf~Suffered the worst pain know to man~Listen to short recordings without them this like thousands of others would have gone untold ~Please sign Please share to protect all elderly and all vulnerable people



Heads 'calling 999 over mental health'

The committee, looking at the wellbeing and mental health of children in care, were told: "It often takes a considerable amount of time to arrange meetings and access support, and in some instances, it may be difficult to secure support."

The delays were affecting all children and young people, not just children in care who tended to face more mental health issues, it was told




Exposed: The home carers who just couldn't care less...investigation reveals a third of home-care providers fail to meet even basic standards

A total of 424 out of 1,357 services across England have received 'inadequate' or 'needs improvement' ratings

Dementia victim died from scalding bath as her live-in carer was sleeping

Carer with 15 clients persuaded a cancer patient to fake attendance log.




Gets you asking yourself is a crisis coming.

It sounds like the need for carers is maybe that great that training is maybe relaxing a touch.

If medication is being administered by amateurs who are not trained enough but perhaps feel under pressure to do such a thing well where could this lead if things go wrong.

I always thought a Carer just came in and washed and perhaps helped with basic needs such as dressing

perhaps a touch of cooking,shopping things like that.

Plenty on their plate already and must be under time pressures as well.


Sure i read somewhere last year that thousands of elderly people are in hospital because there was no one was at home to look after them.How sad is that.

Think it was 6,000 or thereabouts.


Going to finish with a song.I know strange perhaps but we have talked about Dementia and anyone who has had dealings with Dementia will get this song.I hope f16 may enjoy it as i do.

Remembering those strange days of Dementia and what happened to us as things progressed for one of the family.Thinking about it now but sure would take some writing about.

But could if pushed.Could even if tried hard enough do a video,but would be the strangest video i have made.

Strange now looking back how many memories flood back.You can get emotional at times like this.Remembering strange things that happened.Not anyone's fault Dementia is a illness that is hard to come to grips with if not seen before.


David Gilmour said "Faces of Stone" was written about a peculiar time in his life when he was surrounded by birth and death. "Towards the end of my mother's life, when she was suffering from dementia, there was a brief crossover period of about nine months, when she was alive and my daughter was newly born," Gilmour wrote. "This song is a musing on that time. Specifically it refers to a walk in the park where my mother was 'seeing' pictures, or 'faces of stone,' hanging in the trees."



The Video.

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Thank you CB

I've all ways found the advice and support on CAG to be second too none and I've tried to advise on subjects along those lines.


At first I was trying to "reason" with Mum....... But you can't.

I was ending up in confrontation . ..... A very bad move.

You are better off "agreeing" with their incorrect statement or comment and then change the subject. ...... Why ??

Because dementia patience short term memory is very short (5 - 6 minutes).

When "tested" my Mum scored 11 out of 30.

She knew her name, but not her date of birth or address but did know she was in England


Dementia was described to me in a way that I think might help others.


Imagine a very tall bookcase. ........Let's say it is 30 feet tall with shelves at every foot. So 30 shelves.

On the top shelf are all the newest memories and on the bottom shelf are the oldest memories.


Now you have to imagine the memories from the top shelf falling into the second and third shelves and so on down the 30 shelves.

This process is carrying on daily until the whole "bookcase" becomes a complete "jumble"


For instance: I said to Mum. "Those are nice shoes". and she replied with. "Yes my Dad got me these when I was 6".

Yet I know I'm looking at a style of shoe from the last 10 years. (If I could find a pair of shoes that would last my Wife 80 years someone tell me where !!!!!!! ) :-D :-D :lol:


I hope this helps someone


Hi f16. I noticed you hadn't been around for a while and now I see why. I just want to add my support for what it's worth.


Keep in touch when you can and obviously you know where we are if you need us or just want a break. Stay strong. xx


What's Best for You?



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A thread i have just noticed on the consumer forums.

Unpaid carers struggle to find the right information

Which? launches new carers’ hub to bridge the gap


More than a million people looking after an elderly relative could be losing out on crucial advice and support, research by Which? Elderly Care has revealed.

The best and the worst councils According to a Which? analysis of the most recent data from NHS statistics, collected by the Health and Social Care Information Centre in 2014/15, unpaid carers had the most difficulty finding information and advice in Brent (where 55% struggled), Hounslow (50%), Sheffield (46%) and Lambeth (46%). However, there are places where things are better. Only 15% of carers in Halton, 17% in Redbridge and 18% in St Helens struggled to find information and advice. Making it easier to find information “It is worrying to see that despite local authorities having information available, many unpaid carers are struggling to find and make use of it,” said Alex Neill from Which? Elderly Care. “This could be because people don’t identify themselves as being an unpaid carer, or simply because they are short of time. Our Carers’ hub is specifically designed to make the task of getting the necessary advice and information easier.”


More info on the link.


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Some of you know I am disabled and use carers too. this link has been of use for me in the past >> http://www.carersuk.org/ Also I have made a useful link for those that live in my area of the world, I did this in 07/2015 see the attachment...



But being slightly forgetful I had forgotten to put more in about carers so I will rectify that today... But the list is useful to a point anyways... But if it is of any use for your area you may want to look at your own LA for the best information....


Another reason to add this PDF is to show what other help is available to the person you are caring for.. Don't forget both of you could get respite as well...



Useful links for the disabled 2015 (2016_02_06 10_39_01 UTC).pdf

If I have been of any help, please click on my star and leave a note to let me know, thank you.

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An exquisite and unsentimental salute to Britain's army of carers: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TV-2nd March 2016

More than six million people in the UK are carers, looking after sick or disabled loved ones. That's 10 per cent of the population. If carers were a political party, their votes would outmass Ukip, the SNP and the Greens combined.

Even more shocking, according to the latest Carers UK charity figures, six out of ten Britons will be carers at some point — feeding, dressing, bathing, fretting over someone they love dearly, but too often powerless to make them well again.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3472304/An-exquisite-unsentimental-salute-Britain-s-army-carers-CHRISTOPHER-STEVENS-reviews-night-s-TV.html#ixzz41md90Gu1


Over 16,000 adults on the Isle of Wight are unpaid carers for family members

Healthwatch and Carers IW working together to improve local support for unpaid carers. There are reported to be one in nine of them on the Isle of Wight.



Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service is also urging carers and people who keep a close eye on less able relatives to check that these homes have enough smoke alarms in the right places too.



UK has 'at least 40,000 young carers aged eight or under' shocking report claims


To find out more or donate to the Carers Trust, go to their website at carers.org


Carers' breaks and respite care-could be very important for you.With video.

mikeymack2002 has mentioned this.

I know how tiring it can be for everyone.24 hour a day care can be.Both you and the person you care for can have a break from each other.Which is no bad thing sometimes.No matter how much you love each other.

The Care Act and what it means for me

Your carer's assessment may identify that you need a break from caring from time to time. Equally, the person you care for may also want to have a break without you. See Accessible day trips and activities for help planning their trip.



I only helped care for someone for a little while,i know there may be experts reading this.Just offering my support.

For carers and the people that are being cared for.

And a few articles.

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Department Of Health.

We need your help to shape a new strategy for unpaid carers http://ow.ly/4mQUOu


We think that we need a new strategy for carers that sets out how more can be done to support them. It needs to reflect their lives now, their health and financial concerns, and give them the support they need to live well while caring for a family member or friend.


To help us develop the strategy, we want to hear from carers, those who have someone who care for them, business, social workers, NHS staff and other professionals that support carers.





How can we improve support for carers?


Want to go straight to the survey? Go straight to the survey




Need support, advice or just a chat? Join our online community of carers:

A forum for carers.Just had a quick look the place to be.For a chat,support,help and advice so many things there.


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Carers week 2016 has begun.Have you anything to say about Caring,are you a carer,are you being cared for.

Are you a young carer,know a young carer.

Do you work as a carer,what is it like.

Anything really about caring.


Carers week..6-12 June 2016



BBC radio mentioning this.Many carers have struggled or are struggling but there is support out there.

Starts at 1.49.50 SECONDS.




Once again, we're celebrating more than six million people who look after a frail, ill or disabled loved one unpaid, and often unnoticed.


Graham Norton and Jeremy Vine will be finding out about some of the incredibly hard work 6,000 people take on every day as they start caring for a close friend or family member.

Many stories about caring.Radio 2.Videos and more.


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Diary of an accidental carer: 'I cannot deal with this'

An unintended stay with my dying stepfather and ill mother left me in awe of the care teams and the challenges they face



The 18-year-old care worker: 'I've never felt so worthwhile'

The job needs unrelenting energy and is physically and emotionally demanding, but every day I know I’ve made a difference to someone’s life



Hospitals support carers' fight

HOSPITAL bosses in the region have pledged support for a dementia campaign.


North Manchester General Hospital and Fairfield General Hospital chiefs have backed A fight for the right of people with dementia to be supported by their carers in hospital.



The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospitals, is supporting dementia charity John’s Campaign.



For the right to stay with people with dementia in hospital

Over a quarter of hospital beds in the UK are currently occupied by people with dementia

The average stay of a person with dementia is three weeks but it can be much longer if rehabilitation is a problem or there is nowhere suitable to go

One third of people with dementia who go into hospital for an unrelated condition NEVER return to their own homes

47% of people with dementia who go into hospital are physically less well when they leave than when they went in

54% of people with dementia who go into hospital are mentally less well when they leave than when they went in

Click here to download the John's Campaign statement



We celebrate campaign victory as govt scraps rules stopping payment of DLA & PIP when a child is in hospital



BBC DIY SOS starts work in Blackpool - Lancashire Headline News


The BBC One TV programme, DIY SOS The Big Build, Children in Need Special is transforming a young carers centre from a run-down, neglected Victorian house, to a fun, safe and supportive environment where young carers are able to enjoy their childhood. The project is being designed by Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen, who was himself a young carer and will raise money for Children in Need projects across the country.


A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem. Most young carers look after one of their parents or care for a brother or sister.


About young carers | Carers Trust


About young carers. A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

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Here are my thoughts on carers:



As a former service user I had an awful time with paid for care, so with the help of an unpaid carer I have been able to come from zero to hero in 6 years. I myself can have great days and some very bad. So bad at times I care not if it gets too much for me. But...



As selfish as that may seem my unpaid carer pops in and pulls me back from the brink of self pity and woe. They do this because they are so kind natured and caring. I am not allowed to pay this carer as they refuse to accept any payment... So I bought them over 900 law books for them to study whilst at university, I also read them and learn.



They had put their own life on hold to make sure I was able to cope and look after myself to a standard that meant they could take more time for themselves. They also feel drained because my abilities change in a blink of an eye, but yet they soldier on and care even more. Once more I am in their debt. Then when my clarity returns I am able to be of use for them and help them with their lives and debt. This is for us swings and roundabouts emotionally and physically.



This carer has done a law degree whilst looking after me and we have bonded so much that we often go out and have fun and enjoy each others company. We treat each other when funds allow. Normally my way of showing my gratitude. When they are low my mind kicks in and I do what I can to help and remind them it is always polite to return the favour of looking after someone else when you can or are able to.



For six years now this carer has without doubt been the best carer I have ever had or paid for. But my ability to clearly see the strain I have put on them has been clouded and slow for me too recognize. I can truthfully state I love this carer with all my heart and would do anything to help them when I can. They have told me themselves that the role has been the most challenging job the have ever undertaken....



I have been living on my own now for 2 years mostly poorly but with their support I grow stronger each and every day. I cannot ever repay their kindness let alone for their time. Why because they refuse point blank to accept any payment whatsoever so I treat them often and that puts a smile on their face.



To my carer all I can say is you saved my life more than once and for that I am eternally grateful and I will always say so every time I see you.



You rarely hear the words 'I love you' because the train is always pulling out of the station and you blush each time I say those words, but I mean them every time I say them! Why do I say that to you?







Because you are my daughter and my best friend my staff and my teacher, I should be teaching you the meaning of life, not you supporting me with yours....






If I have been of any help, please click on my star and leave a note to let me know, thank you.

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What next i wonder.I will refrain from commenting.But some have started commenting beneath the article.


Radical plan for old age as leak reveals care crisis

People likely to be urged to put money aside to cover their own costs


Radical plans to encourage people to save to meet their own social care costs in old age have been discussed in government, with a leaked memo warning of the potential significant “economic and social distress” of a looming crisis.


Senior sources said the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is among those who favour motivating people to put money aside for social care, as they do for pensions. A former minister with knowledge of discussions in government said the idea would be that people “should be encouraged to think again about spending money on a new car or a cruise”.


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