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Relocation of job on the horizon - bully boys

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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or any suggestions please.


My employer is asking people to transfer to a building just 5 miles from my current location. It seems that where we are at present, the work is less now, so the management are using this to start potential transfers. It is of course okay for me to travel to the new work place but this is not the issue.


There are two issues:


1/ My current role is admin but the new work is a Call Centre.

2/ I worked at the new building before when it was not a call centre but it was hell. There were people there who made my life hell and bullied me for two Years before I got a facilitated transfer to where I am at present ( on the grounds of caring for an elderly parent which still remains today ). These bully boys still work there and the thought of going back to that building fills me with dread.


I have asked the union for help so I am waiting and think it may take time to get clarification. I feel compelled now to look for another job but I suspect they are hoping I will leave anyway.


Do you think I may get payoff if I refuse to relocate on the grounds mentioned above or will they just say I was unreasonable and say I resigned. I just cannot afford to get ill again like last time.


Many thanks. Hope you have a great day:jaw:



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You need to check your contract of employment for a mobility clause - do they have the contractual right to vary your place of work or change your workplace relocation?


If they don't then compelling you to move would be a breach of contract which could entitle you to resign and claim constructive dismissal. If they're substantially changing your job duties then the same theory could apply.


Have you raised a formal grievance yet?

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Yes, she is 91 and has had cancer twice and survived but it has taken its toll on her. She is not registered disabled but to take a look at her, you would make anyone realise that she cannot cope by herself. My sister and I take turns in helping out with her needs. She is frail. This was the main reason why I was granted a facilitated move away from the bullies. It also resolved the problems with the bullies.


Thanks for your input

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No grievance at present but that is certainly something I will ask my union about.


I would be happy if they just made me redundant and paid me something as I will look for another small part time job at my age. I mean, why would they want a person there who they know will be unhappy and possibly stressed again with the bully boys.


Thanks for your help too

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If she has cancer then she will be covered under the Equality Act 2010 as a disability for life, even if cured or in remission




It is called Disability by Association and your employer has to make reasonable allowances etc.


I am thinking of trying to make you move to another location if you do have a mobility clause in your contract.


But as always it is how you define reasonable



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Bear in mind that you say this move is triggered by a reduction in work at your current location.


One thing that has not been mentioned is that there may come a time where if you successfully resist the move that you could face a redundancy situation








The SabreSheep, All information is offered on good faith and based on mine and others experiences. I am not a qualified legal professional and you should always seek legal advice if you are unsure of your position.

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But if the role is not redundant just relocated would that not mean they would not offer redundancy package then?

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