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Any Market Traders About-How are you doing.What do you think of your rent.

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I like going out to markets.Having a look around.

Listening to what people are saying.

The banter ,the friendship,feel the atmosphere of the market.The massive variety of goods.

A special place.

I have noticed in our local market some are struggling.

In fact a few are leaving in trouble,owing rent etc.


Some have done moonlight flits.Perhaps to scared or embarrassed to face things and certain people.

After trying so hard.

Perhaps many are just scraping through not making much at all for the graft they put in.And hours worked.


So if you are a market trader or know a market trader in your town or city how are things going.

Do you think the pound shops,the low cost supermarkets that sell everything that have arrived in the last few years have affected you.Do you think anything lately has affected you.


Is your rent fair or do you feel to steep.

Choking any hope of profit for you.


Did you have a dream that came true.

Or did your dream turn into a nightmare for you.


Do you think your rent is to high.For the space you have.

Are you tied into a long contract,years perhaps.

And after a short time you realise it is not going to work and can not get out of the situation.


What help and advice was given to you.Before you signed papers,contract,rent agreement ,things like that.

If someone before you has tried the same products and failed are you told this may not be a good idea.


Maybe you are doing well.

Good on you if you are.


How are the people next to you doing.

Do you feel like changing what you are selling but not able to because of rules.


Are you being chased for rent by the market manager.

Dreading the day off the week he or she comes round.

How do they try to help you if you have found yourself in this situation.

He or she obviously knows what is going on.


Do you know anybody who has fled,overnight after trying so hard.

Just wondering what is going on in your market.In your town or city.


Is your market busy or have things gone quiet for the last year or two.

What do you think caused things to go quiet.


What would you like to change in your market.

To help you perhaps.Advertising more,improvements to the market,painting,appearance anything you can think off.


Is your market thriving,booming.

What do you think made this happen.And why.What caused the upturn.

Help others with your experiances


Have the Bailiffs ever been in your market to a stressed,worried trader and possessed everything.

The dream of being a entrepreneur gone.


How has it affected your household,are you in trouble but keeping quiet,just holding on by your fingertips.


Do you think if your rents are to high it is time for you to group together and say enough,give us a chance.

A united front.


Just wondering that is all.

Wondering how something that has been in Great Britain so long is doing.

From the people that matter the Traders..


If you are a customer of the markets,feel free to pop in and have your say.

Without your support the Traders would really be in trouble.

Get in there and support them.Feel the atmosphere,check things out.


If you are outside looking in a link for you to have your say.Only takes a minute or two.




Time to fly.

Bye for now


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Well what can i say.I hit the jackpot this time.Nobody has posted yet.

Well better to try and fail than not to try at all comes to mind.

When i write a book i suppose many will say.


"Thank you for sending me a copy of your book - I'll waste no time in reading it."


Or maybe some are thinking.


"People who have time on their hands will inevitably waste the time of people who have work to do."


Well i will move on now to my next thread that will be coming out sometime in the next century.


Or one last thought.

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.":lol:


You never know one time in the distant future someone may say how things are out there in the markets of Great Britain.


If you do could you write a long post.Fill a little space up.


You think of something.Think you have won the jackpot when it lights up 777 ,then when payout time,no money in the machine.Despite putting many coins in.

Psychologist or psychiatrist needed to work that one out.

I do not understand it myself.So why write it then.

Good grief i am two.Someone in my head is answering me.


Thankyou for reading this-i am gone for now.Was i ever here.Shut up owl you have failed:oops:



Thanks for the posts below.

I did no research on this subject which i usually do but wrote what i have heard and listened to over the last couple of years in a local market.

When time allows i will.

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You did receive a lot of visitors to your thread, TO - I guess people just didn't have any comments to make or perhaps, no market traders among CAG members :


I love wandering round markets and buy my veggies/fruit from them - or the Farm Shop. I think a lot of traders are probably suffering from the increase in rents and also the parking restrictions in some small towns.

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I like markets only the odd occasion been round them have over heard people say " if only they took debit cards!" We have a market where I live on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, think there is also a car boot type market on as well on a Tuesday bt not sure, only been bk here a year!

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Market trading is guaranteed to make you a millionaire


But only if you have two million to start with


Extortionate rents , Saturday and Sunday trading killed by car boot sales







Any help I am able to give is from my own experience only. Should you have any doubt you should contact a qualified professional.

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I visited a market near me which I had not been to in a good few years, I remember it as always being very busy with every stall place taken and being used.

The place is now no where near as busy as it once was, totally run down with very few stalls, I couldn't even find the doughnut stall I used to love.


Not good :(


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