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    • In principle what you describe is certainly capable of being defamatory. It would be libel which is deformation in a written or permanent form. A defamatory statement has to be untrue and which is capable of damaging your reputation – and what you describe certainly seems to satisfy that. The problem is bringing an action for defamation is difficult and risky because if you lose you could be saddled with the other side's costs which could be substantial. I suggest that a better way forward would be to make a complaint to the school governors and also to the local authority education department. You might find that they are slow to react and that they prefer to drag their feet – but then a subsequent complaint to the local authority ombudsman might move them on. I would certainly make sure that I had evidence of everything. This means that you should put together a detailed statement about the argument you had with the deputy head teacher. You should also start making a list of all the people who approach you and what they said. Your problem will be that if you then approach any of those people for statements, because they are worried about their own relationship with the school, they will realise that there is a risk that they might themselves find themselves in the middle of a formal dispute and it is likely that they will be very reluctant to help you. The best thing to do is to start keeping detailed notes of what is said to you by people so that you have evidence of the difficulties it is causing you. In particular, if you find that anything is said to your child about this then I think it is capable of being put down as a form of bullying which is being facilitated by the school – possibly the deputy head teacher I would be careful about actually pointing the finger at the deputy head teacher – as you have no evidence it is simply a suspicion. You definitely don't want to begin a complaint and then have it look as if the real purpose of your complaint is to have a crack at the head teacher and not really to undo any damage to your reputation. I think you need to understand what you are asking for here. It is unlikely that you will be compensated unless you went to court – but I think that a full apology and a withdrawal of the allegation which has been suggested in the school magazine would be appropriate. I think it would be reasonable for you to insist on a formal withdrawal of the allegation in the next edition of the school paper. Whether or not you ever manage to pin the blame on the deputy head teacher, will be difficult. I certainly wouldn't start making that your objective.  
    • Well done and thanks for concluding your topic......title updated.   Andy
    • This is just my opinion but I'm with the OP on this.   I don't see how or why the management company can hold all residents responsibile for the actions of others, especially as it sounds like the bin areas are not secure, so anyone could be dumping rubbish and may continue to do so once they discover that the rubbish gets cleared away at someone else's expense.   I would write to the management company and advise them that you wil not be accepting any charge to clear the rubbish until they ensure the bin area is secure or provide secuirty such as CCTV .   Bear in mind any extra security will mean extra charges for the residents but as it seems they expect you to pay anyway you may as well get something for your money.   Can you get all the residents together to sign the letter? Strength in numbers.
    • The school where my kid attend posted in their newsletter a photo of our car, in which they made an example of us for the wrong reasons.   They stated that some parents lacked respect to the community by blocking the road and park illegally, and they gave an example of us by taking a picture of our car with a traffic warden standing by. The school choose on purpose to use that information without verification, because we did not do that. I wrote the school asking for an pology, but I suspect they will not and I am exploring my options here, because this has caused us a lot of stress, many parents saw the news and came to us.   My question is there any merit for a case to be brought against them, and if so, what is the procedure and what should I claim.  I have been going to that school of about 10 years, but I suspect eh deputy headteacher is behind this, because of an argument I have had with him lately. Thanks    
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