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    • Just to give another view of the NHS and GPs - two GPs probably saved my life last year.   I'd been extremely ill, no appetite, significant weight loss, not taking enough fluids.  Wife took me to A&E.  Terrible experience.  After four hours told my wife to take me home.  She said "told you this was a mistake.  I'll get you an emergency GP appointment tomorrow".  Saw a GP Registrar (essentially a trainee GP) following afternoon.  She was very concerned and asked a colleague for a second opinion.  Second GP was horrified as soon as she saw me, and said "You ought to be in hospital".  She told the trainee to arrange to have me admitted to hospital and just over two hours later (after my wife had driven me there) I was in bed on a medical assessment ward.  Stayed in hospital for a week and was only discharged because they needed the bed.   I was going to complain about my A&E experience (I think the triage nurse must have screwed up my triage assessment) but a week after I was discharged, I had to take my wife to A&E as her optician thought she might have a detached retina.  It was about 5:30pm on a Saturday and the place was full of injured footballers and rugby players.  It was much busier than it had been on the Monday afternoon I'd been there, but my wife saw a doctor in 20 mins and we were out in 40 mins.  I decided that sometimes you're just unlucky...
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    • I keep an eye on the NHS board because I'm a former NHS manager.  I saw this thread started years ago and thought I'd have look.   I'm sure it's purely coincidental, but when I got to #61, it reminded me of a different poster on a different thread from last year.  They aren't identical, but the way things are expressed are remarkably similar.  (eg 20 min wait - ask receptionist - Drs are very busy - wait another 20 min - ask again - receptionist checks computer - says Dr has refused to see you because of complaint 2 years ago - transferred to another GP who expresses "shock" at other Dr's behaviour - vague and confusing references to a "justified" complaint.   Maybe it's just me, but they seem remarkably similar, although the other thread is missing a 2014, 2016, 2017 backstory.     layla_83   As others have already said, there seems little point in complaining now about issues that stem from things that happened in 2014 (and 2016?).  If you wanted to complain to "put the system right", you should have done that six years ago.  Even if the original GP is still about, they won't remember any of it, so there will be absolutely no opportunity for them to learn any lessons from it.  And the fact that the original GP did not want to see you (or rather your mother) because you (she) had made a complaint against them two years ago most certainly does not mean that the GP remembers anything from 2014, it just means that you (or your mother) are flagged up on their system as a "complainer".  As I asked a year ago, why would anyone be unhappy because a GP they had previously complained about refused to see them?  You should be relieved!!!  You say the GP should not take the complaint personally, but if I were a GP I would not want to treat anyone who has made a complaint against me.  (And if you are connected to that other thread, you should have complained to your local CCG or the GMC by now).   You were going to send a letter of complaint to the practice in 2017, so why only now complain about their response?  Did it take them nearly three years to reply?
    • Hi JeelyM and welcome to CAG   1. Do you have the details of the person you bought the bike from.   2. Did you go to their address when you bought it.   3. Did you pay cash for it or what other means.   4. Did you pay the full market for buying the bike.   5. What did you pay.   6. Give us make and model of the bike please.
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Advantis - Scottish & Southern Energy

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Hi all,

it never rains but it pours.


I have just received a letter from my mother, it is a demand for payment for a debt of £7XXX.

It is addressed to Mr C XXXXXX and is posted to my mother's address

but demands payment for power used at my old address.



I share my late father's initial so my mother opened the letter thinking it was addressed to him.



8th September

Dear Mr +++++++

We are a debt collection agency and we have been instructed by our client Scottish & southern power to contact you in relation to an amount of £7XXX,

which their records show as being outstanding.

The original balance of £6XXX has incurred a 15% recovery administration charge of £9XX due to non payment.


The supply relates to the supply of Electricity services to:


XXXXX(my former address)

XXXXX (billing end date)


the amount of £7117.58 is now due for payment. Please call us on XXX to pay by debit or credit card


If you are experiencing problems ETC........


If you believe that there is a valid reason why you are not liable for this debt then we ask that you contact us immediately so we can get the matter resolved.


Now my mother subsequently received a phone call from Advantis asking to speak with C Palmer in relation to a debt owed to S&S Energy

She informed the caller, truthfully, that Mr C Palmer was dead.


when we moved house in 2014 I informed Scottish & southern of our new location and had offered them, in writing,

to settle the outstanding debt on a month to month basis.

They didn't write back.



In fact the first thing I have seen about this debt is this letter to my mother.

I can only assume that Advantis have bought the account

and are trying pot luck by sending the bill to everyone with my surname in the area.


I'm also intrigued as to how a debt that was around the £3,500 mark is now, 12 months later over 7k.


S&S energy ignored my offer and subsequently handed the debt over to the collectors with no new address advice

and because of their incompetency they are now harassing my mother,

disclosing confidential information to her concerning my account with S&S Energy

and because they have obviously made an error, they have doubled the bill?


Just for the record, I have never lived at my mother's address.


What do you suggest I do?



I'm keen for them to stop hassling my mother but I am also keen to understand why,

despite my reasonable offer in 2014 and my informing them of my new address,

they have decided to double the amount owed and to share my account details with a 3rd party.



I am happy to pay for power used but I'm bvggered if I'm paying anything extra especially to a XXXXXX like advantis

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don't pay them a penny.



I'd be writing the S&S CEO and complaining loudly!!



did they ever send you a bill after you left

and when did you leave?

and when did they first start chasing.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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- nope

- we moved out of the property in April 2015

- This is the first I've heard from them despite writing to them in April 2015 advising them of our new address and proposing a repayment schedule we could afford.


I am happy to pay for power we used but decidedly unhappy about the increase in the amount and the sharing of my personal confidential details with a 3rd party (ie my mother)

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Not really alot you can do about the data issue


Advantis are a bullying dca

But they have no legal remit to add anything

And as with all govt or util debts

Never ever pay a dca

They are not baillifs


Just trying it on



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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