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    • Oh dear - Report it as stolen - You better give it to them or else... However if you can tell - I am being sarcastic...    So - Affordability is a prime concern but with LBL - Because they are secured - It is very hard to do a IRR Lending complaint unless they seriously overvalued the car.  What are the amounts they are talking to you about? (Figures)   I dont think there is much they can do apart from enforce through court proceedings for repossession. Thats the only way I think but dont quote me on that...  If there treatment of you has been detrimental and caused sever mental health issues then you can complain to the FOS and also you will be afforded time to come up with a repayment plan.    Where is the Vehicle stored at the moment?
    • Ok, I've now been up to the parking site and done a drivethrough video recording with 'quick pic' photos taken at the same time, The result isn't great for some photos as there is some blurring, but it saved me risking parking up, or starting and stopping continuously.   As I'm away from home I only have my phone to operate from so the pic resizer and batch PDF I used ended up reordering everything so it is no longer in sequence. Nonetheless it's effectively showing what the site is like, and they are at least current pics. It was easier to 'batch up' all pics so some are probably redundant.   The video is quite large so I'll have to work out a way to shrink or link it.   The first PDF set here is of satnav route showing the roadway I filmed and one of the signs close up
    • I've received a cheque from CS for the loan PPI - £2,238.72. Banked and will give a CAG donation once it clears. Thanks guys.    Also received a reply to the Credit Card PPI that I had queried. 8 weeks since my letter and they have written that due to the high volume of complaints it's taking longer than expected to respond. They expect another 8 weeks to respond of close the complaint. 
    • Hi Date of so called offence 16th August 2019,Parking Eye being the jokers, they sent the details on the 21st August.The car park Abbey Court Tunbridge Wells which is a Doctors Surgery and another Medical facility. Appealed to Parking Eye they refused my appeal with a standard comment "insufficient evidence" appealed to Popla. My appeal reads.... In their 2 photos my car is clearly in 2 different places because after 7 minutes I moved to a Long Stay Parking Place for 12 minutes, the person I was collecting from the Doctors appeared in the doorway I moved back into the collection area for 2 minutes that is why my car is in a different place.£10 a minute charge for overstay is ridiculous,Parking Eye state there is a period of Grace but don't indicate how long that was my appeal to Popla (no result yet) I have now discovered that 10 minutes Grace is allowed as per BPA guidelines  but I am unable to add this to the Popla appeal FS
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Ground Rent / Morgoed Estates Limited

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I purchased a leasehold house last year. The purchase/sale was held up by Morgoed Estates because the previous owner had not paid the ground rent (£12 p.a.). I have just paid this years £12 fee, but included with the demand was an offer to buy out the ground rent for £600 (plus a £40 land registry fee). When I emailed Morgoed Estates and told them I thought £600 was a bit ridiculous (it represents 50 yrs worth of £12 payments, I'll be dead long before then!) they wouldn't budge.


My understanding is that ground rents of this nature were abolished by the Rentcharges Act 1977 and all of them will cease in the year 2037 (a mere 22yrs from now, I hope to still be alive then).


Morgoed Estates say that my ground rent is not covered by the Rentcharges Act 1977 as it is a 'leasehold interest'. Is this just bull or do they know something Google doesn't?


I don't mind paying the £12 a year, but I'd rather not have to deal with a company which others have not had good experiences with.


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it was hard to find the right one :smile:

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Hello there.


I'll move you to the general legal forum and leave you a link to follow from the financial legal one.


The forum guys should be along later.



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