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    • So after much to-ing and fro-ing, I received notification from the court a couple of days ago that my case will now be heard on May 2022, which suits me fine😊. Any delay or wasting of time endured by Highview Parking is music to my ears, as it hopefully will get them to ponder and reflect whether it is worth their while having to wait an entire year for adjudication over some stupid and paltry PCN. Having said that, I look forward to the hearing as I'm 200% confident of my defence and for which I owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone who chipped in here with those awesome tips and advice. The battle isn't won yet, but the 1 year delay is itself a little moral victory for me. Thanks peeps 🙏🙏
    • Apart from the fact that it was getting too long, I don't think it is necessary to give them any further explanation. I've added a single line which refers to the increasing of your monthly payments by the adding of alleged arrears to the mortgage – and that this is in direct defiance of the ombudsman's direction. If I were you I would leave it there. Also, I think that you should keep it broadly in the same order as I suggested with the fact that their clients have only just woken up – as being the first line that they see and hopefully they will understand that they are dealing with somebody with a very bolshie attitude about this – which is what I think you need to project. Let me know if you really want to change anything else – but frankly I think that you need to keep at this point it is possible. You don't need to give them any further explanation of the ombudsman's direction. I think you've supplied them with a copy of the order already haven't you? If not – then attach the order
    • this is my draft   In reply to your email on Friday the 18th of June.                Firstly today I have received a letter from Barclays informing me that my monthly mortgage payments have gone up by £143 per month that when you calculate over the remaining term of the mortgage it equates to approximately 24k which is very near to the figure which was assumed by the bank to be my arrears. There was no explanation or calculation attached which I find hard to believe. So after contacting the bank and asking the adviser he confirmed that the bank had added on the amount to cover the arrears ( that don’t exist) so in reality I am going to pay the arrears twice. This below is what the ombudsman told your clients to do but unfortunately they obviously cannot read  I quote From the ombudsman to Barclays   My final decision is that Barclays Bank UK Plc should: · Restructure Mr A’s mortgage as if any arrears balance was added to the main balance of the mortgage and the arrears extinguished upon the inception of the mortgage set out in the mortgage offer dated 29 June 2019. · Amend Mr A’s credit file and any internal records in line with the above – so that any arrears were cleared upon inception of the new mortgage   I have asked the bank on numerous occasions for statements in relation to the so called arrears and  my overpayments  Which add up to a few thousand pounds so I can calculate what is also owed to me. They are refusing to give the statements to me stating that because I have missed payments they do not have to supply them , I don’t believe this is right and is not in line with the banking code of conduct.   The fact that your clients have only just woken up and instructed you is no concern of mine. It is simply a further demonstration of their poor attitude to the interests of their customers and also their disregard for decisions made by the financial ombudsman service.   You refer to a "short delay" but I notice that you are unwilling to give any kind of commitment. Your letter is littered with "as soon as possible" and "in due course". But the ombudsman's instructions are clear.  So are the courts powers under the FMSA 2000. There is nothing to consider no negotiation to be had and no compromises to be made - so why the delay?   Because you have made me feel sorry for you I'll give you an extra week. If it was simply a question of money that hadn't been paid, I would agree. There would be no question of prejudice. However, we are talking here about damage to my credit file which has gone on now for well over a year and a half. Your clients may not care about their own  reputation but I certainly care about mine.   The damage to my credit reputation is totally without justification. It is unfair treatment not to mentioninaccurate data processing. It is continuing and your clients are wilfully exacerbating the problem. It's not clear to me whether they are doing this deliberately or simply because of their ineptitude. Do you know? I'm quite happy that you share these documents with the court. Especially your admission that your clients have only just now instructed you despite the fact that this matter has been ongoing for a considerable time. Frankly I would have thought that it would be in your client's interest not to reveal how slack their attitude and procedures are – but that's a matter for you. And incidentally, there will be no question of costs if you simply don't try to put any response or defence. The ombudsman's decision is binding and there'sactually no reason for you to get involved except to hold a dialogue with your client and tell them to get a move on. If your clients instruct you to get involved, then it will be completely unnecessary. This is not a contentious matter. There will be no need for an injunction if your client simply did what they were told by the ombudsman – which they will eventually have to do anyway. I'm preparing the form N322 to apply for an ex parte injunction as we speak. Legal proceedings for statutory breaches of FCA regulations and also the Data Protection Act will follow once your clients have complied with the FCA direction – whether they do it voluntarily or they are forced to by the court. So don't come back and say you didn't know about that either.   Regards,
    • Incidentally, at the point of sale or on a website or anything, do they make any claims in respect of the so-called arbitration service run by Alex?   By the way, could you give us the actual email address of the motor complaints thing? You seem to have misspelt it twice so far. Can you doublecheck please
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My vehicle was involved in an accident with public transport


the incident was settled but Stagecoach are disputing payment for the hire vehicle,


which the insurance company Direct Accident Management let me keep for three weeks after the settlement.


Now it is going to court and I've been told I've got to attend.


The solicitors Armstrong have a statement and told me hopefully it will be settled before the court date and therefore I would not have to attend


. I have received another letter telling me when I'll be collected, the date and time.


I am assured that I will not be charged for the time I had the hire car so do I have to attend because as far as I concerned my part in the case was settled.


I have requested documents in my file but the request was ignored


I dont even know what the case involves, or if documents exist.


As it apparently went to court in February which I know nothing about.

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Hm, reading it a couple of times, if the insurance company gave you permission to continue use, then it surely is up to them to pay the hire charge. Do you have that in writing ?


Is this solicitor quoted above working for you or the opposition? I would never trust an apponent in a court case to give me advice .

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Phone discussions with insurers are usually recorded because of FCA regulations. Are they now denying they gave you authorisation? Also, all insurers have a formal complaint procedure. It will be on their website. If it doesn't work, you can go to the Financial Ombudsman.

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which the insurance company Direct Accident Management


Direct Accident Management seem to be a claims company, not insurance? did you go with them separately from your insurer?




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feduprofit: I think you need to explain your problem a lot better so that you can get help...


as an initial guess

main claim settled re the insurers.

claims co got involved re car hire, stagecoach insurers disputing this?




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as above my car was hit bu the bus comany when parked outside of the house


a local garage reccomended a claims company called direct accident management


they have been dealing with the claim. they havent, from my view handled it very well. in december of 2014 the bus comany settled the claim and my cheque was cashed.


direct accident management then left the car parked outside of my house for a furthar two weeks when i didnt use it.


direct accident management then made a claim to the bus comany for the car hire. they instructed the solicitor not me, but they refer to the soliciotrs as my solicitor in correspondence


now its going to court and they are telling me that i will be liable for all costs if the bus comapny refuse to pay out.


ive jumped thru all hoops with this company which include having to send oput bank statements from months before and after the accident.


a request was made to the solicitor over the phone for all documents from both the solicitor and the accident claim company regarding this...i then followed up with a email which has been ignored.


they are now trying to make me attend court sending a driver to the house etc which i am not willing to do


the stress and anxietry with all of this is thru the roof and i plan to see a doctor in order to not attend court....i am just not up to it


can anyone advise as to what may happen? valentina slater has responded to my claim, the company director and apparent sales manager defending her company and my complaints


i just dont know what to do i dont want to be left liable for all the costs!

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