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    • so nothing to do with any extra mediation, its a std court hearing over the phone .   who are 'they' that said a magistrate please?   have you exchanged witness statements?  
    • Thank you for the reply, yes my intention is not to take them to court, but for them to withdraw such statement, it is signed by the headteacher, but she is currently away, and the deputy is acting on her behalf, I guess, I suspect it was him because of the an argument we had in which I told him that he lacked respect, also because we saw him approaching someone parking illegally the day before but him taking no action, so this is aimed at us.   I never mentioned the deputy explicitly, I am contacting the school directly without blaming anyone in particular.   I will contact the governor as you said, and may be the council, but they might be in it together and they have no interest to side with me. Ombudsman, this is a long way, the damage would have been done, but I might have to consider it ultimately.   There are no win no fee solicitor, do you think this is a good option ? My concerns are if it is not easy to prove my case, that would be like putting salt into the injury and rubbing it, but at the end of the day, the picture speaks for itself, and the article support my claim against them.   I am not sure from where they got the picture ( my wife is telling me it was a neighbour, two days ago ) so I am really fascinated how they can justify their claim ( us blocking the road ) without proper investigation and relying on other people account or pictures.        
    • Howler, I agree with everything dx and Manxman have said. You can do this, please don't let them win.   HB
    • Hi I have received a letter from Tesco stating they will no longer reply to me regards this matter. Even though ICO have raised concerns. Please help with where I should go now. 
    • Howler - don't get pissed off.  Look at it as a game.   If I remember correctly they threatened you with having a charge put on your wife's property - which you and your wife successfully got them to back down on and you got a written apology from the chief officer(?) of the Legal Aid service.   Now they've assessed your income and outgoings and have passed it onto debt collectors without any reference back to you and without giving you an opportunity to challenge their findings.  I'd be complaining to the Legal Aid service again that that is unfair and wrong.   I know you've recently had bad news in that you've been diagnosed with some sort of brain problem (sorry - don't know how else to put it) and your wife is not well, so all this is the last thing you want, but in the overall scheme of things, it is only money.   They say you owe them, what, about £106k?  Can you afford to pay it - NO!  What can they do about it?  Sue you - so what...  nobody dies from being sued.  Get on with your lives and you and your wife enjoy yourselves.   And remember, London1971 and dx100uk reckon you should be claiming back the money you've already paid them   Just don't get depressed or down about it.  It's simply not worth it.  Even if you lose it isn't worth worrying about and making your self (and your wife) more ill.   When (or rather IF) you get an actual court claim - come back.   (It's a bit like that old saying.  You owe the Legal Aid service £1000 - that's your problem.  You owe them £100k and can't pay it - that's their problem!)
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My name is Steve Kenney (28) I have joined this site as I am planning on reclaiming my unlawful charges, last week I had £207 in charges alone. How they expect you to stay afloat when these charges are taken seven days from the date of the letter is beyond me..


Me and the wife (Emma, 26) are not bad people we want to keep everyone happy we just made mistakes when we were younger (Mainly me from when I was single living with parents,instant credit, £6k credit cards) and boy, aren't we paying for them now.


Being constantly over our overdraft and not having any money for us is very hard, it impacts your whole life, causing arguments as getting letter after letter (unpaid DD, over limit, etc) is very stressful and you shout at each other for nothing.


We are off to the Citizens Advice Bureau today with our budget which shows that we are short everymonth by over £250 and thats before the bank have hit us with all the charges!! and before we have done anything socially.


I will update on how we get on very soon.


Steve and Emma Kenney from Fareham, Hants.

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Hi - take a bit of time to read up first to make sure that you have the facts before going too far ahead. Read the FAQs and template letters then have a good read around here to see how others are getting on. Keep any progress on your own claim or questions that arise in a new thread in the forum for your bank to make it easier for others to follow and advise you. There's a set of links in my sig below that will help you find where all this useful information is. Well done for getting started! :)

Jeep (The Wife & I)

Halifax joint a/c (£3800 charges + £40 interest on charges over 11 years) - paid in full 23/06/06

Halifax joint a/c new charges £1100 - LBA sent 02/08/06

Halifax 2nd a/c (£1500 charges + £150 interest on charges) - partial payment received 13/07/06 (no s69 interest) - AQ filed 07/08/06 - Court awarded 50% of s69 interest (Bank didn't turn up!)

Halifax Visa (#1) Data Protection Act sent - statements arrived - £350 so far

Halifax Visa (#2) Data Protection Act sent - refunded £170

DONATE - Support this site, it supported you!

Follow the route: FAQs > Template Library > Parachute Account > Bank Forums > Spreadsheet

All advice given in good faith and without prejudice or liability, to be taken at your own risk!

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