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another compliance officer visit -** RESOLVED **

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see, exactly as we said. Hope you feel calmer now - though I know I'd be fuming about the neighbour, but that's a different type of stress.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office ~ Aesop

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well its me again (had login problems and password couldnt be recovered so had to make a new sign up) on friday the 28th january i recieved yet another letter from the dwp stating : we are reviewing your benefit claim . is this another way of saying a compliance officer is visiting you ?

asks for proof of id , post office, or bank account statements,most recent work slips (on esa support) isa statements etc.

there calling out on the 10th feb.

its already been a lousy start to the year and seems to be gradually getting worse . mum passed away on the 8th jan , family brothers,sister stopped talking to me completely (thats a mystery) . been pushed out of anything to do with funeral. had mild heart attack plus a grandmal fit in my mums home day she passed away . Now this , wife also got followed by a very obvious 4x4 range rover while taking her sister to work a few weeks back .



what next can i complain ,its like a personal vendetta letter is basically saying that its important that we tell them of changes as we could have to pay money back . different story last time when they hadent paid us for our eldest daughter for 2 years ,but could only pay us back 1 years money .



this letter to me is just a reworded compliance letter ,but why me/us again ? we keep our selves to ourselves dont go out socialising farest we go is the local tesco and thats too much for my mind to tackle at best .



cant i complain about this ?

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its probably just one of those things you have come up for review twice in a fairly short space of time. The chances are the officer is unaware of what an awful start to the year you have had. You could ring and ask if it can be postponed- don't ask don't get!!!!

Please do not ask me for advice via PM as I will not reply.

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thanks for the support , il let wednesday come and go ,

with the rough time ive had in the last month or so whatever their reason is

i doubt it could be any worse with what ive been through lately .



could be something could just be the fact our daughter is now 18 ,

even though we dont get anyhing for her except child benefit (£20)

which ever one it is ,it may be to check that .



it could be the funny sided fact that my sister takes her sister to work as her car was off the road for a few months

and as explained we had been noticed that we were been followed .



thing is there twins ,not identical but alot alike , maybe just miss identification .

np there she lives across the road so she can just call over if its something like that .


i now have family issues (siblings) so need to find the legal (financial) and housing sections .

as there's something a miss and ive literally been kicked out of the family so to speak ,

as i believe in moral values where as they believe in £££ signs

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well compliance officer called again with 2 allegations ,



1 i was working at a garage again as the first complaint only a few months ago .

no garage name no pics etc nothing . said she remembers calling years ago ,

the next allegation was a belter


said she had reason to believe we had a vast amount of money on the property .

i now know this is family related due to mum's death only last month .



as i got accused of taking her building society book ,

i had ,had enough by monday phoned my sister and told her what i thought about it ,



my brother then sent me a really nasty text ,

so knowing i wasn't blocked i phoned him up argued with him

and then out of the blue he says

" i no you dont have the bank book as i took it the day mum died"

i was fuming literally .



today spoke to the woman said about the family fued ongoing she was at the time taking paperwork out of a folder ,

she quickly put the paperwork away and just said thats it nothing to do with us .


never had to sign anything etc .

my wife asked what happens next and she just said ,

just let us know if you get any inheritance over the 6k threshold .


they could follow me to the end of the world and back daily

and i still wouldnt be working in a garage so i know its all lies .


just wondering is this the end or is there any more investigation ,maybe with the complantant?

im so depressed over mum dying then been accused of theft then this

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my wife asked what happens next and she just said ,just let us know if you get any inheritance over the 6k threshold .


I would recommend reporting any inheritance if/when it is received even if it doesn't take you over the £6,000 threshold. This will cover yourself if there are any more reports of undeclared savings triggering yet another compliance visit/


I think I speak for all here: You have our sympathies at this difficult time. I know what it is like to lose someone close.


If you need someone to talk to, the Samaritans have a 24/7 help line you can call. Alternatively. there is the Cruse Bereavement Care helpline.





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.
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Thank you all for your support and help , I just hope I be as helpful to another forum member at some time .


I sure you will be able to- your real experience of a compliance visit & that actually they are not that bad. Nothing like assurance from someone that has been through it.



Hope things are improving for you

Please do not ask me for advice via PM as I will not reply.

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