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unsatisfied Halifax Bank customer

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Hi all,


I'm really glad a resource ike this exists.

I've been charged £170 in one instance by my bank because British Gas unexpectedly took out a huge payment that I couldn't cover (Direct Debit protocol means that they only have to give you 10 days notice. No good if you are away and don't recieve it!). The net effect is that I was in debt for weeks and the bank hammered me with charges for every single transaction until I got pais at the end of the month. Fortunately a family member bailed me out allowing me to get back on my feet, otherwise they'd still be charging me.


I talked to my bank about it and they refunded 2 of the charges (£60), but said that it was my responsibility to stay in the black. Frankly I'd have preferred it if they told British Gas to come back later when funds were available. When I asked about this , they tried to tell me that they did me a favour and saved me embarrasment of non payment! The cheek of it!


The way banks behave is disgusting. I've heard stories of pensioners stuck in an infinite charges loop just because they had late payment due to hospitalisation etc. I'm so glad that i found this site. Now I have the opportunity to give as good as I get and I'm looking forward to it.


I've got my 6 years of statements and I'm going to tot it all up after I've read Patricia Pearl's book and some more info here.


wish me luck.


Claim history:

Statements recieved on 05/11/2006

Charges since opening the account = £786.00

Claim including interest at 8%= £948.65

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Hi - take a bit of time to read up first to make sure that you have the facts before going too far ahead. Read the FAQs and template letters then have a good read around here to see how others are getting on. Keep any progress on your own claim or questions that arise in a new thread in the forum for your bank to make it easier for others to follow and advise you. There's a set of links in my sig below that will help you find where all this useful information is. Well done for getting started! :)

Jeep (The Wife & I)

Halifax joint a/c (£3800 charges + £40 interest on charges over 11 years) - paid in full 23/06/06

Halifax joint a/c new charges £1100 - LBA sent 02/08/06

Halifax 2nd a/c (£1500 charges + £150 interest on charges) - partial payment received 13/07/06 (no s69 interest) - AQ filed 07/08/06 - Court awarded 50% of s69 interest (Bank didn't turn up!)

Halifax Visa (#1) Data Protection Act sent - statements arrived - £350 so far

Halifax Visa (#2) Data Protection Act sent - refunded £170

DONATE - Support this site, it supported you!

Follow the route: FAQs > Template Library > Parachute Account > Bank Forums > Spreadsheet

All advice given in good faith and without prejudice or liability, to be taken at your own risk!

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