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Idem Servicing 1998 Lombard Loan

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I have an unsecured loan (Lombard) from 1997



due to major debts around that time arranged £10/month token payment.



I borrowed £5k and have repaid £2500 so far.



I offrered £3000 in 2007 when I sold my house and had a small balance to clear and they refused

- they say the total of the loan with interest was £7500.


I now have Arden contact me and on the income and expenditure form have asked for property value/ mortgage outstanding etc.



Does anybody know why they ask, my loan was unsecured?




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DO NOT give them any pers financial details


only a judge can demand that


TBH: if this is for a loan in 1997 this looking like a cash cow exercise


can you tell us a wee bit more of the history

inc interest etc etc


not got PPI too have you + unlawful charges to reclaim?


have you the org agreement still?



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You do not have to provide that information nor fill in the I&E form. They may be going to try and secure the debt via a Charging Order tho' either voluntarily on your part or via a CCJ.


Was there any PPI on this loan and have there been any unfair charges added which you can reclaim?

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Thanks dx and cerberus for your prompt replies.


I didnt take PPI and if Im honest I was in a lot of financial trouble back then.



I have been paying an agreed £10/m to various agencies over the last 6 or so years such as Wescot and now Ardern.



Even though my situation has greatly improved I felt miffed when Lombard (via Wescot) didnt accept my lump sum offer

even though I explained i would be 91 by the time it was repaid.


Arderns most recent letter on the 27th June states I must reply in 7 days and that a fee may be charged on my account

if they have to write or call again regarding outstanding payments which is why I was about to complete the I&E form.


What happens if i refuse to fill in and what sort of charges arise if i dont/ thanks

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Personally I would send a SAR to the original creditor to see if you can reclaim any charges and to verify that the agreement is enforceable.

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Thanks dx- not sure what you mean by something smells

- it is a question on the Arden I&E statement namely what is my house worth and outstanding mortgage.

It also asks me for any other assets I may have.


I am sure that in all these years the interest was frozen for which I am very grateful

- I originally dealt with a Debt Counselling service who arranged the £10 fee.



I know I have the responsibility (legal and moral) to pay the debt however the "house value" question worries me and now also my wife.


I can pay more to clear it quicker but feel angry Lombard refused my offer 4 years ago and I dont want to show my greater income.


what would a SAR achieve since it is Arden who have 'bought' the debt?



thanks again

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Hi mitch


I wouldn't be sending a dca my I&E..as previously advised this is an unsecured loan and they have no right to your personal information.


They cannot charge you of they have to write again (or if they do you won't be paying it).


A SAR to the original creditor will give you, amongst other things, a full transation history and information to enable you to establish the exact status of the account prior to being passed on. From this it will be possible to establish an claim you may have for unlawful charges which can be claimed back.


Be aware that the dca may be fleecing you so you would be wise to find out exactly what is going on and whether the figures are correct.





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your cra file should show that


what i mean by something smells is the age of this deb


my guess is that from the history of fleecers your list


lombard wrote this off against tax years ago and the payments you have been making have just lined the pockets of the fleecers.




so please dont let them call the shots


its your money - you decide where it goes NOT THEM.



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Thanks ims , your knowledge re the charges is a great relief to hear. I am still not sure why you think they may be 'fleecing' me , dx says it smells fishy or am I missing the blindingly obvious - dont they just want me to pay up? or is it something else?

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sorry dx missed your post- understood now thanks ims and dx v much - i will try and get some sleep now. From reading other posts the advice you guys and the site gives is outstanding!!

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If your a/c has been sold to a debt collector they cannot add charges or interest unless it was expressly stipulated in your original agreement. DCAs are well known for trying to squeeze every last cent from a debtor whether they are entitled or not.

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Having had a threatening letter re solicitors I had to ring Arden last night (I know I know!). Your site gave me valuable info before I rang so I wouldnt be 'bullied'.


I took a loan out with Lombard about 12 years ago and consolidated it (twice I think),

I remember I may have taken PPI on the first or 2nd loan

but due to promotion to management I ws paid for sick leave and think the last loan was without.


She said the debt was sold to Ardern in November 2011 and I should have had a letter from both parties which I never received only 1 in 2010 saying Ardern were 'managing' the account.


she will send ne a copy of the CCA for free in the post and I should address the SAR request and the £10 to Ardern Complaints Department and not Lombard-

she was ultra inquisitive as to what excatly I needed the SAR for and pressed me hard.


She went on to say that if it was to check the PPI on the first loan I would only get info back regarding the 'final loan' and it wouldnt show the 'original' loan deatils.


Any ideas as to why she was so interested in my SAR request and is she correct about only the final consolidation loan details being held?


also should Lombard get the SAR request.


I currently owe £4900 paying back £10/ m although they refused an offer of £3000 to settle about 4 years ago. Any help would be appreciated

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Hi I would ignore her instruction to send a SAR to their

complaints department you are not making a complaint

and Arden will only have data from when the aquired the

account and not right from the start.

You should send the SAR to The Data Controller at Lombard

by recorded delivery.

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One last question now I have my £10 postal order.. the SAR template states "Account/Ref number", as my final loan included two previous consolidated loans will Lombard send me everything from day 1 including my first ever loan even if I only have the Ref number of my final loan?

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Latest Update:

SAR Request sent to Lombard


however I was getting concerned I had not received copy of CCA in the post as promised by Arden.


I have today received a statement from a company called Idem Servicing of my last 12 months payments (nominal £10/m). Balance now £4969.66.


Anybody got a clue what has happened here?

have Arden sold the debt on.?


Was my request for CCA and SAR not to their liking?


PS Idem are based in Solihull, coincidentally so were Arden and also Lombard

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Thanks DX, no, I tried Noddle but as I dont have a visa/debit/credit card it wouldnt let me register, i suppose i could pay £2 for Experian I beleive?


Is there a reason?


Shouldnt I have had notice if my debt had been 'reassigned'?

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ideally you should but only if sold not just pased for collection


got to admit something smells here


which is why your cra file might help clarify.



citizenB has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Help! - Natwest have instructed capquest - large debt - in the Debt Collection Industry forum of The Consumer Forums.

This thread is located at:


Here is the message that has just been posted:


not all the creditors/dcas report to ALL of the CRAs.. so to obtain a full check, you really need to contact the 3 main players.


Company Secretary

Equifax Limited

Capital House

25 Chapel Street





Company Secretary

CallCredit Limited

1, Park Lane,


West Yorkshire



Company Secretary

Experian Limited

Talbot House

Talbot Street


NG80 1TH


You can either complete the forms online or send a letter (below) with a £2.00 postal order.



All of the three Credit reference agencies offer a paper version and they only cost £2


Noddle (who are part of CallCredit) off free online credit reports but as they are the smallest of the threee, they may not have all the info


Experian paper app.



Call credit






Send with a £2 postal order.


You can use Experians online free trial. just make sure you cancel before the trial runs out




Company Secretary

CallCredit Limited

1, Park Lane,


West Yorkshire



Dear Sir or Madam,

*Limited Data Subject Access Request

s9(2) The Data Protection Act 1998*

I hereby request a copy of my Statutory Credit Report, served under s9(2) of The Data Protection Act 1998.

I enclose the Statutory Fee of £2 paid via Postal Order, number: 123456.

For the purposes of confirming my identity, I can confirm the following details:

*My full name*:

*My Maiden Name: *

*My Date of Birth*:

*My current Address*:


I have lived at the above address for XX years.


I note that under s7(3) of the above Act, a data controller is not obliged to comply with a request under this section unless he is supplied with such information as he may reasonably require in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the person making the request and to locate the information which that person seeks.

However, I feel the above information identifies me sufficiently to discharge your obligations to establish my identity before posting my Credit Report.

I am aware that you have 7 Working Days to post the Credit Report to me, commencing the day after this s9(2) Statutory Request has been delivered to your Company.

*This letter must not be regarded as granting your Company any Data Consent*.

Yours faithfully,


*1 x Statutory £2.00 Fee via Postal Order Number: 123456

*Notes*:this letter is being sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery service

---End Quote---

there is also



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Here is an update to ongoing saga which whilst slightly confusing to me , perhaps somebody could enlightem me as to what these chaps are up to.


As previously stated Arden requested a copy of my loan CCA from Lombard which I received (my application actually if this is different?). within 2 weeks a company called Idem Servicing (almost same address in Solihull) sent me a statement. I have had no communication from either saying it had been passed on/transferred/sold etc. Is this a coincidence?


After 3.5 months waiting for my SAR request I received a form from RBS stating

  1. They cannot find any records
  2. They need proof of my identity

Surely they wouldnt give my CCA to Arden if they didnt know who I was? secondly when Lombard refused my offer of a reduced payment to clear the loan in 2007 in writing would they not have my address?.


Im asked on the form if the SAR request is related to a PPI claim? do i answer? They say I must get my driving licence photocopied at a Branch as a true and certified copy to confirm my identity.


Any advice would be appreciated

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