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Transporting a Body . . .

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Hi Caggers,


Sadly, my business partners sister died in London last week, she had a series of medical and mental health issues which culminated in her passing away in the ICU Department at Royal Free Hospital.


Clearly my mates family are devastated and sadly they were shocked to 'find' that to transport the body back to Wolverhampton for her funeral is not as simple as organising a funeral director to transport her home. Apparently they have been warned that they will incur a 'fine' or 'fee' from EVERY County Council she passes through on her journey home, the price of which has yet to be disclosed . . . apparently this 'law' dates back to the plague!!


Could anyone please shed some light on this . . .


thanks in advance . . .

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My condolences...stuscfc1883



There is no legal requirement to use undertakers or other funeral event organisers to transport the body of someone who has died.The body can be transported in a car or van and if using a coffin the vehicle would need to suitably accommodate a coffin. There is no such thing as a “special licence” for this purpose.


This is made clear in Part (1)(5) of Schedule 3 of the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Regulations 1995, which refers to ‘CLASSES OF VEHICLES FOR WHICH A LICENCE IS NOT REQUIRED ‘. Para (5) of that Schedule states “a vehicle which is being used for funerals”.


Hospital and hospice staff have, frequently asserted that county boundary fees have to be paid when crossing boundaries with bodies. There are no such fees. In recent times, some have insisted that undertakers have listed county boundary fees in their bills, but no evidence has ever been produced!


There is a duty to inform the Coroner before moving a body out of England & Wales (treated as one area).







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Hi Andy,


thanks for that info, i've past it on and it looks like they're now more confident in organising the transport and fighting back to those who say 'you have to pay x for travelling through other counties' etc . . . which wouldn't have happened without this advice, so thanks again Andy . . .





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