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    • In the autumn of 2020, I decided to change energy supplier from British Gas to EDF. This went through with no apparent problem but after approximately two weeks, I received a letter from EDF saying "Sorry you're leaving us". I contacted EDF to say that I was not leaving and was told not to worry about it, that they would resolve it and to carry on with monthly payments to EDF.    Approximately 2 weeks later, I received a text message from EDF to say, "Sorry you're leaving us". I contacted EDF again to say I was not leaving and was again told not to worry and that they would sort it out. Two weeks later I had a third message, "Sorry you're leaving us...". I contacted EDF again, but this time raised a complaint because it was becoming stressful and annoying. I asked them to explain why this kept happening. After some investigation by EDF, I was told that Scottish Power was trying to "erroneously take over" my gas supply. I confirmed that I wanted to remain with EDF and did not want to move to Scottish Power. I was advised to forward any bill sent by Scottish Power to EDF so that they could deal with it, and not pay it. However, I have never received any bill from Scottish Power until July 2022.   I was then contacted again by EDF to say that Scottish Power was trying to take over my supply because my gas meter was registered at my neighbour's address, on the energy suppliers' national database. I requested that EDF change the details for me so that I could remain an EDF customer but was told that only the existing supplier could change the details and that I would have to contact Scottish Power and request that they change the details. I reminded EDF that I had never asked Scottish Power to supply me and that as my current provider, EDF should take on this responsibility, but I was told on a number of occasions that EDF could not do this and that I would have to contact Scottish Power myself.   I have since learned that I should never have been told this. Ofgem states that if a supplier tries to erroneously transfer a supply, the two suppliers involved should communicate with each other to resolve the problem as soon as possible, and not involve the consumer. However, this is where the real problems started. I contacted Scottish Power at least 20 times over the course of 2 months, by email, online chat and telephone and spent a considerable amount of time trying to resolve this issue. The main problem was that Scottish Power refused to discuss it with me because "I did not have an account with Scottish Power". I explained on numerous occasions that I did not want an account with Scottish Power and that I just wanted them to change the location of my gas meter on the national database, but they persistently refused. Scottish Power was generally very poor at contacting me, I was doing most of the running. My neighbour, who is supplied by Scottish Power and has been for many years, said that this has been an issue in the past but Scottish Power has never resolved it. He said that when I asked EDF to take the supply back from Scottish Power, his supply was also erroneously transferred to EDF against his wishes, causing even more problems. During this occasion, Scottish Power compensated my neighbour but still refused to assist me.   I have evidence of some of the correspondence between me and Scottish Power but not all because much was over the phone and on online chat. Each time I contacted Scottish Power a new member of staff dealt with it and so they had to record the same notes each time, considerably lengthening the process. I asked if Scottish Power could allocate someone to own the complaint but because I did not have an account with Scottish Power, this was not an option. After numerous emails to Scottish Power from my neighbour, who was trying to assist with the situation - sending his meter details, my meter details and asking that the database be updated with my address - he was asked to send photos of my meter to Scottish Power. I had already been asked this by Scottish Power and had duly sent them but received no response. My neighbour then forwarded the photos by his email to Scottish Power and they replied asking him to ask me to re-send the photos directly, which I did for a second time. This was the last correspondence I had with Scottish Power about the matter. They did not contact me again.   EDF contacted me to say that they had concluded the matter from their end and requested that they close the complaint, to which I agreed. A meter reader visited sometime after to read both meters and I (naively) assured myself that the details had been changed and that EDF had resumed supply. My bill increased, and my meters were then routinely read by a visiting meter reader every quarter. My last correspondence with Scottish Power was on 9th November 2020, when I emailed the photos of my meter for the second time.   Twenty months later, towards the end of July 2022, I was on holiday with my family. I came home on 13th August to find 6 letters on the doormat from Scottish Power demanding £2134.89 for gas supply. They are addressed to "The Occupier" so they have obviously not referred to my previous correspondence or attempted to ever resolve the initial request to change my details. This is contrary to recommendations made by Ofgem's "Erroneous Transfers" paper produced in 2016. One of the letters even says, "Welcome to your new home" as though they have no knowledge of the correspondence 2 years ago. I have received another bill from Scottish Power today demanding payment and threatening referral to a debt collection agency if it is not paid. The above Ofgem paper states that erroneous takeovers should be dealt with by the two companies concerned and not by the consumer at any stage. But in my case, it has been me doing all the running, all the phoning, emailing, talking online, etc. Neither supplier has really done that much and I believe that EDF should never have told me that I should try and resolve this with Scottish Power; and when I contacted Scottish Power, they should also have taken ownership of the problem jointly with EDF and resolved it directly with EDF.   I have taken legal advice and been advised that as this is a dispute between two energy suppliers rather than between myself and a supplier, it is more appropriate for me to contact both suppliers, summarise past actions undertaken by all parties, and request that the supply be transferred back to my original supplier. This sounds hunky dory but doesn't actually help. Two questions arise in my mind... 1. Do i have to pay the bill at all given that it is addressed to "The occupier"?  2. Should I provide my name in my complaint (not yet sent) or simply refer to myself as "The Occupier"? 2. I know I can refer to back-billing guidance but my instinct tells me I shouldn't have to pay any of this bill because the supply was taken over without my consent, I tried numerous times to resolve it to no effect, and was led to believe that I was then paying for the gas due to the actions of both companies. Does anybody think I have a case here and any suggestions about how to pursue it?   Many thanks if you have managed to read this far. Even more thanks if you have any advice :-)  
    • several other threads here too they will give up  just retail loss scammers, nothing ever goes back to the retailers anyway straight in their pocket straight down the pub!!   just like DCA's.   dont forget your cars v5c!! too   you MUST write to anyone one your credit file or banks etc, esp if you have debts that dont show that you might have last used/paid within say 7 yrs esle you'll get backdoor CCJ's.
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Vanquis credit card...have unfortunately become one of their victims

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Hello, in the last few days have I discovered that Vanquis Credit Card company are [problem]mers.


I already have credit cards with Barclays and Capital One, and manage them perfectly well, am not in debt to them.


I apologise, here, for the length of this post.


In June this year, I received (junk mail....) an envelope from Vanquis, offering me a credit card with them.

Because I was in need of a bit more cash at the time, I stupidly filled in the online application form, and then received a phone-call from them. They approved me for one of their cards.


I did NOT then know that this company, Vanquis, are for people with bad or no credit history...to my shame, I simply assumed they were a mainstream, legitimate credit card company.


After the card was received by me, a couple of weeks later, I used it to purchase a few items. Taking it up to within £3 of the (£250) credit limit.

When I went through the application process over the phone, in June, with one of their staff, I arranged (or THOUGHT I did...see later) a Direct Debit with them, for the minimum payment.


I told them that I'm on a (Civil Service) pension, and that it gets paid into my bank account on (the specific date of the month it's paid in). I thus said to them, "The DDebit will, therefore, be taken from my account several days later, right?". (ie, in line with all my other monthly payments). The Vanquis staff member said "Yes, of course

All my relevant bank details were given to him, over the phone, in June this year, in order to [or so I thought...] set up the DDebit.


Then, to my horror, on 18th July (just 6 days ago), I received a text from Vanquis claiming that my account was £33 overdrawn.

Of course I phoned them immediately.

I'd ASSUMED that the DDebit which had (ostensibly) been set up in June, had been taken from my account a couple of days earlier.

Ie, I assumed my account was okay. (Not then knowing that they are a [problem]ming company - as I do know, now...).


Prior to phoning them on 18th July, I went online to look at my account. And found, to my horror, that a couple of days earlier (ie, the date on which the DDebit SHOULD have been paid from my bank account, to Vanquis), Vanquis had slapped onto my account with them a £12 "Late payment charge" (???). A (FAKE charge, by them) charge which tipped my account over the credit limit. And that they therefore then slapped on a £12 "Overlimit charge".


When I eventually spoke to Vanquis on 18th July, I said "WHY did you not take the Direct Debit which had been arranged in June?". The staff member said to me "We DID try to take it from your bank, but it was rejected". (NB., this, I learnt, was a deliberate lie on the part of Vanquis...).

I told him that I had more than enough money in my ordinary bank account to cover the DDebit - that it should have been taken just a couple of days after my pension had been paid in.


The Vanquis chap continued to claim that my bank had rejected the DDebit.

I continued to say to him "That is nonsense, I STILL have more than enough in my bank account to cover that DDebit".

The chap then had the audacity to say to me "Pay us £31 on your next pension payday and we'll clear the overlimit charges, and start again from scratch...".


I checked with my own bank this morning, and not only did they confirm that Vanquis had NOT tried to put through a DDebit to them, but that NO Direct Debit has been registered with my bank, by Vanquis; even though in June I arranged such a DDebit over the phone

- even telling them that (of course) they would need to take the DDebit each month on a date a few days AFTER my monthly pension is credited to my account.


Having, in the last couple of days, read online re. the horrific [problem] that is being perpetrated by Vanquis - FAKE charges being slapped onto people's accounts (my own example, above, being one such), willy-nilly, and the extortionate interest charged, I'm very panicky indeed about what they might do to me, finance-wise, re. my account with them. I realise it was very careless of me not to have realised that they, Vanquis, are not a mainstream credit card company.


It is an immensely stressful time for me, currently, due to other personal matters, so the very LAST thing I needed, right now, was to discover myself in the nightmare situation with Vanquis that I now see I AM in - thus adding to my stressed state.


I've been reading some of the many horrific stories of people's experiences with Vanquis, online, and really do not know what I should do, in the first instance, to try to limit their horrific assault on my finances, with the FAKE charges they've slapped on my account with them.

And re. the fact they deliberately did not, in actual fact, set up a DDebit for me, even though in June it had, I thought, all been arranged over the phone. Ie, they deliberately did not set up a DDebit with my bank, to them, precisely in order then to PRETEND they'd tried to put through the DDebit just a few days ago, to then PRETEND it had been rejected by my bank, in order to then slap FAKE charges on my account.


(I've read, online, that other people have found this - that Vanquis have claimed that their bank had rejected the set-up DDebit, and then the victim discovers (as did I, earlier today) that they'd not set up a DDebit, precisely in order to slap the fake charges on...



I would very much appreciate any advice as to what I should do, in this situation.


Thanking you in hopeful anticipation.

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I would also remove your name from your profile and post as there are a lot of trolls on here

who will be able to read your dilemma and mark you out.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Bazooka Boo,


Many thanks for your response.

Yes, shortly after I sent my post, it did occur to me it might have been wiser not to have given my actual name.

I'd be most grateful if you could inform me as to how to "remove my name from my profile and post". Many thanks, in advance!

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Right, First off... You need to know. The forum blanks put certain words when entered into any post. So SCA* will not show up and be replaced by problem.

Ill state my points below; And hopefully resolve this for you...


- Vanquis charges are unfair and can be reclaimed. I have done this on no less than 9 times... The key here is that the OFT didnt agree a correct limit. Plus penalty fees are not enforceable in law.

- DD issues; Get written confirmation from the bank. Advise them about what Vanquis have told you. That letter will be a good piece of evidence. If they have been neglectful in their service to you, you can have them for breakfast.

- Call recordings are everything, Vanquis keep them for a while so they will have evidence of what happened.


While the crew here will say stay off the phone. I think that it might be worth actually speaking to them...


0344 1307088 - Vanquis Customer Action Team


That's Provident's compliant department.


Or email;


[email protected] - CEO Provident Group

[email protected] - MD Vanquis


Please let me know how you get on :)


To remove your personal info, click *Edit Post* to the bottom right hand corner of your post.


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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Very many thanks for your offering knowledgeable assistance! I will much appreciate whatever you may be able to suggest/advise me to do.


Yes, from what I've read re. Vanquis, online, in the last few days, it makes me realise they are, indeed, what you term "muppets".

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I much appreciate your quick response, thank you!


I will most definitely acquire written confirmation from my bank that Vanquis did not (contrary to their claim...) set up a Direct Debit with my bank, for them. Yes, that will be a very valuable piece of evidence, is very obvious. Why did I not think of that, this morning, when my bank told me that no, Vanquis had NOT arranged a DD with them. Answer to myself: because I'm immensely stressed.


Thank you so much for suggesting that it might be worth my while to contact Vanquis (contrary to what most people on here say).



One query, please.



Is there meant to be a space in the Michael Lenora email address (as you typed it, in your reply to me)?



For there is a space between the N and the K in the word 'bank'. Is that intended, or a typo? Thanks!

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Thank you! Yes, I'm very familiar with the sending of emails (!! I send a great deal!), I just thought it might be some peculiarity of those particular email addresses!


As a result of what you advised, re. obtaining printed confirmation from my own bank re. the fact that Vanquis did not set up a DD with them (even though, in the initial set-up phone call, they took my bank details and claimed that a DD would be set up), I've just spoken with my bank's HQ, and they've sent a confirmation form, stating that, to my own branch, and have told me to go to see them tomorrow morning, and they will be able to print me off a copy. Which then, as you so rightly say, will be very powerful evidence/proof to the Vanquis muppets [to use your word!] that they blatantly lied to me, in that regard.


Yes, I realised, on reading my printed post, that this site substitutes the word 'problem' for the SCA--- word.


Very sincere thanks, once again, for your help. I'll let you know how I get on!

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Thank you! I'd been attempting to find out how to amend my username, to no avail. Hopefully, the Site Team will advise me as to how to go about this.


I much appreciate your help.

I do feel a little less stressed, now that, as of tomorrow, I'll have printed confirmation proof that Vanquis most definitely did not arrange the DD with my bank. That will be very much in my favour, when it comes to sorting out this very nasty business.

It should, of course, have been an obvious thing for me to have requested, from my bank, when I went in to see them this morning. However, due to my stressed state, I overlooked anything other than their verbally informing me that no DD had been arranged, by Vanquis.

So I'm much obliged to you for advising me to obtain that printed confirmation.


What amazes me is, how can these [Vanquis] people sleep at night, knowing full well they're telling lies to people, with a bad motive behind those lies...

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  • 1 month later...



Just thought I'd update you... should have done it a couple of weeks ago, but it slipped my mind.

Vanquis have, to my surprise, pleasantly surprised me.

After several talks with their staff, over the phone (during which I said that if they took even £1 more from my account than was right, I'd go to my solicitor about them...), they said they'd refund all the incorrect [falsely applied by them....] charges, "as a goodwill gesture". They said that if I paid £43 [to clear the falsely-applied charges...], they'd credit DOUBLE that to my account. Well, I did pay £43; and they not only deducted that amount from my balance, but they deducted a further £55 off, too!


They've also re-adjusted the payment due date, so that it's in line with the date on which I receive my monthly pension.


It remains to be seen, of course, whether they will be so accommodating at the point where I'm able to clear the amount owed.... I've read some pretty nasty stories of people who, when wanting to clear their accounts with Vanquis, have found that they keep adding fabricated charges to the amount owed.


Thank you once again for your help, it was much appreciated!

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Im glad you had a decent result on this one :) ... I told you if you were patient with them, you would get it done :)

Glad they sorted it out. Hopefully you should have no more issues.


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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I have been with vanquish for over a year and thanks to this forum i have kept one step ahead. That is how they make their Money, these charges then added onto the mouth watering APR. I settle my balance in full each month. I now have a Credit Limit of £3500 and still have a mind numbing APR of 59.9%


May i ask what APR you are paying??

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Hello, Capquest worst nightmare,


Yes, you're very right that this wicked, very materialistic company are [despicably] making their money by adding these extortionate {and often added fraudulently... as I experienced, a few months ago, as related in my originating post, here) charges.


My APR is the same as yours: the horrific 59.9%. As I explained in my OP, when I took out the account with them, I had no idea they were the sort of company they are; having had other very important things on my mind at the time, I didn't check them out first. Had I done so, would never have taken out an account.


I intend to clear my outstanding balance with them as soon as is possible. I only have the £250 credit limit; I'd never dream of having the C.L. you have...!

All the best!

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What makes it worse for me is that i now have a decent credit file with no CCJ or Defaults to justify the 59.9% APR


They are quick enough in putting up the credit limit to entice you into debt, yet reluctant to lower the interest rate


I spend no more than £50.00 a month and settle each month. I simply use it as an aid to my credit file for a payment history, nothing more

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  • 4 weeks later...



Just thought I'd relate this to you...!


Have been making the required payments to my Vanquis account ever since they eventually

{after I threatened them with legal action} refunded MORE THAN the amount of the fake charges they'd added in July.


To my shock,

I today found on my account another fake charge: for £0.96.



However small, it was definitely a false charge which had been slapped on.

phoned them this afternoon.



After being put on hold for quite some time,

the response was 'We agree that is a false charge, and will thus refund you £24 [and a few pence... can't recall the exact figure they quoted]".


Sthey're going to refund me more than 24 times the amount of the fake charge!!


Re. the earlier refunds [in July], which were greater than the amount of the fake charges - "a 'goodwill' gesture..."

- the note on this site, re. "Goodwill gestures" states that such companies will make these so-called 'goodwill gestures'

when they realise that the person in my position will not allow ANY fake charges

and thus they try to make it seem as if they're 'doing me a favour' by refunding a great deal more than the fake charge that had been wrongly added to my account.

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