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Defaults and end of terms

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Hi All,


Looking for some advice.



I signed up to this site nearly 6 years ago so its getting to the point where I have paid off many debts

and that the ones that are left I am looking for some advice on.


I settled many of the accounts for decent figures after using advice to get over 6k in PPI back :D

I am down from 30k of debt to just over 8.



The problem I have is two of them still refuse to accept decent settlement offer's of around 25% let along less.

Each lender is due just over 4k each and neither will accept the offer I made of 1500 and want £2200 each as a minimum.


I currently pay them £1 each month and have sent many offers and circumstance letters.

(less than 10 year life expectancy) but they do not budge.



While on my credit expert account I noticed all my defaults are due to expire within the next year and half so looking for some advice.


Debt 1 Arrow Global LTD for CC from MBNA - Default Date 03/2011 so expires March 2017

Default Balance £4000 - Refuses to take decent partial offer


Debt 2 PRA GROUP (UK) LIMITED CC from Bank of Scotland - Default Date 11/10 so due off Nov 2016

Default Balance £4000 - Refuses less than £2250 settlement offer


Any suggestions on what to do.



At the moment I am of the opinion that stuff them they can continue to get £1

and then when the Defaults drop off then they will be more than happy to take a settlement.

However a part of me just thinks pay them now and get it over and done with.


Sorry for the long post its just annoying to get so far and then half two hold me back.

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Hi, I have not sent the DCA's any CCA requests from what I can remember.



MY memory is pretty bad so will need to check my records at home.



I dont think they ever added any charges to the amount as they where all in payment plans with each Credit card company first

then went to DCA's and the amount has never changed up or down.

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When were the accounts taken out?


When you do send off the CCA requests if they do not comply you need to seriously consider ceasing to pay them, if you pay them £1 a month the debt will be there until you die or until they apply for a CCJ. The fact you keep offering settlements will trigger them into thinking you have funds .

Any opinion I give is from personal experience .

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