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    • OK I got through to Gladstones and I have a direct email to one of the call ladies who confirmed a section 21 notice would be sufficient to prove I was unable to know of correspondence. If I forward a copy of that to them, they will ask the CPM Management for them to agree to a set aside. ( she asked for a bank statement from 19th July 2019 when the court papers were filed but I am unwilling to give them anything that has my bank number on it so we agreed to that.) Her voice sounded a bit shaken after she spoke to the manager (?) for 3 minutes.   I'm going to send the below confirmation letter to them.   Date 15/11/2019. Ref no. XXXX    Dear S   As discussed over the phone earlier today, please find attached Section 21 notice which indicates I did not reside in the address ADDRESS NO.2 from 01 March 2019 and therefore it is clear I had no knowledge of the proceedings related to the Default Judgment case no. XXXXXX of 14t August 2019.   I am writing to you in good faith as the Claim Particulars upon which the above Default Judgment Order was made are incorrect. One of the errors relates to the location of the alleged contravention. The photographic evidence in the letter of 23rd August 2018 issued by your client do not relate to Merlin Road in Farnborough stated in the Claim Particulars.   In the interests of justice and fairness I believe it is reasonable to agree to a set-aside in order to save trouble and inconvenience to everyone including the court.   If your client agrees, please confirm immediately by return, within no longer than 7 calendar days, as well as in writing on the address above.   If you have any comments or if you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to respond to this email by return, to request a call back.   Kind regards,   Miss D XXX        
    • I’m so sorry that this has happened to all of us. It shouldn’t be such a difficult process to get justice. Can you tell me what CAB stands for?    I hope you get it all sorted on your side. I can imagine you are majorly out of pocket because of the travel you have had to do aswell. 
    • I have done spoke to claims handler to be shouted at as I emailed them to requesting information still not got information very rude on phone 
    • Have a read of the following thread....similar application to lift the stay and request Summary Judgment.      
    • XS Direct website says this. I read that to mean it's a single £3,000 excess relating to the whole claim, not per section. So you'd only pay one £3,000. That's just their general statement on their website though, the only way to be sure of your specific situation is to ask them.   Our standard excess is £3000. That means that we pay everything above and beyond this amount, in the event of an accident, where a claim is made on our policy or by our client.   Comprehensive policy Our policy fully covers you for damage to your vehicle and any third party damage and/or injury in the event of accident, over the policy excess of £3000.
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P45 issues with old employer

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So in April 2015 I walked out of my job.


My boss posted me my p60, which I thought was all I needed, However now I am trying to apply for ESA due to health conditions and I am told I need a P45 form.


I asked my boss for a P45 and she said she sent it with my P60, but I know for a fact I don't have it because I keep all forms like that in a drawer and I have checked for it multiple times.


What can I do? She swears blind that she has given me it already, and without this I cannot finish my claim, also from what I gather you cannot get a replacement form..



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Suggest you send your ex-employer a note along these lines:

"You have sent my P60 as the law requires you to do by 31st May. For that I am grateful.

You definitely have not sent my P45 at the same time, if it was in the same envelope I would have got it.

Please note that unless you send it to me I shall be contacting my local HMRC tax office who have legal powers to make you send it to me."


Perhaps at the same time a note to your local HMRC office explaining that your ex-employer is refusing to send your P45 to you and that you are suffering as a result because you can't pursue your claim for Employment and Support Allowance.

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Thanks, but as she believes she has sent me it, I don't see how threatening legal action will help..


A little back story; she is an aging lady (60+) and she is on lots of medication for various illnesses, she was extremely forgetful with payslips, wages and other things, but she is a genuinely nice person.


Is there any other way you can think of going about this? if not I geuss I will have to just go to the tax office.

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If a P45 has been lost or not provided, you should ask your employer for a statement of earnings.


If they still won't provide it then contact HMRC.

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