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    • Okay – were in that case I'd like to disentangle the thread a little bit please. First of all who is the independent Nissan car dealership? – Presumably they are the ones who came back to you and said they wanted 10 quid? They were the ones who are rude to you on the phone and you want to get a copy. I have to say that I'm a bit surprised given how long you've been here that you are relying on some company to provide you with evidence against them instead of having recorded the court yourself as per our customer services guide. You have also made a statutory disclosure request to Nissan themselves. It will be very helpful if you could just go through the chronology of each request – in bullet pointed fashion. Frankly will be helpful to start new threads
    • I would love to have been able to do so, but David Howie was storing my belongings at a third party location and wouldn't tell me where it was. I now know where they are and delivery has been scheduled for 2 March. If the experience of other customers is anything to go by, I expect to be receiving a lot of damaged goods. But at least I will no longer be at the mercy of Mr. Howie.
    • I almost had the same situation, when I sold a property in Cyprus I needed to cancel a service with non-refundable rules and what i want to say that it is unreal to do something if you signed a contract with these rules.
    • Debt, evicted, homeless. Property remains unsold, big interest accrued til no equity left. Bank employed pi to harass elderly parent on assumption 'child' living with parent. Parent advised they're only person at their address.  Pi been questioning neighbours too - with same answer.  Bank has # and email details. No address.  'Child' staying temp with friends - nfa.  Mail diverts to box - so get post.  Until new perm address, old address remains on files. Parent has no knowledge of 'child' temp address/es.  Parent wishes to put a stop to the harassment. No return address on envelopes - so opened last letter.  Advance notice to return certain time to serve "B" petition on 'child' who they know doesn't live there. How can relative stop them. It is intimidation. Aren't there rules on how many times a debt collector can hassle a relative? And isn't it illegal to disclose financial info to relative/ neighbours? In letter there was a # to call (pi).  Should relative call the # to say go away?  Or does that mean relative is admitting opening mail not for them, and then has knowledge of the potential petition and thus implicated? Also, if unsold - how can bank issue B petition?  Confused on best action.  
    • Thanks for this fkofilee. I am happy to take legal action.   When it comes to the recovering of money, am I asking for the £150 compensation and the £49.17 I had in the account? Should they be compensating for the unfair CIFAS, and the fact that it has been 3 months since they agreed to sort all of this out? When the FOS said they were happy with the £150 compensation amount, none of us knew of the CIFAS and that is quite a big issue, plus the damage that has been caused by it upto November 2019, and the further damage caused in the past 3 months when all of it should have been removed? Barclays sent paperwork to the FOS that stated I did have a strong case, but against Amazon, and this decision was made pre May 2019, so they are saying there was a case for a refund, yet issued that CIFAS at the end of May 2019 saying I had committed 1st Party Fraud. So they were saying I had a strong case which would mean they didn't suspect me of fraud, and then issued a CIFAS against me saying I have committed fraud. That doesn't make sense does it.
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P45 issues with old employer

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So in April 2015 I walked out of my job.


My boss posted me my p60, which I thought was all I needed, However now I am trying to apply for ESA due to health conditions and I am told I need a P45 form.


I asked my boss for a P45 and she said she sent it with my P60, but I know for a fact I don't have it because I keep all forms like that in a drawer and I have checked for it multiple times.


What can I do? She swears blind that she has given me it already, and without this I cannot finish my claim, also from what I gather you cannot get a replacement form..



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Suggest you send your ex-employer a note along these lines:

"You have sent my P60 as the law requires you to do by 31st May. For that I am grateful.

You definitely have not sent my P45 at the same time, if it was in the same envelope I would have got it.

Please note that unless you send it to me I shall be contacting my local HMRC tax office who have legal powers to make you send it to me."


Perhaps at the same time a note to your local HMRC office explaining that your ex-employer is refusing to send your P45 to you and that you are suffering as a result because you can't pursue your claim for Employment and Support Allowance.

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Thanks, but as she believes she has sent me it, I don't see how threatening legal action will help..


A little back story; she is an aging lady (60+) and she is on lots of medication for various illnesses, she was extremely forgetful with payslips, wages and other things, but she is a genuinely nice person.


Is there any other way you can think of going about this? if not I geuss I will have to just go to the tax office.

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If a P45 has been lost or not provided, you should ask your employer for a statement of earnings.


If they still won't provide it then contact HMRC.

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