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Statute Barred Debts - sending letters to state so / removing defaults & records from CR?

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My girlfriend had a number of debts from 2008 and before.

She totally ignored them and didn't know what to do

and how to go about addressing any of it.


Thanks to some very helpful information from this forum

- we sent SARs and got back lots of information in 2012.

We decided to "sit tight" with everything and wait things out until they became statute barred.


As far as I can tell (having waded through the reems of information sent back)

they are statute barred now (no payments made in 6 years +)..

.with the last one to become so next month - July 2015.


This one is still showing on credit record though (only checked noddle recently)

- what do we need to do to get it removed as soon as the 6 years from default date arrives?


As soon as this hits 6 years - is it worth signing up to Equifax, Experian, (any others?)

and reviewing all information on them and ringing / writing to them all to as accounts are removed if over 6 years? Etc?


She also was receiving various demand letters from different debt collection companies from about 2009-2013 and early 2014,

but this has all dried up now with nothing recieved in over a year.


Is it worth sending some kind of letter to any of the companies now to state that no contact should be made again as debts are all statute barrred

, or can this just be left as it is now and all paperwork saved in case of future contact?

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CRA markers automatically fall off at the six year point. If you do want to check a CRA file and you join Experian, they have the first month free, but you must remember to cancel before the end of the month or you will be automatically debited £16, (£2 max by letter by law).


Yes, save all your paperwork, it is so small that it won't get in the way.

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All references to a defaulted debt must be removed from your credit files after 6 years

has passed from date of default, whether paid off or not.


{the WHOLE ACCOUNT WILL VANISH, never to return}.


{however, this does not mean the debt itself is not still owed

consider a CCA request.}


This is so that someone who continues paying something

- even after 6 years from default

- should not be at a disadvantage to someone who pays nothing after default

and ends up with a clean file after 6 years.

NOTE: {the bracketted text is not ICO guideline but my advise]






there is no need for you to chase anyone to get them removed

once the default reaches 6yrs.






as for the statute barred bits...

if you are in E&W



the owners of a debt

can quite rightly 'ask' for payment even once SB'd



however, you can equally 'ask' them to go away off.

the 'debt' still exists.



however, I'd not ever start letter tennis with any DCA.





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Many thanks - that is re-assuring and helpful!


So they just vanish from credit files. Assume this is why the letters (which were previously up to 2 a month) have stopped - with none received in over a year.


So the last one that will reach 6 years next month........how long does it / should it take until this disappears? Should it be on the date...within days, weeks, or does it depend case by case?

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typically within a month


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