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Early upgrade issues with Vodafone


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Hello folks.

I'm due an upgrade in September with Vodafone.


Two days ago I went to Carphone Warehouse, just to look at possible handsets and tariffs. I was not expecting to walk away with a new handset or a new contract.


The guy showed me a handset I was after and offered me a good tariff.

He told me that to keep my existing number would cost me £3 extra each month, or if I cancelled my current contract and number and took out a new Vodafone contract on a new number, the line rental would be cheaper per month.

I agreed to an early upgrade and a new contract/new number. I walked away with a new handset.

He also gave me £30 for an early cancellation fee, to cover despite me having told him, and him actually seeing-on his computer that I was due an upgrade in September.


Anyhow long story short...if possible...


I phoned up Vodafone to cancel my existing contract-yes and I agreed to pay the early cancellation fee, but then they ask me about what CW offered me, and told me that they can offer the same deal on the same handset, but I could keep my current number, without paying anything extra.


Here is where it gets interesting...

I was told to go to CW and ask to cancel my new contract, which I tried to do but was told that I couldn't cancel my contract, or return the new handset, and that once a new contract was taken out, it wasn't possible to change ones mind.

They also say that as you've been able to try out a new handset in store, you know what to expect, yes problem here being, giving half an hour or 15 mins to a new handset, doesn't give you the whole idea of what you are trying out, before you buy-it's stupid!


I go back home and phone Vodafone again, as thought of just paying early cancellation fee etc. The chap I talked to told me that I could phone CW customer services and ask that they either pay out the old contract, or accept my cancellation of the new contract.


He also told me that CW have done this to other people, as in offered people an early upgrade, but asked them to pay to keep their new number, and have refused to pay out the previous contract.

Funny, as when I purchased my previous handset, Carphone Warehouse did offer to buy out my existing contract on an early upgrade which was two months early...oh yes of course but I forget, it's down to the individual's discretion!


I phoned CW customer services up-the number that the Vodafone chap gave me, and the woman tells me that I cannot cancel my new contract, as Vodafone has to do it, as they're the network carrier.

So I can possibly cancel a new contract-Vodafone depending but cannot return the handset-got it!


I tried to explain the situation, but this woman insists that CW cannot do anything, I ask about the cooling off period of 7 or 14 days, and she tells me that it doesn't apply, as Vodafone have to cancel, and anyway I cannot return a handset either, she kept on repeating herself, no matter what I said.


I told the woman that with my previous handset, CW offered to buy out the last two months of the contract with Vodafone, with my early upgrade, but the woman said that CW do not do this.


I phoned up Vodafone, and for the 3rd or 4th time was told about the Carphone Warehouse non-existent 7 or 14 day cooling off period, whereby I can return a handset, or cancel a new contract. Vodafone tell me that as I purchased the handset from CW, they are the ones to accept a return within the 7-14 days cooling off period.


Vodafone told me that it would cost £69.73 to cancel my existing contract and I've been told this four time by different members, however, the fifth time I rang them up, the guy tells me that it will cost £165 to cancel my existing contract-how is that possible?

I can see where the £69.73 comes in, but £165 to cancel a contract nearly two months early?


What I want to know is what if I go to the CW store and they tell me that I can't cancel the new contract, cannot return the handset, and that Vodafone are the ones that choose to cancel a new contract, what do I do then?


Or who do I contact-as both Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse are pointing to each other and making me run around with contacting them, plus they don't seem to understand the English language (no offense here, I talked to people from the UK with both Vodafone and CW) and they seem to have an in built dialogue that likes coming out repeatedly, though I must say that the Vodafone people appear to have a better grasp of English than those of CW.


Basically then it seems that you are FORCED into a contract then.


Can somebody please give me some advice?


Thank you for reading this



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hi, you took a new contract with carphone warehouse and then Vodafone told you to cancel the CW contract?


Why did vodafone tell you this? What benefit would you get from cancelling the CW contract?


From reading the OP's post : going with Voda direct allows them to keep their current number.


Reading the OP's post carefully reveals this, in the bits where they say (re: CW) "I agreed to an early upgrade and a new contract/new number." and (re: Voda, directly) "told me that they can offer the same deal on the same handset, but I could keep my current number, without paying anything extra"


The info is there in the OP's post - all you need do is read it carefully - the OP hasn't hidden the information.

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bazza, thank you, i did read it a few times but couldn't see the info. even though it is there!


staara, have you proof of asking CW to cancel contract? this will probably take a long time to sort out since you are dealing with Vodafone and CW - in the future after you raise a complaint, they could simply say that you didn't request for cancellation

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Hello folks and thank you for replying.

p3t3r I was told to phone up Carphone Warehouse customer services-by Vodafone, to cancel my contract, which I did but then I was told that Vodafone have to be told re cancelling the new contract, I phone up Vodafone and tell then but then they turn around and tell me that I have to take the device to CW and ask for a cancellation.

You've suggested proof of cancellation but I only spoke to them on the phone, and if I go to the store it will be in person, so do you think I should send CW an e-mail or a written letter instead?


Just thought I'd inform folks on here that Vodafone and CW are pointing to each other, re any returns or change of mind etc-they've done so both when I've visited the CW store and contacted them by phone, I have the feeling that the same will happen.

Also both have been blaming each other, CW saying that Vodafone have to cancel the contract, Vodafone saying that as I took out the handset and tariff in store in CW that they're the ones who can deal with returns or changes, this has been going on since I've both phoned Vodafone and CW and also when I've been to the CW store where I got the handset.


Oh and I've also been told by Carphone Warehouse that I cannot return the handset or cancel the new contract, both in person in the store and on the phone. One reason being due to the fact that I had an early upgrade.


I went onto the CW website to see about returns and the cooling off period, and for Vodafone there is no return or the option to change ones mind re handset or tariff.


So the main problem being that both Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse and pointing to each other and asking me to contact the other re cancellation etc.

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hi, yes, keep everything in letter so you have proof that you tried to cancel this.


Write email to CEO of carphone warehouse and vodafone? I wrote email to vodafone CEO and was then asked to phone a number to speak with a department I presume that was setup to deal with the many complaints received by their CEOs.


Having said that, I found their CEO department to be inept since they do not recognise UK law in which they have to abide by.


If you keep everything in writing with proof, rather than attending stores and phone calls, then if your problem is not sorted out and you feel you would like to go to court, you then have proof of your actions and proof that vodafone and cw just disregarded you as a customer.


I can't really help you any further since I am trying to learn how to take vodafone to court myself. Only advice I can give is to keep everything in writing as proof.


Good luck dealing with this company!

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Hi Staara77,


From the information on Carphone Warehouses's website here, they currently don't offer a returns policy on our products and services.


If they did, they'd need to accept the phone back and then send a cancellation request to us.


If you'd like me to check the early exit fee on your old number, email me with your details via the Contact us form here.


To access the form, you'll need to enter the code WRT135.


As well as stating your query in the question box, please quote CAG Forum.


Once sent, you'll receive an automated reply with a reference number. Post back with this and I’ll check I've received it.


Kind regards,




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Vodafone UK

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