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John Lewis Samsung Freezer - say its outside Warranty goto makers not our problem!!

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In October 2012 I purchased an American style double door fridge freezer from John Lewis for £705.00 with a two year warranty.



For some time now it has been leaking water and getting so bad that it is leaving a large puddle on my kitchen floor.


I read somewhere that it is possible to ask the original supplier for a free of charge repair, despite the fact that the warranty has expired,

on the grounds that it is reasonable to have expected it to last longer than it has given the price paid.


Today I have telephoned John Lewis to explain my situation,

they said they were unable to help as the warranty had expired but did suggest I telephone the manufacturer,

Samsung, to see if they would be prepared to help.



I have tried to do that but they are closed.



I intend trying them again at a later date but in the meantime could someone tell me where I stand legally

so that I am armed with the correct information when I make the call.


Many Thanks.

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load of old cobbreres



you are covered under the sale of goods at for upto 6yrs




any warranty/guarantee is in ADDITION to your statutory rights under SOGA



it does NOT replace or Absolve them.



shame on you JL

thought you treated customers better than that.



...as a side issue

theres a flexible plastic see thru drain pipe from the rear of the internal backplate of the fridge at the back.



that should discharge into a container or the ring around the top of the compressor and go due to evaporation..

has that fallen out its routing?



though a large puddle it would not be..

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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You have probably already done these, but, just in case:



If the fridge does not close properly then you can get a lot of water inside the fridge, condensation of the warm, moist air from the house. This water is drained out of the fridge through a drain hole, and some fridges have a water collection tray.


Do you have a water collection tray? Is it full? Is your drain hole blocked, causing the water to leak out of the fridge via an alternative route?


Is there a problem with the door seal, is warm air getting in to the fridge? Or are people spending ages looking at the latest snack with the fridge door open (teenagers, in this house)?


I traced my water leak to ice cubes dropped onto the floor with careless use of the ice dispenser. Of course I found that after cleaning the drain hole, checking the seals, etc!

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As my-spirit-soars-free said, they collect water from condensation. There is not pluming into the fridge that is leaking.


Back of the inside of the fridge usually has a water collection hole, this can get blocked and will need something like a straw pushed down it to unblock it.


The water then should go into a tray at the back where it evaporates. Unless this tube/tray is broken or leaking then its probably blocked.


However there could be an underlying problem which is causing a higher than normal water build up if the fridge is not constantly running at the right temperature. (4c)

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I have contacted Samsung,

won't bore you with the details but suffice to say they messed me about big syle,

passing me around,

putting me on hold,

asking me to ring other numbers etc.



they finally said they would ring me today with their final decision. No call was received but I did receive the following email.....

Dear XXXX,


Your customer reference number is XXXXXXXXXXX.


I am contacting you regarding the complaint that was logged on your customer account.

I understand that your refrigerator is leaking and I apologise for this inconvenience,

however the only way to resolve this would be to book an out of warranty repair.


As you may know,

Samsung provide a 24 months manufacturing warranty, this means that we would cover the cost to repair any manufacturing defects within this period.

Any repairs outside of this period become chargeable to the customer.


Samsung are obliged to offer the service of a repair for up to 6 years,

however it is the customers choice as to whether they wish to accept the repair

and the fees involved after the warranty has expired.


If you have any further questions or require additional assistance please contact us on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE).


Alternatively you can visit our Support website where you will find FAQs, How-To-Videos and other useful information for Samsung products.


Kind regards,



Customer Service Representative


UK: 0330 726 7864

IE: 0818 717 100

W: www.samsung.com/uk/support

Twitter Facebook


Seems they did not have the balls to actually ring me but opted for the cowardly email option



I have now got back in touch with John Lewis,

the guy I spoke to was far more helpful than the first one.



He asked me to send him a copy of the above email, which I have,

and he will review the case and contact me with a resolution.

It all sounded rather encouraging.


Will update again when I know something, and thanks for the replies and suggestions, all of which have been acted upon.

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Samsung are quite correct in their stance



your 'gripe' is with JL under SOGA.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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I am sure you are right dx, but John Lewis asked me to go down that avenue, I did, they were appalling and so its now back ti John Lewis.

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JL had no right to send you down that route



its THEIR problem to sort NOT YOURS.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Just had John Lewis on the phone, l



ong conversation but what they are saying is that I will have to pay for an engineer to come out and repair the fridge freezer.



If the engineer reports that the fault is "inherent" then they would cover the cost of the repair and reimburse me.



If it is just wear and tear or a general comment failure that was not inherent then it would be down to me.


I tried the SOGA argument but he just said that as it was outside the 2 year warranty then they are doing all they are legally required to do.




As I was typing the above the phone rang again.



They have called a Samsung repair agent who will do a call out/labour charge of £65.00. Parts will be extra.



They have decided that they will refund the £65.00 but parts will be down to me.



I argued again that this was unfair and they should fund the entire repair.



The way we have left it is that an engineer will call and do the work,

they will refund the £65.00 and we can enter negotiations over the cost of parts if

and when its decided they are needed.


I know some of you will say that I should hold out for the whole deal with JL paying everything up front but I am happy with this solution so far.


Will report back when resolved.

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did you record the call

as trading standards would love to hear John Lewis state that they do not recognise SOGA

as the warranty has expired.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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