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Dear CAG,


I have had similar issues as other forum members with LA Fitness engaging ARC Europe to chase for 'debt'. I received a number of letters from LA Fitness claiming I owed a months membership, then two, then that they were referring the issue to an outside agency. In fairness, I ignored this as I knew I did not, and had followed the cancellation policy correctly.


Eventually I started receiving phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, and voice mails from ARC. The initial phone call I answered as it came up as a mobile number and I did entertain a couple of other calls to no result. They were fairly non-threatening, until they started escalating the costs and the severity of their threats to court and legal action. The language used was always hypothetical; 'if', 'could', 'may' etc. and because of that I was still fairly unconcerned about their legitimacy.


However, I eventually received a call from a chap who was rather more threatening and aggressive in his manner - his tone and approach was quite invasive and he started putting immediate time limits on when I could pay by. He suggested that if I didn't pay by 8pm that evening there would be consequences in terms of the progression of the issue.


That was enough for me, so looked on-line and found this website. It instantly validated my scepticism, and having found a couple of threads with example letters, used their content to draft the below and sent it to ARC. Given I was getting contact on a near daily basis, I haven't heard anything for a month so consider they have received and understood the letter.


I would like to offer my thanks to the forum, and particularly 'slick132', for their patience in assisting others with their dealing with these companies. I can definitely understand how the nature of their communication would very easily scare many people into giving them significant amounts of money that they do not owe. I hope the below letter helps to prevent this as well.






Dear Sir or Madam,


I refer to my monthly membership at LA Fitness *location* gym.


I visited the gym confirming my need to cancel. I followed this visit up with a phone call to head office. I cancelled my Direct Debit mandate via my bank after the months’ notice period on instruction. These actions are adequate notice of my cancellation of the gym agreement, as per the case of The OFT v Ashbourne Mgt Services Ltd in 2011.


I am now being pursued for further payments from ARC which I will not pay.


If LA Fitness or ARC continues to seek payments when I have cancelled my membership properly, I will report the matter to The OFT and Trading Standards without further warning.


I owe LA Fitness nothing and I will not pay you any more.


Yours faithfully,

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Hi LordP and welcome to CAG


Firstly, thanks for your kind words. :oops:


I would love to think that one of my letters brought ARC's antics to such a quick end.


But experience here over many years suggests that you may still hear from them further.


Please keep us updated in a month or two and, if you want any advice, give us more details re dates, etc.



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Please give something if you can. We all give our time free of charge but the site has bills to pay.


Thanks !:-)

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It's nice to see someone who knows right is on their side 'tell' them and not ask. That is all these companies understand. Mind you, they will just do the same thing to the next poor sole and probably with better results.



Well done.

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Let's hope it's ended – but don't bank on it.


I suggest that you read our customer services guide, implement the advice and get ready for any further contacts.

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