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How many chances do we give the dealer

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I'm really need some advise on how to proceed with our local Honda dealer.


We purchased our 2013 Honda Civic 1.6 EST from a Honda dealer in the north East in 2013. The car was 9 months old. It has been serviced by our local Honda dealer in March 2014 and again in Dec 2014. On the 2nd service the rear brake pads were replaced. The front pads were at 50% worn. End of March 2015 we noticed every time I braked a squealing noise would occur.


We took it back to the Honda dealer who serviced the car and were told the front pads were 75% worn but the discs were fine. We have the pads replaced.


The squealing didn't go away so we rang the dealer who said give it time they are new pads. Gave it 2 weeks still squealing so booked back into garage who said small stones were causing the problem. Got car back, still squealing, booked back in, brakes all checked, said all OK, got car back, still squealing, booked back in again, brakes stripped and cleaned, got back last Tuesday. Went out Wednesday and squealing worse than ever. Drove it back to the garage. Mechanic came with us in car and every time I touched the brake it would squeal. Mechanic couldn't hear anything. I was gobsmacked. He must have a hearing problem. Car booked back in for today.


I have recorded the last week of driving which you can clearly hear the problem on.


In the meantime some sensor on the dash keeps going off. Tells me people in back but seatbelt snot fastened. There is no one in the back. Goes off 20-30 times. Sensor replaced last week. Out in it yesterday taking daughter to school and went off over 40 times.


I have rang Honda UK who are useless. They say take back to dealer to sort out.


Any idea where I go from here. This car is not only embarrassing to drive but distracting. Trying to keep eyes on road but sensor going off and when it comes to braking the notice is horrific.

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Can you upload your recording to Youtube so we can hear it ?



Take a work college out during the lunch break and have him tell you when you press the brake instead of you saying 'there, hear that?'



I think you will only solve the brake squeal problem by taking it somewhere else. Have they in fact cut corners and used cheaper pads. With the disappearance of asbestos, the pads became harder and anti-squeak shims inserted behind the pad or the pad will have an anti-squeak lining affixed to the back.



You say they cleaned them, but did they do it properly, have you had a look ?



Brake dust isn't such a problem as it used to be though.

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After it went in yesterday they called me to say the only way to solve the problem was new discs. After much discussion I agreed. The car was dropped back to me and I took it out. The squealing was horrendous and I just wanted to cry.


I called my sister to tell her the issue as she's spent 13 years working in the service department of a well known German dealer. She told me the garage were fobbing me off. I also spoke to her boyfriend as he is a service manager at another well known dealer and he agreed to come with me.


I went to the dealer and told him the discs hadn't worked. While my husband went out with a technician myself and my sisters boyfriend spoke to the service manager. I was very calm. He was very nice and understood how frustrated I was. He showed us the discs that were removed. My sisters boyfriend said although some scoring on them there was no way they were the cause of the problem. The service manager agreed and the technician said the best way forward was to strip all the brakes down to source the problem.


The car is booked in again next week. Genuine Honda parts have been used at all times. I've asked to be refunded for the replacement discs which the dealer agreed to but they want to put the old discs back on. My sisters boyfriend has pointed out that they have slightly damaged one disc when removing it so says they can't be put back on. All I can do now is wait until next week to see what is next on the list

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So after getting the car back last Friday the garage apologised and said they just can't source the noise. He said he'd been dealing with Honda UK and the response they have now given is that this is a natural characteristic of the car.


I've email Honda a video of the noise and am awaiting a response from them. I can't believe they are now saying I have to put up with this.

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I've had another listen through headphones and still can't hear any squeal. Are you referring to the low frequency buzz as a squeal ?

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Sorry, maybe it's my ears, but I can hear no squeal at all. I've had brake squeal and it makes pedestrians jump, I don't hear the same from yours.



Try rolling down a hill in neutral with the engine idling so there is no engine or wind noise and then apply the brakes.

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