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    • thanks all for your great advices and helps so far.   After self-report the event and telling all the truth to my employer, I am now on suspension pending the investigation. I was given the impression that dismissal without notice is very likely.   If this happens, my right to live in the uk will be immediately revoked so I might not be able to stay until court date.   Does anybody know TFL prosecutions team's direct contact number so I can discuss with them how to close the case if I have to leave the UK..   thanks in advance
    • Would it be easier to tell them that you have a protected characteristic if one's been diagnosed and tell them which adjustments you need?   Could someone speak on your behalf if you authorise them to speak to the bank when you're together?   HB
    • Make sure that you track the return of the item and keep a paper trail of its safe delivery.   In the meantime, register with Moneyclaim and start preparing your claim.  99% they will not respond to your LBA or else they will refuse you so get ready now.
    • Then you need to ask them to explain why they have breached their stated policy for data retention.  Also ask them to commit themselves that they do not use some other data storage service/archive.  If they refuse to confirm then you might then say that you will proceed to a hearing -although could be risky.  You could tell them that if you withdraw the case it will be on the basis that they agree in writing that they have breached their own policy. I'm afraid that I haven't gone through the whole thread or refreshed my memory of it
    • I wonder why their support agent didnt seem to think so... I asked them to escalate my issue so we will see.. maybe its because I couldnt provide a specific transaction/transaction date? Anyway I am sending a letter so hopefully that will work.   This is what I am writing:     Dear Sirs,   Account no: XXXXXXXX Card no: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX   Please act upon the following instruction with immediate effect:   I withdraw my authority for all future payments to be debited from the above account/card number by PayPal, including continuous payment authorities (the Payment Services Regulations 2009 apply).   FCA regulation states that “you do have the right to cancel directly with your card issuer. Once you have done this, it must stop payments immediately – it cannot insist that you agree this with the company taking the payment first.”   Please confirm in writing that you have received and actioned this instruction.   Yours faithfully,   XXX XXX
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Trying to reclaim £450 Amex Platinum Card membership fee via FoS

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I hope someone might be able to provide some general advice.


I am trying to reclaim £450 in Platinum Card membership fees, I have already unsuccessfully been through their complaints process and they've sent me the FoS leaflet.


1 - I've had both a British Airways Amex card and a Platinum Amex Charge card (with flexselect credit) for almost ten years. The latter has a membership fee of £450, paid in December


2 - I hadn't actually used the Platinum Card for two years until April 2015 when I tried to use it to pay for a hotel abroad - declined, despite my statement telling me I had over £1000 of my £3500 Flexselect credit available


3 - I rang Amex, and they essentially told me that because I was a risky customer, they were declining to put through my charges. Yes, late last year I ran into financial difficulties and had problems making loan and credit card payments and this will have affected my credit file


4 - However, at no time did Amex tell me I can't use the card. There is no notification on my online account, and I have received no letters or phone calls, so this is the first I had heard of it


5 - In fact the card does work sometimes. It usually works for smaller (less than £20) amounts in supermarkets etc. Not always. Yesterday an £8 charge went through, today a £17 one didn't


6 - I wrote to Amex making a complaint asking that my card be downgraded to one of the free ones, and that as I had been sold a card I can't actually make full use of, that my year's membership should be refunded


7 - Amex has rejected the complaint saying I could only have a pro rata refund (which I guess would be £300 odd) and making me aware that they can basically stop me using it when they want as it says so in the Tcs and Cs


I would now like to complain to the FoC. The basis of my complaint will be that Amex knowingly sold me a card membership I can't make full use of, and never told me that I can't fully use the card. Had I known this, I would not have paid them the £450 at the end of last year.


I have two questions:


1 - There is £550 due to be paid next week, some of this is from the small purchases I have been able to make - public transport, small supermarket shops etc. The rest is from my flex select balance.


I am in a position to pay this, but would there be any grounds for me not to, if I am disputing the account? Or would this make things worse and I should just pay up as normal.


2 - Because the Amex card seems to work for most smaller charges, does this in any way negate my complaint? The £450 membership is sold with various travel benefits, but as I discovered I can't actually use the card when travelling


Any other advice of how I should approach this with the FoS is appreciated.


Thank you for hearing me out, all being well I'll look to submit my FoS complaint in the next few days

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