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help in completing a pip application form

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is there anyone to help or anywhere i can get help to complete a pip application.



ive been on long term sick /esa over a period of over 10 years , the last 2 years have got even worse .

i had a ftf esa assesment around christmas and have still not heard back even though esa is still been paid .



in the last 2 years i have gone through been partly diagnosed with epilepsy even though im still having my meds changed frequently and have just been invited for a 5day stay in hospital for more tests (i have a phobia with hospital stays)

suffered a massive heart attack last april that took 3+ hours of mis diagnosis causing 44% muscle loss in my heart.

then only 1 year 5 days later suffered yet another heart attack @43 years old ,with the hospital refusing to stent ,stating i would be fine for a few months even though i have now another 20% reduction in heart strength .

iv spent the last few weeks wondering would i qualify , i also have a back /leg problem that led me onto sickness benefit to start with after a fall years ago that nearly killed me .



everyone says yes but my head these days is so bad i cant even work out the forms there so confusing .



is it possible for a company /person to do this . im on 16 different meds a day for the rest of my natural and basically im waiting for the next heart attack to happen .



its making me so depressed as even though i was physically disabled before to an extent , im now getting mentally disabled as well and struggling to cope with accepting that this could be my future fitness .



even the cardiologist couldnt work out that why i was sufferering breathleness and suvere temporal pain 3 weeks prior to my second heart attack . so how would a pip assessor work out whats what . i dont know how to put down each individual thing out on paper. and my wife bless her isnt intelligent enough to actually write this down comprehnsivly enough .

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There are actual support groups that can help you,

In my area with have a dedicated one that helps people with DLA, now PIP cliams and can help you get forms done.


Also CAB probably has a list of groups which can help you so calling them may be worthwhile.


Age Concern is also another organization who if they cannot help directly would probably be able to point you to groups which can.


Hit then with as much medical evidence as you can possible get hold of (they may not look at it but if it's there it should go on their system).

Always put down on the forms how you are affected on your WORSE days, Make sure they know just how much the partner helps you.

Make sure you write down everything such as medication and the names of each and everyone you have.



If, you get a interview at their place remember they are probably watching/recording you from before you get into the place so don't just walk upto the building in a manner like you are coping with your condition.

If, you get a home visit have someone in the room with you to fetch medication, make tea etc. While in the interview at home don't just sit comfortably in your chair. Move a little as if you need to change position because you are uncomfortable, believe me they will mark you down for sitting comfortably.

If you do have to move around the room (they will probably ask you to) then use the backs of furniture to act as support, or have a walking stick etc.


Oh and remember some of the questions they ask may appear to have no relevence. They are designed to trick you. And if they appear to be over friendly and polite then be on your guard as it's all designed to get you to be at ease so they can mark you down.


Suggestion read as much about the way the interviews are run and the types of questions they are liable to ask.


And also whenever your send them anything make it RECORDED DELIVERY at the least because the amount of "missing" mail they seem to get is staggering and the "we have not received it" comes up a lot of times. With RECORDED you do have at least a little proof to show them they had it.


Don't deal on the phone if you can help it (unless you can record the conversation) because phone calls are not entered into the system very often. and the number of people who have phoned them and they have said they haven't got it on their system is also a high percentage.


Oh and if you have a recording device, when you have your interview, plonk it down on the table and tell them you are recording the interview so that should you need to appeal any decision they make you will be able to show why you disagree with their assessment. If they tell you that you cannot record the conversation then just put it in your top pocket with mic facing out and still record it.

You can ask for them to record the interview but they do not have recording equipment at all the assessment centers so have to arrange for it to be at a place that has it, This could make the time for the interview to be arranged longer. This will also keep them to the guidelines for the interview and put them on their guard so are most likely to stick close to the governments guidelines when it comes to the questions they ask.


Above all be on your guard because now the Tories are in the majority (even with the few they have) IDS will be pushing for more failures so as to reduce the benefits.


My wife failed getting top rate PIP for mobility because we had a home interview and she was asked could she plan going to the shops and how she would get there,

She just said she would get on her mobility scooter and go. So she failed on the plan a journey question. The fact that I could throw a stone and hit the Morrisons

supermarket across the road was not taken into account. They did not ask her directly "how she would get to the local town" which is a couple of miles away and the answer for that would be "with me in the car and then use the small motobility scooter we have in the car for just such a journey". They are sneaky so watch out for the way the poise questions.

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By doing it on your worst days, you're saying you need more help than you really do.


To claim PIP, you only need help 50% of the time. You don't need to be getting the help. The help you need has to be reasonable. For example, it's reasonable for you to say "I need to help with getting around because my medication leaves me drowsy" if you don't actually go out because there's no-one to help you. They won't, when it comes to going out, take account of things like the weather.


You need to gather as much medical evidence as you can. The evidence needs to relevant to the PIP descriptors.

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my wife helps all the time ,has quit her part time job to help more . i cant and dont go out alone anywhere ,the siezures happen with no warning and at anytime . neurologist says could be tia's and he is trying to get further than the cardiologists are doing with treament .

i have lots of evidence , appointment letters ,copies of letters sent between hospitals ,departments and doctors, i get a copy sent of everything sent . most if not all is relevant most have wrote in there description as me as a young disabled gentleman.



i feel sorry for people with worse conditions than i have as most times i feel at deaths door so there are some brave souls out there who are worse off than me .

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You need to explain on your forms that the seizures happen at any time when it asks (I haven't got a copy of the form; so not quite sure of the wording of how they ask how often you need help) how often, you need to explain that because it's unpredictable, it's reasonable to suggest that for example, if you go out, someone needs to be with you all the time to avoid danger.

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