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Activation & Connection Issues; S6 Edge

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Im doing this for a colleague of mine, I know due to DPA, you cant discuss it with me, however he will fill out the webform and we will update this thread as appropriate.


Here is his gripe;


I can't tell you how frustrated and angry I am with your service. I have never been so badly mistreated in my life. Why can’t anyone at Vodafone activate a phone? Now I can't get through to anyone. The Web chat offers no help. You can't seem to get the phone to work. It has been nothing but stressful and I have wasted so much of my time and got nowhere. It started around 8 weeks ago when I decided to order the new Samsung S6 edge. I was told it will be delivered for 10/04/15. This in fact didn’t turn up until 25/04/15 it is now the 05/05/15 and it still doesn’t work. This is ludicrous.


1. The phone never turned up, I had to ring up to ask where it was. this took an age because my info was on a different system. how frustrating. In this day and age it takes that long to talk to somebody and then they tell me they dont have any details of me?


2. Finally phone came after weeks. However sim card you sent was wrong. Just unbelievable this is supposed to be your bread and butter, but you failed to realise it was incorrect.


3. Decided not to call your team and go to the vodafone store as last time calling took ages and was hard work. So I go to the store and they tell me they can't activate the sim. They gave me the nano sim and tell me I need to call in order for the sim to be activated. Was not happy as I knew this would be hard work.


4. Call vodafone. Surprise surprise this was hard work. They ask for a number which I don't have. It takes me around 30 minutes just to speak to a human. Again same as before I'm on a different system and it takes another 30 minutes to get to the relevant person. I tell them what's happened and they tell me they have to send me a sim as the one I get in shop won't work. Oh joy another wait.


5. Sim hadn't turned up after 4 days. Go on Web chat to chase up. after an age for them to find my details they then assure me it would be sent. At this stage I was getting angry, they apologise for the inconvenience.


6. Sim turns up. I think finally I can use my new phone. How wrong could I be. After all of this it still didn't work. Again I went on the webchat again and asked what on earth was going on. After another hour of chatting they said it will be activated in 24-48 hrs due to the pak code having to go through. They tell me I have a temporary number which didnt work! I tell them this and they say you will have to wait until your number polls. I was so angry. I was considering cancelling but had gone through so much that waiting another 2 days I could just about tolerate.


7. Well after 2 days it still doesn't work. What an outrage. I couldn't believe the lack of care support and the total waste of my time this all was. Back on the Web chat again. After an hour of messing I was told the sim that was sent to me there is an error with it and they need to send me another one and charge me 10 pounds!! The absolute audacity! you charge me for your unprofessionalism? That was the end of the line. So I ask to cancel. The support agent called me and then put me on hold to go through to cancellation team. I was on hold for 20 minutes and then the phone was cut off. How lovely. Thank you vodafone


8. Try call in back but they want Vodafone number which I don't have! Web chat again and give the agent my details as they tell me they can't find me on the system. Why am I bothering vodafone are a joke and totally unprofessional.


To conclude, I've cancelled my standing order. Im not on your system so I'm keeping the phone at the very least. I hope you do something about this as I have been pulling my hair out with this. I manage a team of 25 in customer support and have never experienced a bigger shambles. You can't even activate a sim! This really has stressed me out. If I don’t hear back from you with a good enough response I will be posting this information on mobile phone forums, websites and possibly go further. I can't believe after almost 2 months from me ordering the contract you couldn't manage to get the service up, I can’t wait to go back to 02. I hope you intend to cancel the contract and compensate me for this and I hope you ensure this doesn't happen again


This is the second person I work with who has issues with their Vodafone Account.

They only have the account number and not the Vodafone Number Listed with the account due to the issues theyve had.


I know Vodafone are trying to Migrate their old system from Crystal to Siebel and that you do currently have problems when trying to set these up as they should be, but I thought this would have been sorted by now at least.


Any help you can give would be appreciated and Ill update the thread when I hear back from him.

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I know Vodafone are trying to Migrate their old system from Crystal to Siebel


When I saw those words, the first feeling I had was dread. I think it was Npower who migrated their system and completely screwed it up. I can see this happening with VF.


If the new system is used differently from the old system, customer services will go down even further than they usually are. After all the issues I have seen in my time on CAG you would have thought VF would take on board what has happened and improve.


Pie in the sky :|

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Well I think Vodafone are, and I think that most of the departments are in Disarray at the moment.

Ive already seen people be double billed and all sorts, These things happen, but funnily enough, When they do, Vodafone put them right really quickly (Well 95% of the time)

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