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Ive recieved my yearly statement from Blemain today and shocked to see in 1 year all i have reduced my debt owed is less than £100

i took out the secured loan of 17k in april 2007 and as of today i owe them 19k with 2 years left on the loan!!

currently have £7700 in fees which they are taking interest on every month.


I knew it was bad, but not this bad!


My monthly payment is £276 (normally) currently paying £354 to pay off arrears.

This loan is crippling. i pay £220 on my £42k mortgage per month without problem and at least the balance goes down!


so roughly ive paid Blemain 24k already since the loan started and they want another 19k off me. i dont ever see it ending as the fees are going on every month at 13.30%


I just dont even know where to start with this. been reading lots on here and see conflicting things about Blemain not been covered by certain bodys or something?

I obviously want to get a SAR submitted to them but seeing things about they wont accept postal orders etc for the payment.


ive been niave maybe not seeing this sooner but they rarely send statements and they dont really make sense to me. i just assumed like my mortgage that for the first few years your balance doesnt go down as you pay the interest off first, but 19k after 7 years of struggling is daylight robbery


ive noticed they are still charging me for their stupid house insurance and also a visit payment of £90 every so often, even though i have never had a visit!


any help would be much appreciated thank you

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Claim them Back





FSA is now FCA


This may also help you it is a fine placed on DBM partly for excessive charges see page 4 - 2.6 (3)

HTH (Hope This Helps) RDM2006





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Hi There

Please see my other post today bet your mortgage has a secret comission ,I am in the same boat as you but I have proof of a secret comission ,you must get an SAr to get the proof then you can if there is a comission that they havent told you they paid you can claim rescission ofyour mortgage doesnt matter if its a regulated or unreguilated one they will be stuffed .Mt posts are under my name racyfilly

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