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    • Standing order, payment via a debit card to online account ?  If you are making payment from your end, it is you authorising and not them having your bank details.            
    • You are the OP of this thread. As I said, I doubt the OP of the original question is following this as she has more important things to worry about.   I'll ask you this:   1. have you ever been in a Magistrates' Court when a Statutory Declaration to set aside a motoring conviction was made?   2. If so did you ever see the maker quizzed or questioned  to test their honesty in connection with the SD?   3. Have you ever seen such a Declaration rejected for want of truthfulness (rather than a procedural or administrative error or mistake)?   My answers to the above would be as follows:   1. Yes on, I would estimate, at least two hundred occasions (six or seven on one day last week alone). It may be more, I've never kept a proper count.   2. No, never.   3. No, never.   Now it could be of course that I have been particularly fortuitous and that all the makers of those SDs were paragons of virtue and/or that all the Magistrates concerned were exceedingly gullible and believed everything they were told without question. On the other hand it could be that during their training the Magistrates were instructed that when hearing an SD they were simply witnessing that it had been made before them and that they were not testing its truth. I imagine they were either shown or have probably seen since a copy of this form which is completed before making an SD:   https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/criminal/docs/2014/crim-pr-form-part37-statutory-declaration-revised-feb-2014.pdf   In the "Notes for Guidance" is this:   "Under the Statutory Declarations Act 1835, the defendant’s declaration can be made before anyone who is authorised by law to hear it (e.g. a solicitor), or before any Justice of the Peace (a magistrate or District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts). The person who hears the declaration need not enquire into the truth of it. That person’s function is limited to hearing the declaration, and certifying that he or she has done so by signing it. If the declaration turns out to be untrue, the defendant making it may be punished for perjury."    The bold type is my emphasis so I think I know which of my two scenarios above is more likely. I hope this wasn't too rude or arrogant for you and  I'll leave it at that now. But I will ask you (politely) once again to please stop providing misleading information to people who have enough to worry about. It confuses them, others have to correct it and it leads to unnecessary stress for the posters.
    • Thank you for your help, just to clarify please. In the CPR 31:14  request do I just ask for 1. the agreement .....etc and delete the the items 2. to 6. as listed since these have already been sent to me by the claimant (btw the 'solicitor' is IDEM's litigation dept) or do I ask for all the documents again as they are part of the 'Particulars of the Claim'    Thank you again
    • As its council tax, they have no right of entry, so don't let them in, and they cannot force entry nor  climb through windows, but cn walk through unlocked door  They have no right to snoop into your bank accounts, and would be in serious trouble if they did.  I'm sure others will be along soon with further advice/suggestions.  Did you apply for Council tax Relief, if not do so NOW, and get your local council member involved pronto as in now.
    • Sorry its so complicated right now.... totally temporary but totally complicated.  I just dont want bailuffs knocking in the interim, thats my main concern. The standing order is going out still to Lowell,  what was happening was other things were going out the same date and that was leaving not enough money in the bank to pay lowells SO.....hence it looked like Id just stopped paying, hence CCJ. It went out last month and again this month though.
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Order confirmation from Virgin via e-mail - is it legally binding/RESOLVED

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On 4 March I made an order with Virgin for an offer that was on to tempt previous subscribers back. It was for the Big Kahuna Movies and Sports for ~£66 per month for 12 months. We received the order confirmation and everything was great until it was installed yesterday. Last night I noticed that the movies and sports channels were missing. We received a second e-mail stating the the price was £49 + line rental, but never thought any more of it as it came to ~£66 (I'm saying approx as my partner is currently asleep and I can't access her e-mail).


My partner rang up Virgin as the account was in her name and asked for them to be put on and was told that the price would now be rising to nigh on £85, but it would be discounted to £66. When I got home from work I had a look at the account and it's showing ~£85 so I rang Virgin. I stated that I had the a confirmation order e-mail, that included the sports and movies only to be told that "because it's not on paper it's not legally binding" and that they had no record of the request for Sky movies, despite it being part of the deal.


Is this true, and does anyone have an e-mail address for someone higher up the food chain than the call centre, because they were completely unhelpful at best.

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Just to report I've had success with this, although it came about due to a call to customer services about something else, and I happened to mention the issue.


If you make an order with Virgin, keep the confirmation e-mail they send you as they've stated they have to honour anything send to confirm your order. They asked me to forward the e-mail to them (NOT the usual customer service address) and I was told they'd call me back within 48 hours, but I actually had the call within an hour (which actually impressed me as I expected to have to chase them up). They're now adding a massive discount to the account so that everything balances out.


Could one of the mods please change the title of my thread to resolved please.

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Could be Virgin Media finally getting their act together.

Had similar success myself last week, Lowered my package after the price increase letter and just kept

the broadband 100mb for £23.50, was billed twice at £33.50 and £5.00 for none dd and £10 for late payment.


After over an hour on the phone to some guy at customer services who tried to work out the overpayment I received

a call next day and everything was sorted out, even took off £15 for the none dd and late payment.

New bill just arrived and its finally correct even showing my £10 loyalty discount.



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