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Winter is coming for councils - The Game of Cuts

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Winter is coming for the Northern and Midland Cities! - Support Fairer Funding For Local Councils


Lord Ned Starp’s pleas for fairer funding for the people of the Northern Cities are met with mockery by the King. At the same time the Southern Cities prosper...




Since 2010 local government in England has lost more than 40% of its core funding.


Urban authorities, largely in the North and Midlands, have lost the most money as a result of these cuts.


By March 2016…


* Manchester will have lost £197 million


* Liverpool will have lost £202 million


* Sheffield will have lost £159 million


* Newcastle upon Tyne will have lost £91 million


* Leicester will have lost £86 million


* Sandwell will have lost £89 million


Some of our poorest communities are facing the greatest cuts, putting more people in poverty.


Local government funding must be fairer so councils can continue to provide vital services to those that need them.



Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities (outside London) within the LGA (SIGOMA) is a grouping of 45 urban authorities in the Northern, Midland and South-Coast regions of England. SIGOMA’s membership compromises of 33 metropolitan districts and 12 major unitary councils with similar characteristics. We are the collective voice across these regions and embody the opportunities and potential of the communities who live there. The combined population of SIGOMA councils amounts to over a quarter of the population of England and its member account for over 25% of English local government expenditure

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The 1%, the G12, CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT.


What can you say, we all know the problem, GREED, but no one has the ability to do anything about it as the law makers hold all the cards. High profits, low wages, pay restraints for all but the wealthy and zero hour contracts lead to desperation where people will accept lower and lower pay and treatment to try make ends meet. Ultimately you fall on the dependency of the state which is also rigged to ensure that slightly better off people do the dirty work of those in control so they don't sully their hands. BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD!!!!!


After all, you try and con the dole out of a few extra pounds a week to make ends meet and afford the luxuries that others take for granted like food, heating, a nice place to live and you will find an army of people waiting to take you down, but if you happen to be in the position of the four ITV executives who granted themselve pension options now worth an estimate £39M or you can get others to squirrel money away off shore then then you can negotiate with the tax man to pay what you like, with no repercussions.


We all know the injustices, we all know successive governments have failed the vast majority, they're supposed to look after us all but have been corrupted by political sponsorship and until the corrupt nature of the world is addressed to re-distribute earning power in a fairer way, (not a living wage but a just wage plus a fairer sharing of the profits we help to make to support those not in a position to help themselves) we all might as well shut up complaining and accept that Robin Hood and his merry men have joined the other side and we are all screwed.

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