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Administration of Justice Act (section 40)

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Morning guys,


I wonder if somebody can help me please.


Would the above act for harassment include over frequent requests of I&E - i.e. Token payment accepted for a store card debt and company fully aware of circumstances of long term illness yet a request for a I&E be completed every 2-4 months



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Why would you feel harassed by what I would consider 'junk mail' ?


If your circumstances haven't changed, just throw the I&E form in the bin and keep making the token payments.


If YOU decide you can afford to pay more, then you can choose to fill in the next I&E form you receive or just increase your payments.

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These were sent to a vulnerable person and threats that the agreed token payment would be stopped and court papers filed etc if not filled in. (unfortunately, we had not discovered CAG at the time or had any idea what lies creditors told)

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Most creditors require 6 monthly reviews but receiving them more often is not (IMO) harassment however, if the creditor has been made aware that the person is vulnerable and supplied some proof of such then they need to act differently. If this has been done then threats of removing the payment arrangement and court action 'could' be seen as harassment. That would all depend on what a judge thinks.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

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I would suggest that this isnt harrassment, however, You are in control of payments made etc, not them.

Just use the letters as hamster bedding...


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