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    • No worries, sounds like a really stressful time.   Ok. So this falls under contract law, not employment law. What does the contract say about payment? If you have met the terms of the contract, you can go to court to get paid.   It also means you’d need to sue your own company if they didn’t pay you minimum wage - that’s a non starter. Your own company is your employer.     if the client paid for the van it seems right that he can keep the van unless you have something in writing that says otherwise.
    • I do apologise for any confusion got myself in a rather a tizzy we as a company took on the job. 70/30 profit share taking below minimum wage  we actually saw an out. Company was taken bankrupt no assests only company van  husband then took over the contract all great. The client at the time paid to get the van back so work could continue to carry out the contract all happy until now when property sold now we recieved phone call saying he’s not happy we’re getting nothing and he’s taking ownership of Van again I aplogise if this is written in the wrong format I m just typing we stand to loose everything I’ve kept the wolves from the door with this guarantee again Thankyou for reading 
    • Sorry for the spam, I missed a bit and it wouldn't let me edit it..    
    • Thanks again Andy. I tried being a bit more shocked and horrified with my point about the screenshot. I added a concluding type point in 13 that is a bit more forceful, but I don't know if the language is a bit too accusatory and not appropriate. I've only changed 11 onwards, the bits I've highlighted, if it's okay?   Side note, I was mistaken about the ID I think, I can't see it now, but they did write that I took it out in store which I've responded to.    
    • Hi everyone I bought two items in mango for £34 total and when i went to return them I realised I lost the ticket. All tags are on and items are not damaged. Yesterday I was told to bring a bank statement which I did. Today I was asked to exchange it for other items IN THAT SAME MOMENT.  I wasn't expecting the money back, but at least credit store to use....not just pick up something in the moment. I have lost the receipt, my fault, but it looks a bit abusive to me to ask me to pick something in the moment. Can anyone advice if this is ok? Many thanks for your help   
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MMF keep buying up my accounts

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Another lender has just informed me that they have sold the account to MMF, they already owned 2 accounts which are still outstanding and now this is the 3rd!


Is there any limit to the amount of accounts they will buy belonging to a single person?

Do they believe I'm easy to get money out of so they keep buying my accounts?

Do they do bundle deals to clear all accounts?


Anyone been in the same situation, or able to shed some light on the situation and the best course of action. I dont want a company buying up all my old debts but could be some benefit if they do deals to settle them all cheaply.

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What's funny is when the same DCA send you 3 letters in the same week for three alleged debts asking if you are the person they are looking for "an important personal matter"

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