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    • Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me understand what is going on with my mortgage lender. I fell into 4 months arrears but have a repayment arrangement in place for the mortgage amount & to clear the arrears this was arranged by another organisation who work on their behalf.   I have now received a court hearing date letter for 20th December for a possession hearing and I’m really confused as to why I’ve received this. I’ve contacted the organisation I arranged the repayment plan with but haven’t had a reply yet.   What is the best thing for me to do now to get this resolved? 
    • It is at the dealer that performed the service that identified the issue. I have not moved it, because even if I wanted to I came drive it now knowing what I do. I told the finance company sitting in the dealership reception.   I did not decide to take it for repair to a garage near me. I had no idea this was there until it was shown to me. I have also straight up asked them if they are happy where it is and they said yes. I have incurred no further costs outside the initial service it was due, that I have obviously no intention of claiming back.    to summarise facts: I purchased a 2015 car on HP for £31,980 in July from an independent dealer. The car has full main dealer service history and had done 36000 miles Car went in for its 6 year service at my nearest main dealer on 25th November When it came to change the spark plugs, coolant was found in the spark well for cylinder 7. I saw this myself. Could not definitely say what it was caused by (apart from the obvious - a crack) as no one had seen a similar fault so performed more diagnostic tests. I contacted finance company via their live chat informing them of issue- yes I have a transcript. Was told a complaint was raised and they would be in touch. I then went home. when I got home a form had been emailed to me to fill out that asked questions such as what I had done so far, where it is, what resolution I would like and other needless things like was it taxed or insured. I completed and forwarded the form Dealer diagnosed a crack in the cylinder heads water jacket the next morning, causing a slow leak under pressure. The dealer did not charge for the diagnosis. I asked the dealer to email me a report. I then forwarded this to the finance company with an updated version of the form sent the previous day. The following Tuesday I got an email saying they tried to phone me and asking, I quote “I understand you were in the process of getting a Diagnostic Report completed on the vehicle, please can you send this into us so we can forward this on to the dealer to investigate?” To which I sent it again, informing them I sent it the previous Friday  I contacted their customer services to ensure receipt, getting through to my case handler appears impossible. They said they had. Not having heard anything I finally managed to get through to my case handler last Thursday. They say they are waiting on the dealer. At this time I said I am raising it under my credit agreement with you to be told “ we do this everyday we need to hear from them” I get an email back, back peddling a bit saying  “Further to our conversation, we have forwarded the information and report you have sent in to the dealership <name>.  We are jointly liable with the dealership for the issues with the vehicle, however as we don't have a work shop to repair the vehicle, we give the dealership the responsibility and a single opportunity to repair the faults. Once the dealership have reviewed the information we have provided, and we receive a response from them, we will contact you to update you. ”   I then received a phone call where I was told they need their engineer to inspect the vehicle, I asked if that was necessary as they already have a report for a pretty simple fault. I was told yes. I then said I insist on being there for it. I also confirmed if the car is ok where it is. I followed up with an email summarising our call and haven’t heard anything since. I don’t want to be bent over here, nor do I want this to drag on. So I am not keen on waiting eons for the local guy from the pub to inspect it then get his mum to write a report which evidence points to being the quality delivered from the engineering company they use. I may be over cynical here but I’ve already had one crappy bit of news so why not more.   If I have to pay for it myself then try claim it back I’d probably go down a more legal route. What is a reasonable time frame to agree that the solution is to fix a crack in a lump of aluminium?    
    • This discussion has become rather stop start – mainly, I suppose, because of the difficulty you have had in getting quotes. However, could you just sum up here the cost of addressing all of these defects – and how much have you paid already?
    • SALE OF THE CENTURY: The government’s plans to sell off the UK’s vaccine manufacturing plant will leave the country vulnerable to emerging Covid variants ahead, the head of the centre behind the Oxford jab has warned.   Professor Adrian Hill told The Independent that the sale of the Vaccine Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC) in Harwell was like “having been in a terrible war and you suddenly cut your defence budget substantially”.   Labour’s Wes Streeting, the new shadow health secretary, said it “would be unbelievably short-sighted and complacent” to sell off VMIC with a pandemic still raging. Meanwhile, concern mounts over the slow rollout of booster jabs. Data shows at least 300,000 housebound people haven’t yet had their booster, according to The Telegraph.   -Independent         Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Oxfordshire, UK WWW.PHARMACEUTICAL-TECHNOLOGY.COM Vaccine Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC) in Oxfordshire will become the first-ever facility dedicated for the development and...        
    • So what is the next step here?
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Application of drivers details from police for alledged 'offence' in school car park


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Hi Guys,


my partner has received a notice for her details from the police for an alleged "action" in a car park used by mums picking up kids from pre-school.


it states the Application is for the drivers details for alledged driving

dangerously, carelessly or without consideration for other persons,

contrary to sections 2 and 3 of the road traffic act 1988.


They want the details of the driver on the date of the incident before they say anything else about the alleged offence.



Their form is leading as if you fill it out it confirms you were driving (2 months ago)

but either of us rarely drive as we live within a 3 minute walk.



even if my partner did, which she cant remember - what does this mean, what are our rights?


Many Thanks in advance




Will this form

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You probably have an obligation as owner to provide details of the driver at the time. Being unable/unwilling to normally incurs a penalty in itself and/or prosecution for alleged offense.








The SabreSheep, All information is offered on good faith and based on mine and others experiences. I am not a qualified legal professional and you should always seek legal advice if you are unsure of your position.

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that's the way the letter reads a bit further down so if needs be we will send the details off.



However she cannot remember anything happening, and definitely no collision or reversing into another car for example

has occurred as we are honest people if anything like that was to happen.


If its just 1 persons word against another, without cameras or other evidence, how do we stand?


It feels like you are guilty as it has been raised against you, unless you prove your innocence?


What are the best options here?

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At the moment they are only asking who the driver is, and the reason for asking.

You will likely commit an offence by not giving those details as best you have them.


Do some due diligence to see if the car was in the car park at that time,

check mobile phone texts and calls ("hi honey, on my way to pick up the kids..."),

bank statements (did you buy something from a nearby shop or fill up with petrol?) and so on.


You mention you rarely drive as it's so close, did you perhaps drive as you were on your way to somewhere else afterwards?


As it stands, they must have received a report from someone with your car details so the car must have been there at some point.


If the alleged matter is just a car park prang, then it will probably go no further as the police will leave it up to the insurance companies to sort out.


If it's more than that, or the police want more information

they might ask to "pop round for a chat",



at this point I would decline to be interviewed at home and instead attend the police station.


This means you then have a solicitor attend with you under the legal aid system.


Do not make the mistake in thinking

"well I haven't done anything wrong so why do I need a solicitor - that will make me look guilty!".

That simply isn't true.

Apologies for the formatting in my posts, I do put paragraphs in but the forum removes them for some reason :(

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unless you can prove that no-one was driving that day

you are going to have to say who was likely to be driving the vehicle

then you will get a chance to make a statement later.



I had a similar form for a speeding offence



I eventually went on a speed awareness course rather then try to prove

that the offence did not occur as the car was parked up that day.



If I had been prosecuted then I could have shown good evidence to prove my claims

but sometimes easier to avoid the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

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