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    • Firstly please would you space and punctuate your posts in a way that makes it easier for people to read. When you post a solid block of text it discourages people. You can see that I have rearrange your post above and you can compare it with what I have copied from your original. T came at have a responsibility to ensure that anything you order is delivered to you. I think you are entitled to some evidence that it was left down the side passage. Who's the courier? You tell us that the courier has indicated that you have previously agreed to items being left in the side passage. Is this correct? Have you given them blanket approval or have you indicated an approval for particular items? Would it not be normal for items of this value to be signed for? In addition to addressing the questions I have put you above, please will you read our customer services guide and implement the advice there for any future phone calls you have with this company. I'm especially interested to know whether they would normally ask for a signature when parcels are delivered. I'm not sure that the fact that the delivery occurred more quickly than you expected is especially relevant.   How did you pay for it by the way?
    • Ok. should I drop the whole penalty thing in defence and just rely on not getting the notice to keeper - I am 70% sure they didn't issue it as I was back at the previous address but they can lie they did / show a document I never got and then it will take longer with the hearing....   well then will have to rely on abuse of process and signage. I wasn't going to submit the image of the sign "conveying the contract" as it clearly wasn't visible from driver's position.
    • The learning continues (well I think I'm learning!)...   I hadn't noticed that you can view your PCN on NPS' website. Strangely, the one for my other half seems quite different to how I remember it but I'm unreliable!   What I DO find interesting is that they're trying to do her for returning within the prohibited period - not overstaying! Apparently she clocked in first at 11:06, out at 11:45 then in again at 12:37 (a whole 8 minutes too early!) and out again at 12:53 - a total of only 55 minutes parking - and clearly nowhere near the allowed 90 minutes.   Once again, I'm not sure what - if any - bearing this has on things other than seeming now spectacularly petty and even opportunist!   Comments anyone? PCN J.pdf
    • what im trying to point out is that by using those two words fine and penalty after all your research your mindset is still not quite in the right box..   it cant be either, it was a speculative invoice issued by a private company for breaking some kind of imaginary contract you signed upto by entering a privately owned area .        
    • I placed an order with TK Maxx on 7/11/19 to the value of £170.   I went away for the weekend the following day to look after my grandchildren. When I returned home on 11/11/19 I found a card through my door from dpd saying “in side passage”. I checked but nothing was there.   The following day I emailed and phoned TK Maxx and explained what had happened. I mentioned that I was very surprised that an order that I had placed on the Thursday had been delivered the following day given their website says ‘up to 5 working days’.   The member of staff promised to contact the courier company and get back to me. Nothing happened-   I sent three chasing up emails and this morning spoke to someone on the phone. Basically she said there was nothing she could do about it.   The courier company had said they had left parcels there before and I had indicated that they could do so.   I asked to speak to someone else about this as I was obviously very unhappy to lose £170 and very dissatisfied with their response. The woman said there was no one else I could speak to and they would tell me what she had. I am so upset about this - and her attitude - the grudging admittance that someone should have been back in touch with me.   Quite clearly couldn’t care at all. Is there anything   I can do? Any advice gratefully received!
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Fly6 rear-facing video camera

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I bought one of these cameras. http://cycliq.com/product/fly6


It arrived last week. It took only three days to arrive all the way from Australia and somehow managed to escape the notice of customs so there was no duty to pay.


It certainly a bit on the pricey side – but in the last four years I have had two occasions where I have been riding in a narrow road and have been hooted by impatient drivers and eventually deliberately rear-ended by them.


One of them was a taxi driver who reversed away when I got my phone out and try to take his picture.

The second one was a driving instructor who then went on to threaten to hit me and laughed when I tried to call the police. The police arrived and refused to do anything and then simply had a chat and shared cigarettes with the driving instructor. This was in Paris by the way.


It is these experiences which eventually prompted me to splash out on this rear facing camera because if this kind of thing ever happens to me again, I intend to make very serious trouble.


The unit is like a large standard light. It is fairly heavy. The camera lens does not draw very much attention and no one that I regularly ride with has yet realised what it is.


Although the unit itself is quite sophisticated, I would say that the firmware that comes with it is rather lumpy and there seem to be anomalies which are a bit of a nuisance although they don't interrupt the functionality of the light or the camera. For instance, my unit doesn't beep as it should do in order to signify the level of battery charge and also, the charging light doesn't always come on even though it is charging.


Another example of rudimentary implementation is that in order to set the time and date on the camera, you have to access file in its root directory and edit a config.txt file.


Still, once all that is done then it seems to work excellently. The video quality is extremely good and it overlays the time and date on top of the video image.


Customer service from Fly6 – Cycliq – is extremely good so far as they respond well and in a very detailed fashion to my queries. They also don't seem to be too defensive about admitting that there might be a glitch in the firmware. This is refreshingly honest and it gives me confidence.


The unit comes with two mounting kits so you are able to have mounting brackets on two bicycles.


I would certainly recommend this item – although as I have said, it is sold at a fairly luxury price. However, it seems to be the only thing of its type on the market. Maybe if they start selling volume or if they get some competition, then the price will go down.


I understand that they will be doing a front facing camera and that it will be available in February. I think that I am likely to get one.

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I saw that last week. Hilarious. The motorist was a complete prat.

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