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    • Today , after a lotof years i recieved a letter from this lot. Very friendly, "Were writing to remind you that we havent had any contact from you in a while".  The velvet fist, followed by  a veiled threat to get their preferred debt collectors involved. Yep dead right. In 1992/3 I took out a Student load under duress from DHSS. uP TO 2000 I hadsucessfully gotten deferment on low income. But rarther thansign on as unemployed,I decided to be self employed. I applied and they asked for all sorts of documents. I obliged and then correspondance ceased from them, circa 2001. To date  I have had no correspondance from Student Loans. I was made  redundant in 2009 and  reached 65 in 2012 , at which age the loan should have been cancelled. Now ,today, 12 years on retirement and 11 ( at least years after last contact) I get a letter with veiled threats. Do I , as I smell a scam a) ignore it and hope that Erudio will think that this phishing attempt has failed or b) respond with a statute barred letter or c) remind them of legal terms that loan should be cancelled 12 years ago or d) combination of b) +c)      
    • But I'm not mixing and matching. Sure, when researching I do check multiple avenues, but when speaking, I will open a single post. The Fb post was made in March, it is now June, time has passed, and when the suggestion was made, no further information was given on how I should progress beyond "send a letter", which has meant that I've needed to start another stream - this one, but only after taking the time to research first.
    • hes not turning you away he is simply saying that you should stick to one channel of advice. he is perfectly happy with that channel being this forum, and he will help you   all he is saying, and I agree, is that you should stick to one help channel, not mix and match 3/4
    • As long as we are clear . Do the reading and post your letter of claim in draft form as requested and we can go from there.    
    • Hold on @BankFodder, that was a bit harsh. I spoke with the EVRi complaints Facebook group to begin with, a user on that group told me to send a letter but didn't give any specifics. Here at CAG, I was looking more for specific help as I've never raised such a claim before, and wanted to be sure that my claim was correct, which is why I've researched information with the other groups too, to be sure; but you seem to have assumed that I've made some form of contact with the other groups, such that I find your comments and tone to be very unfair. And I do know a thing or two about forums, that forum users are unpaid volunteers, I happen to be a Tableau Ambassador, and so perform a very similar role helping others in an unpaid capacity  
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    • If you are buying a used car – you need to read this survival guide.
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    • Hello,

      On 15/1/24 booked appointment with Big Motoring World (BMW) to view a mini on 17/1/24 at 8pm at their Enfield dealership.  

      Car was dirty and test drive was two circuits of roundabout on entry to the showroom.  Was p/x my car and rushed by sales exec and a manager into buying the mini and a 3yr warranty that night, sale all wrapped up by 10pm.  They strongly advised me taking warranty out on car that age (2017) and confirmed it was honoured at over 500 UK registered garages.

      The next day, 18/1/24 noticed amber engine warning light on dashboard , immediately phoned BMW aftercare team to ask for it to be investigated asap at nearest garage to me. After 15 mins on hold was told only their 5 service centres across the UK can deal with car issues with earliest date for inspection in March ! Said I’m not happy with that given what sales team advised or driving car. Told an amber warning light only advisory so to drive with caution and call back when light goes red.

      I’m not happy to do this, drive the car or with the after care experience (a sign of further stresses to come) so want a refund and to return the car asap.

      Please can you advise what I need to do today to get this done. 

      Many thanks 
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    • Housing Association property flooding. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/438641-housing-association-property-flooding/&do=findComment&comment=5124299
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    • We have finally managed to obtain the transcript of this case.

      The judge's reasoning is very useful and will certainly be helpful in any other cases relating to third-party rights where the customer has contracted with the courier company by using a broker.
      This is generally speaking the problem with using PackLink who are domiciled in Spain and very conveniently out of reach of the British justice system.

      Frankly I don't think that is any accident.

      One of the points that the judge made was that the customers contract with the broker specifically refers to the courier – and it is clear that the courier knows that they are acting for a third party. There is no need to name the third party. They just have to be recognisably part of a class of person – such as a sender or a recipient of the parcel.

      Please note that a recent case against UPS failed on exactly the same issue with the judge held that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 did not apply.

      We will be getting that transcript very soon. We will look at it and we will understand how the judge made such catastrophic mistakes. It was a very poor judgement.
      We will be recommending that people do include this adverse judgement in their bundle so that when they go to county court the judge will see both sides and see the arguments against this adverse judgement.
      Also, we will be to demonstrate to the judge that we are fair-minded and that we don't mind bringing everything to the attention of the judge even if it is against our own interests.
      This is good ethical practice.

      It would be very nice if the parcel delivery companies – including EVRi – practised this kind of thing as well.


      OT APPROVED, 365MC637, FAROOQ, EVRi, 12.07.23 (BRENT) - J v4.pdf
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Help with filling out N510 Out of Juristiction Please

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Hi there


I live in England and need to take the Bank of Scotland to Court for a Money Claim of around £35K;

I put in my claim to the CCMCC and the forms have been returned

stating that I need to accompany the Claim Form with Form N510.


The form can be ticked in about 8 different places, but you can only tick 1 !

I've tried understanding which one to tick, but some are REALLY similar.


Could someone please tell me which one?


Many thanks

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Link for form added...thread moved to Financial Legal Issues



We could do with some help from you.



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You need to tick the first option box - put in the name of the county court - you also need to fill out the statement of truth and sign etc


Relevant CPR



We could do with some help from you.



Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group - The National Consumer Service

If you want advice on your Topic please PM me a link to your thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Many thanks for your reply Andy which I have only just seen:

I got an email saying the thread was moved,

but ignored this as it didn't say I had a reply,

so my sincere apologies for not thanking you sooner.


Yes my mum, who is terminally ill, disabled and 89 years old was evicted from her home of many years after the LANDLORD stopped paying his mortgage.



As I live and work in Andorra,

I flew over before the initial eviction and moved my mum to a council ran warden controlled flat,

which took some sorting out from Andorra I can tell you.



I could only stay 1 day and moved basic stuff like a bed, 1 wardrobe, some clothes, etc things she immediately needed.

The Receivers stated I could return within 14 days and pay a "minder" to be at the property while I moved the rest of my mums belongings.



When I flew back to the UK after 8 days and contacted the receiver they said it was no longer in their hands and told me it had been passed back to the control of the bank: but wouldn't tell me WHICH ONE or any details as it was under the DPA because it was the landlords account not my mums!



The landlord was unavailable, the Agent who had been instructed by the receivers regarding the eviction told me it was the ROYAL bank of Scotland and I had to fly back as nobody at RBS wanted to help me get access to the property telling me to write letters and emails to them.

After months it transpired that it was the BANK of Scotland.

After contacting them they quoted the DPA too and at first refused to deal with us at all.



After another couple of months they had a solicitor write to my mum telling her that her belongings were "worthless" and had been SOLD OR DISPOSED OF.



All my mums clothes, her belongings, the furniture, the stair-lift, the contents of a shed, garage, and outhouse, and irreplaceable items such as a Medal my father won during the war.



I have done a spreadsheet and I believe its £35k they owe us on the things I can put a price on.

My thoughts are its quite disgusting what they have done.

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Because they are too big to care.

They all have loads of CCJs

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Many thanks for the reply, but how does that bode for me on collecting? When I send the equivalent of HCEO's round (are they called Sherriff's in Scotland?) will they just get told to get lost or just write me a cheque?

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Don't worry. Put them in and you'll get your money.


Don't warn them. Just let it be a nice surprise.


A few years ago a Cagger put the bailiffs into RBS at Camden Town.

We got the press there too.

Tell the HCEO not to accept a cheque as it could be stopped.

Cagger. Madpriest did it with Santander a couple of years ago.


Luvly jubbly

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By the way, try to enforce it at a branch so that the customers will see.

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By the way, try to enforce it at a branch so that the customers will see.


Yep. It's even funnier when the bailiffs actually create a noise and openly state that they will force their way into the offices to collect computing equipment or cash on premises.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Hey thanks again for the reply - and must have ESP as my next question was: the bank listed their head office address on their website as a PO Box in Edinburgh, and I now know this is not quite correct. They have not replied to my claim, so I have just got the letter in front of me asking for a default judgement and money provisions order to transfer the judgement to the Scottish system. Can I ask the court for this order to be made at a different address or indeed is their any need?



Yep a branch would be funny, in cash too? (£36K).

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If they havent replied to your claim, then make sure you stick to the timelines set by the court. The SECOND one of those timeframes elapses, proceed to the next step. And as Bankfodder stated, dont give them room to move, or inform them of any HCEO action, and make sure you send the HCEO to a very busy branch. Doesnt matter which one as they all represent the company :)


Can i ask how much the claim is worth? Dont need an accurate number, just approx.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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  • 4 months later...

Could anybody help again with this matter please as there has been a new development:


The CCMCC took 4 weeks to process some paperwork in Jan 2015 just to tell me it was "out of date". I pointed out it actually wasn't out of date and returned it. I was placed back at the bottom of the pile and another 6 weeks elapsed before my documents were processed. Muppets.


The CCMCC took my £50 for a Cert Of Money Provisions Order and a whole month passed by then I received a letter stating that the Judge had commented "the application must be submitted with an affidavit".


Ooops, my fault, 3 weeks later they have an affidavit. 6 weeks later the Default CCJ drops through my door in my favour of course, but no sign of the CERT. After 2 weeks of calling the CCMCC they finally admit that the application has been neglected by the Judge. Then why ask for an affidavit I asked, and why take my £50? This has been "forgotten" sorry, they wrote back to my complaint, but its not our fault it's the Judges fault and we have no way of investigating why this has happened.


We will get the Certificate signed and you'll have it in 3 days.


Unbeknown to me, the Defendant has now realised about the Judgement, claiming they knew NOTHING about the claim (I have everything signed for) and applying to set aside; so the file is transferred to a County Court. So a few days later I find out by accident that the Judge at the CCMCC cant sign the Certificate as its in the post to the County Court.


For 3 weeks the CCMCC cant tell me anything, and the County Court havnt received the paper file. I plead with the County Court to get the damn Certificate Signed! 1 week later I get a letter stating the Judge will not sign the Certificate because of the application to set aside - no apology, no £50 returned, just tuff.


Now I've found this: The Certificate states "That the conditions specified in paragraph 3(a) and (b) of Schedule 6 to the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 are satisfied in relation to the judgment. "


And that Act states:


"A certificate shall not be issued under this Schedule in respect of a judgment unless under the law of the part of the United Kingdom in which the judgment was given—



(i)the time for bringing an appeal against the judgment has expired, no such appeal having been brought within that time; or


(ii)such an appeal having been brought within that time, that appeal has been finally disposed of; and


(b)enforcement of the judgment is not for the time being stayed or suspended, and the time available for its enforcement has not expired."


So this would seem Legal to me although the Judgement has only been LISTED to be set aside; but surely if the CCMCC had pulled their finger out I would have my certificate by now? What a bunch of muppets.


What, if anything, can i do?

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