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Eviction imminent - not paid rent in protest - xmas 2013 Flood exposed asbestos

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Can anyone please help me?



I apologise as this is long but I need to make sure I get the right help ASAP.



I need urgent legal help for my son and his family.



They live in a Hyde Housing flat on the 6th (top) floor of a block of flats



.On Christmas Eve 2013, the roof developed a major leak which flooded several parts of my sons home.

The ceiling came down in 3 areas.

One of these was a hallway cupboard so lots of their possessions were ruined with the green black stinking water that flowed.

They had bowls all over the place to catch it.

The bathroom had ceiling leaks which resulted in the paint flaking off into the bath.

The areas of damaged ceiling have been tested and are positive for asbestos

so they have lived with that dangerous, disturbed substance hanging above their heads for 13 months.

My two granddaughters share a tiny bedroom and this is now being covered in an awful black mould.



Hyde have promised many times to send people to look at it and repair it but to this day they have done nothing.



A plasterer did turn up once but saw the report said asbestos and refused to even stand underneath the damaged ceiling.

My son and his family walk under this every day!



In April last year my son (unwisely it turns out) withheld his rent until they made his flat fit to live in.



in November they took him to court to repossess his flat.

The court advisor looked at all his paperwork and photo and the detailed diary we have kept of all the calls,

broken appointments etc and said I will get this adjourned as you have a very strong case for a disrepair counter claim.



Since November my son has been dealing with a solicitor who also said they have a very strong case.

She has asked for copies of all the paperwork and their tenancy agreement etc.

This week though she dropped a bombshell on us.

She told us the Barrister they wanted to use for this case is now unavailable for two months.



They have not been able to get the strongly worded letter to Hyde to try to get the court case dropped and the repairs carried out.

She said if they are to continue to represent him they will need £2000 up front

but admits she can’t actually promise they can do anything in time.

she has left us with nothing and no-one to help.

The next court appearance is next month!!



Is there any legal eagle out there who can help us or recommend someone who can?



All the legal firms we have spoken to don’t want to go up against Hyde Housing, why I have no idea.



We need to speak to someone as soon as possible.



The case will be heard in Bromley County Court (Bromley in Kent) in February.



Please help, the thought of my son and his family being thrown onto the street is making me physically ill.

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I would agree you appear to have a very strong case.

CAG are not allowed to recommend people (as I understand it)


Do you have a local college of law because you might find someone there that will take case on a pro bono basis.


Also you might get better advice in the "home repossession" forum


You may find the Site Team move you.

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In the mean time if you could find out what the rent arrears total.


Did they have contents insurance?

Photo everything and keep records.

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Done a bit of internet "looking" and found The national pro bono center.


They appear to put you in contact with the people in your area for free advice.


Site Team: If this post is breaking the "rules" in anyway please un approve it. I've no wish to offend anyone.

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There are hundreds of barristers in London and the South-East. If the barrister your son's representative wanted to use is unavailable it should be quite straightforward to find another one. There is plenty of time for a barrister to prepare for a hearing in February, this really shouldn't be issue.


If the real issue is that he cannot afford £2000 for the solicitor to continue representing him, then he needs to explore other options. It might be possible to get cheaper representation by approaching direct access barristers. It might also be possible to get some pro-bono help - go down to the local CAB and also use the advisor search on Shelter's website at http://england.shelter.org.uk/home.


I don't understand why it is not possible to have this strongly worded letter sent. If a draft has been prepared, then ask the solicitor to send over the draft and he can send it himself if necessary.




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