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    • Hi unclebulgaria67,  yes this is a review,  she doesn't really see the GP much as such, its only med reviews and if she is unwell apart from the diagnosed illnesses, she sees nurses for the diabetes checks etc, there is nothing new they can offer her so its a matter of managing and getting through the best she can, which is where I come in as her carer.  She had 12 months cbt for bipolar back in 2009, there are no new things added to cbt so there is nothing they can teach her there, her fibromyalgia is treated with pain relief, there is no nhs physical treatment as only a specialised massage is thought to help but the relief is short lived so the nhs don't provide it (understandably) there is no cure for the condition and we have tried everything.  I will just do my usual best and be there for any assessment which I will request is recorded and hope for the best. Thank you for replying.
    • I have not used a comparison site for some time now... Do they really pass your info on? When it says "we sometimes use your information for third parties to make your life better..."  Basically we just sell your data to anyone who wants it?! 
    • Well who hasn't had a few debts passed on eh?!  And who really wants to give the light of day to any of these scumbags. I accumulated 35+ yellow tickets NTK when parking at my shop premises and they have definitely ben passed on now, not that I care, because in my opinion they should never have been granted access to patrol that car park. 
    • I've asked you a number of questions in my post and you haven't addressed them. Please would you do this. It's a bit difficult having to chase people for answers all the time   Just to add to my original doom and gloom scenario, even if the vehicle is returned to you and you accept it – if it happens to you have received any parking fines or anything else during the period which it has been out of your possession, then you could also be challenged for that. If the purchaser does contact you again and you eventually decide to accept the return of the vehicle, I certainly wouldn't do it without having first ascertained the name and address of the purchaser – and verified this by some evidence – and also get a signed statement that they were indeed in possession of the vehicle from XXX date until XXX date. All very complicated and distasteful – but I'm afraid that this is the consequence of what your daughter has done
    • Not really. The signs have to go where they are practical. Every single yellow should have a time plate, and the motorist has to look for it - you can just say you couldn't see it. If it's there, and I assume the CEO took a photo of it, then the driver has neglected his obligation to find out what the restriction is before parking.   The only way you might be able to argue this is if the sign is next to a separate stretch of yellow line - eg, separated from the one he parked on by, say, a road junction or a parking bay. Every individual stretch of line needs its own sign.
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Not my main current account,

I gave the debit card details to a company for a timed repayment (you may guess the type of company)

I had no arranged overdraft, was in credit.


The third-party company clearly repeatedly tried to take payments from the account but there were insufficient funds to do so.


Then suddenly for some reason the bank decided to allow a debit for the repayment of a couple of hundred pounds, making the account overdrawn.


This was a couple of years ago, and



since then the bank had applied a default marker and has increased the debt via


unauthorised overdraft etc to over £1200,

I.e. loads more than the original amount.


I have been ignoring all the letters etc, they don't seem that eager (YET)


But really:

why/how can they have allowed the debit card payment when there was no money,

I agreed no overdraft?



Are they allowed to do that?



And clearly that amount of charges is absurd.


Surely it should have rejected the debit request leaving the third-party to pursue me if necessary?


Thoughts? Ta

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time for a BCOBS complaint?



so this is as a result of PDL

or one of these loan finder companies fees?


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Yes pdl


As you can see I was around on the forum at the start of the first wave of the bank charges battle but I'm rather out of touch now.


I see from your link that we have more consumer powahhhhhh now.


I seem to recall I received a 'final response' letter but my computer has exploded since then so I don't know if I have my correspondence.


Does anyone know if they can decide to accept a debit card debit if there is no money and no agreed overdraft faculty? I'm pretty sure any direct debit would be refused (so they can make money) but as there are no charges for a declined card debit I guess they make their money by accepting it therefore inducing unwarranted overdraft fees etc...


Am I imagining that there was a Halifax case recently about overdraft charges and defaults? Edit: ahh lloyds. Seemingly if the overdraft charges etc are deemed to be unfair a resulting default under the DPA is also unfair? Not sure how my case would compare as I did not make any payment as I considered their actions to be wrong and unfair and they had already started to add charges and I refused to give any money that would be used to pay those charges.


Any help very much appreciated

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