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Paypal problems


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I am having MASSIVE issues with my paypal account at the monent and would like to know where I would stand if attempting to take this further, though I suspect nothing can be done about it due to paypals quite dubious T&Cs...


So, I have had no problems until I sold something for £800. All of a sudden I get limited and they ask for ID, fair enough, I send it in. They lifted the limit.


I sold another item for £700. Limited again. Asked for the exact same ID as last time so just sent same copies. Limit lifted.


Sold something else again for £800 and I am limited again. Now as I understand, this is normal as I have reached a personal sales limit and they have to check I am a real person and such to comply with EU money laundering regulations. So I send in more proof of ID.


They then slap a second limit on me at the same time. Asking for proof of postage to the buyers, which I provide.


Then they ask for proof that I own the items I am selling. Luckily enough I got emailed a copy of my receipt (however it has other items on too) because I actually paid cash in the store for a bulkload of items at the start of december. I figure a receipt and contact details for if they want to verify will be enough so I send these. Nope..now they want tracking info for my order, but I paid cash and took the items home myself. I am awaiting a reply to that one now, but no doubt they cant accept a receipt as proof of purchase unless it has tracking info also or some other ridiculous reason like that.


Then they decide (without providing me with answers about the no tracking info for my order thing) that they want my business registration number. I don't have a business :!: I might well have done in a few months but I don't now. Basically I was trying my hand at reselling to see if there is anything to be made from it. Never again, not after all of this hassle. After fees and such if I sold everything I had bought I would have made possibly £800 overall, which is decent if I could do that each month. My plan was to register as an ebay seller as a second job or something if I found it easy to make cash..


And as if this isnt enough, they seem to have linked my paypal account to someone I sold a couple of personal items to a few months back (I didnt get all this limited crap at that time, possibly as it wasnt worth them holding the small amount of money I got for that). They reckon I cant lift my own limits until this other person resolves the issues with their account. I am at my wits end. I have sent out items that have been paid for, I offered free postage and such so I am out of pocket on that too. I don't understand how they can expect me to do anything about someone elses 'unresolved issues' :|


It seems to me they are just trying to find reasons to avoid paying out. This might sound paranoid but if you put everything together, the asking for extra info the second I submit proof/ID, and then linking me to someone I dont even know personally, only as a buyer a few months back...well...it does seem they are purposely holding my cash.


I paid nearly £2500 for a bulkoad of stuff from a shop just over a month ago. Now I have sold 3 of the things for around that amount so I would definitely be up when the rest sell, but I am back to 0 and now certain to take a loss as I only have a couple of phones and a low value laptop left.


I will never use paypal again after this, even if it does end up getting sorted out.


Basically if I tried to speak to a lawyer or something, would their t&cs allow them to just keep my cash? It would probably cost me more in the long run to challenge them however I don't think the way I have been treated is fair at all and I suspect I am not the first it has happened to either. They need to learn they can't do stuff like this. I don't even see how its worth if for them for the sake of a couple of grand, surely they make 1000x that from their fees in the first place...

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ebay fees can be crippling especially to business sellers when they insist on Free Postage. That postage has to be added on to the price of the goods, so if you take your labour at min rate, you are usually making a loss and if you don't count labour costs, you are working for next to nothing.



The only other alternative is a sellers shop on Amazon or your own website. The problem with the second is that it can take years to be found and start to work.



It costs next to nothing to register your business at companies house and even a Ltd company costs not a lot.

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No I dont think I am going to continue after this. I thought it would be relatively straightforward. Basically I play an online game which I have made a lot of money on by reselling stuff, so thought I could try to apply that to real life lol


I may look into the amazon thing at a later time though, but I am quite put off for the moment

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Just LOL...this is getting worse


Dear Victoria,


Thank you for your documents.


Please provide a copy of each of the following:


- Please provide us with more information about your business. Please submit copies of your business license as well as any other documents or forms approved by and filed with the government in the location where your business operates.


We will be unable to remove the limitation from your account until you resolve the issues on the linked account with the following email domain [email protected]. To resolve the negative balance on a linked account, send a cheque, postal order or banker's draft to the following address:


PayPal Europe

P.O. Box 9473

Dublin 15



Please make your payment payable to PayPal. Please note the email address of the account that is to be credited.


You can also make payment over the phone if you have one of the following card types:


- Visa credit card

- Visa debit card

- MasterCard

- Maestro


To make a payment over the phone, call 0208 6100 150.

The linked account..its not bloody mine, I dont even understand how they have linked it. I dont know what the negative balance is or anything. I have asked them for more info and if its a low amount I'm tempted to just pay it so they release my funds..although they will probably then come up with another excuse.


And again with the business details, despite telling them I do not currently have a business :evil:

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I don't think you can put all the blame on Paypal. They have rules to obey and if you are buying to sell, then you 'are' running a business. Any profit from those sales should be declared to HMRC.

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Its a one off thing though? I didnt realise I would have to declare buying 6 items to resell to check if its worth it :/



But it's not a "one of thing" as you say, as you bought 6 items to sell.


So that's 6 transactions @ £700 or £800 per sale, going through PayPal each time.


Which is why they are asking you for all the proof receipts etc as they most likely presume you are running a Business.


As an aside, I think the charges Ebay & PayPal are taking these days are ridiculously high!! Which is why I now use FB if I want to sell anything....

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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OK just got off the phone to paypal again. They accept I'm not running a business as I explained basically what I have said in here..the girl I spoke to said they wouldnt expect me to register a business for the sake of 6 (potential) sales.. She says I have provided everything I need to to lift the limit (receiving limit is apparently lifted already due to docs I sent, online help didnt tell me that they kept asking for same things again) and the only issue now is the linked account. Which she has put forward for review and I should hear within 24 hours. She couldn't tell me how the accounts are classed as linked, but she said it should get removed.


Panic over, for the moment :S

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but you are running a business. You bought goods with the intent to sell for a profit. That is a business as far as the law is concerned but paypals rules are not the law of the land so consider yourself lucky they have lifted your selling limits without having your TURN from HMRC

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I'd agree that given the amounts mentioned above and that you were buying to sell on, it certainly could be considered a business, 'limits' imposed by Paypal are very rare for individual sellers (although certain other restrictions are). Of course it is well known that by putting on these limits Paypal are crippling small businesses, there is a well known case of a charity being bought to its knees by PP and vital funds being held up.

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