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    • Nov 5: Sold iPad on eBay for 220 GBP, used eBay Packlink as it was recommended by eBay. Nov 6: Handed parcel over to the local shop. Parcel included iPad in its original box. Got proof of postage. Nov 9: Parcel received by buyer - after opening he realised he received a Jaguar/Landrover car part instead of an iPad. The packaging I used with the correct label was opened and the item was replaced. Nov 10: Filed a loss claim and started a tampering investigation with eBay Packlink Nov 25: Received response from eBay Packlink, confirming tampering, approving a refund of 25 GBP + 2.89 GBP postage fees.   So, after accepting that they have thieves running criminal operations in their depots, (stealing iPads and Macbooks as I've read from numerous people in this forum and elsewhere) they decided to compensate me for 25 GBP. This is way off the original value of the item sent, which was sold for 220 GBP.   I am seeking help on the next steps I should take to recover the remaining funds. Please let me know if I need to share any other details.   The poor buyer received a useless car part (he provided pictures) and in theory shall be refunded. This leaves me with around 200 GBP out of pocket and a huge willingness to take any legal avenue that will enable me to get compensated and create problems for those scams.   Any help will be appreciated.   Kind regards
    • Here is my first draft:     Dear Sir or Madame;   With regards to the above vehicle that was purchased from you on the xxxx, there are now some serious problems with the Automatic gearbox and for the last 3 weeks it has been at an independent garage who have diagnosed the problem but cannot guarantee this will cure the problem because the gearbox has not be serviced within Fords milage guidelines. I have the paperwork to show that the gearbox was indeed serviced at 35,000 & 70,000 miles well within the guidelines. The service book has been stamped at 100k for a service but no paperwork was included which is very strange as everything that has been replaced or serviced with this car has been included. After speaking with the garage that did the 100k service they can confirm that the minimum service was done which did not include the gearbox, so the gearbox has gone well over the specified guidelines.   I would like to point out that since the car has been collected, I have only done 1,500 miles so do not believe any fault would be down to ‘wear & tear’.     Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 this car should be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. My rights have been breached because the car you sold me is faulty. I would like you to put this right by repairing the car at your cost at an independent garage.     I expect a full response with 5 working days otherwise I will be taking the matter further.
    • Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm. Find out more about this ‘clone firm’. View the full article
    • Post the letter here before you send it off please. I certainly think that the missing documents should be referred to although probably in a rather more pointed fashion. Post the letter and will have a look and amended as necessary. In terms of getting other inspections, is there any dispute as to the condition of the vehicle? Have the garage themselves agreed the condition of it? Good news that it's fine at the garage for the moment – but you should ask them what storage fee would be if it went on too long – and in any event if you brought acclaim and won it. No point in giving up an opportunity to get a bit of extra money and if these people are doing you a favour then you may as well tell them that you are prepared to pay for storage if you win your case and if a claim for storage fees is met. It will certainly be reasonable to claim for storage fees – although you would have to produce an invoice for them at some point. However, even a pro forma invoice stating what the tariff is will probably be good enough to begin with
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Cycle surgery / Gift card

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Hi all,

My colleague offered me a cycle surgery gift card when I left my previous company.

While working abroad, I emailed cycle surgery ltd (using the email at back of gift card) to explain that I was traveling for a year. The email bounced back. Now cycle surgery tells me they don't review/extend gift card.


why a gift card has an expiry date? it is just a "right to take people money". There is no need for a expiry date.

I want to complain or make an action on christmas day.


Please I need some advices,

Many thanks,


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Please will you let us know what the value of this voucher is.


I have been in contact with Cycle Surgery and they have asked me to forward a link to this thread.


I don't know something can be done. But please monitor the thread as you may be asked to contact them directly.

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