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Esa support group and boyfriend staying overnight

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This morning I had to attend an interview with the Compliance Officer at the local Job Centre.

I am the appointee and official carer for my daughter who is receipt of ESA (Support Group) and we went to a family wedding in Turkey for 7 days in June 2014. Apparently I am meant to inform them when my daughter goes on holiday for a week, firstly I would like to know if this is true as I thought it was longer than this. The second thing I would like to clarify is that since this holiday someone has informed the DWP that my daughter is living abroad in Turkey with a Turk which is totally untrue.

After this holiday my daughter broke off her long term relationship with a boyfriend who she was not living with, they both had seperate properties and since then has moved back into my home with me due to harassment and other problems, my daughter has mental health problems.

We attended a Compliance Interview this morning in which she showed her passport, I had to show some I.D. and I provided written confirmation that my daughter is living with me.

The Compliance Officer used bullying tactics which were way over the top, it is a good job that I know the Benefits system quite well as I used to work at the Citizens Advice Bureau but that was a few years ago now.

This officer was like a rabid dog with a bone and treated us both terribly. She has stated that my daughter is not even allowed to stay overnight anywhere with her new boyfriend nor he with her when she is in receipt of ESA, is this correct because if so then that would mean that nobody under the new system would be allowed to have a normal relationship.

I did state I was very unhappy with the bullying tactics and that I was going to complain at a higher level.

Can somebody on this site please enlighten me on the new rules in regard to ESA.

I appreciate any help in this matter. My daughter is 26 years old.

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I suspect that your daughter should have informed the DWP of the (short) holiday, but we all forget things from time to time. As for "not allowed to stay anywhere overnight", or having a guest stay for a short period - Hairy spherical objects.


You should indeed complain about the bullying tactics and the misinformation given - Did you record this "interview" by any chance ?





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.
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Thanks for your response, I did not record the interview but clearly stated on the form I signed that I was going to complain about the misinformation given at the interview as I clearly stated that I had read on-line that you only had to inform ESA if going away for more than a week when going on holiday! The Compliance Officer said this was incorrect and asked where I had seen this to which I replied, your Government website lol, she had the cheek to state that the information was wrong and the website needed updating!!

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From what I've read on the gov site (and NI if applicable) it says it won't be affected if less than 4 weeks but you still need to talk to them. Can't see where it says to call if over 1 week (I'm only googling though).

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on the first link about benefits and going abroad it says this.........

Going abroad for more than 4 weeks but less than a year


Tell your local Jobcentre Plus if you’re going abroad for more than 4 weeks.

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I'm on a mobile so maybe the set up is different for me but above that it just says:


Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)


There are 2 types of ESA - income-related or contribution-based.


You can get both of these for 4 weeks if you go abroad.


Talk to your local Jobcentre Plus before you go.

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