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    • You will have to be able to demonstrate that the game was faulty. This may include taking a screen video of what is happening. Follow our customer services guide to find out about recording your calls – but also about taking video screenshots
    • Lowell/CCJ Long story short, I have been working in my debts the last few months as I'm looking at getting a mortgage this year.   Alas my main issue is an old CCJ that I found from Lowell, it was for what I assume can be described as a doorstep loan. The date the CCJ is registered is from a person of time when I was working away on the other side of the country. However even on returning home I can hand on heart say i never saw any paperwork from the court (I may have seen it but I'm 99.9% sure I didn't. I emailed Lowell last year to ask if they would agree to a mutual set aside and was given the template answer of they had followed the correct procedure to file it etc. The only other thing maybe of worth adding is that the default on my file and the CCJ are for different amounts (please see attached pictures) So I guess I'm asking if I have any options of getting it set aside? I can afford the payment in one but wanted to check if I have options to have it set aside rather than just having it as satisfied on my file for another 4/5 years
    • 55-57, The Quadrant, High St, Windsor SL4 1LP, United Kingdom     Okay, are you prepared to bring a small claim in the County Court? If you don't know what that means then have read around this forum about small claims in the County Court and see the steps. It's very easy. Also, for this kind of money they will put their hands up and you will get your court fee back as well as your money – and you will have taught them a lesson which you can spread around the Internet. They want to play games? Here's a game for them.
    • The value of the card was £25. I purchased it last Thursday 20th. I did a search online and it seems it's not just me having this issue. 
    • Experts are saying the virus is likely to be present in parts of the UK, where people have come back from Italy and other hot spots. The person in Surrey may not have personally been in presence of a carrier, but someone they have met has been. Did you see that Wetherspoons have apparently said that those staff who self quarantine following advice from health services will not be paid. With Civil Service, if staff have had health services advice to not go to work for 14 days, once they have contacted line manager and it is accepted it relates to this virus, the absence can be treated as special leave. But the absence can be part of overall absence management.
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I would like to bring to everyone's attention what I believe is an unfair trading by Railways ( no specific company ).


To commute from Croydon (zone-5) to Canary Wharf (zone-2),

daily office going passengers have to travel via London Bridge (Zone-1),

because the direct connectivity between Croydon and Canary Wharf is poor.


The direct connectivity from Croydon to London Bridge is the only re-course for passengers

but they have to shell out extra £1020.00 per annum as London Bridge is in Zone-1.

£1020.00 /annum is a huge amount by any standard,


Someone buying a zone5-zone-2 ticket also deserves a good service as well.


After all the cost is based on zone and not on level of service.


I believe the current method is directing funds from thousands of daily travellers in an unfair way to rail companies.


Besides this, it is depriving the people of time


I have raised this with ORR (Office of Rail regulation).


I want to know if I Can take this to court?



I am willing to chase this public interest, in court, if I get advise.

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ORR (and anyone else) really will not be interested.


It's not unfair trading, as you are choosing to travel via a premium route as opposed to using your travelcard on other public transport or using the limited services that do run.


Some routes like Chester to Runcorn (direct) get 5 trains per year, and takes just 30 mins, but for the rest of the year you have to go Chester-Liverpool-Runcorn which takes around 1h30 with connections. Ticket price is still the same.


If you're talking about zones, you are referring to a travelcard which is a TfL product (not a Train Operating Company one), but you really are wasting your time...

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You can travel direct from West Croydon to Canada Water in 30 minutes and then it's one stop on the Jubilee. Alternatively, if you are the other end of town, you can go East Croydon To Clapham and change there for Canada Water.

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Wouldn't a point to point ticket be cheaper and without restrictions on route taken?

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