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    • hi   Thank you for your reply.   nice link . thank you very much.   I know I will get my refund. it has been offered. I have been told I am right about the situation. It does seem like this is in debate but this was clarified a long time ago.   Do you think I would be wasting my time to try and stop it happening to others?   I just would not want this happing to anyone else.   Thank you again                
    • Just ask for the refund you appear to be entitled to.  They'll either pay it or they'll explain to you why they won't.  Forget everything else.   Or you could try here:  https://www.railforums.co.uk/forums/disputes-prosecutions.152/
    • you stated :   "I would expect revenue officers are quite aware of the time of day they are manning barriers. i'd also go as far as to say they don't bother to do this in off peak times... as there would be little point, no loss of revenue to protect".     They were there when I should have had an off peak option, they did not give it me!! I asked for the lower fare. they refused!! And threatened a fine!! ( i did not know the jargon , that is true)  but "lower fare option "  should be o.k for them to understand.   When I say, to the effect, that there was a lower fare option listed on your computer before I left the station  Please can I have that as this higher fare seems far too much. Is there another option?   No.   I had full fare or a hefty fine options only.   you stated:   "your intended return was off-peak, but you didn't tell them.."   I asked for the lower fare, they refused. repeatedly. They had the option to charge the low fare but absolutely refused and threaten a fine.   I do not have to know any jargon.  I just said it was too much and there was a lower option before i departed and  why can't I have that? They said no and that I had to pay the high fare.   Which is untrue. They should have said that was o.k and gave any restrictions on the ticket!   you stated "this thread is getting boring and repetitive. "   You could help me and the many others  who may read this) who would like advice and offer suggestions of things to ask or mention with the complaint.   What would you say? How can I stop this from happening to others?   I have been told I was right by the staff at the station. So I know I am in the right.   Please can you be a bit more friendly and helpful?  Come on, lets try and do some good here.   I was hoping people might suggest some ideas.   Perhaps we can move onto the questions I should ask or things I should state regards my complaint. with time running out?  If not for me,  for other travellers, who will be going through this same ordeal if we do not help them.   kind regards.          
    • yes because 1000's of people believe a DCA is a bailiff and they are not and that penalty charges are lawful, they are not, so blindly cough up...   worth a few letters / free emails to try it on pays for the staff drinks down the pub that night with free money.   dx  
    • they have already 'outsourced' it ..........to a dca [crs - well that's harlands anyway] watchout for Zinc next.. but don't look at the bottom of the letter as you'll see its the same address again...}   forget about it go enjoy your life.    
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Compensation for delayed part of a journey

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Yesterday, I came from Bournemouth to Plymouth. I had to go to Southampton and then to Bath. No problems with the journey to Southampton and the journey to Bath was delayed by 7 minutes. (not an issue)


I then got to Bath and the train was delayed by one hour. We were never updated with what was going on. The train was absolutely packed and there were no reservations on seats. Having spent Sunday running some 13 miles, I really didn't appreciate being forced to stand on a train. Thankfully, I only had to stand from Bath to Bristol.


I did write something on the FGW Facebook page and their response was:

"Sorry we were unable to reply yesterday, we were extremely busy. We were putting out many updates on our Twitter page, on our website and at stations, but I am sorry if you were unable to access this information. Severe signalling problems meant that many services were disrupted yesterday, with many being cancelled. Because of this, we were unable to put out seat reservations and the trains that were running were very crowded. Sorry for this."


I've looked at whether I can get compensation for this, (I had to get a taxi home @ £5 because no-one could pick me up due to the trains running late) and there's a bit that confuses me:

It asks how much you paid for your ticket. I paid roughly £43. But the first 2 train were south west (?) and the third and final train was FGW, which was delayed by an hour. So, what do I write on the form for how much I paid? The full amount and then sent all tickets off?

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I knew about the delays; but didn't realise we'd be affected. Normally, trains running from Bath to Plymouth are run by Cross Country and don't go via Reading.

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If the delay was more than an hour then you are entitled to compensation of THAT part for the journey as a refund.

No consequential loss (i.e. taxi fare however)

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