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    • Thanks DX,    I will update if they outsource to another company or issue any of proceedings (unlikely I know)    cheers, 
    • go up on your UC log-in it should tell you if you are entitled to free prescriptions. if you are, then yes  and yes go get all your moneyback.    
    • I would expect revenue officers are quite aware of the time of day they are manning barriers. i'd also go as far as to say they don't bother to do this in off peak times... as there would be little point, no loss of revenue to protect.   they man the barriers at peak times, when people have purchased their permit to travel at a peak time travelled at a peak time arrived at their destination at a peak time.   thus they prevent: [loss of revenue] the traveller simply paying for an off peak fare when they just travelled in peak time [and most probably are a worker] getting an off peak return when they are travelling back home in peak time [worker returning home]     in other words ..fare dodgers.   your intended return was off-peak, but you didn't tell them.. we'll never know when your permit to travel was purchased nor if you travelled in peak time....but as from about post 5 i'll hedge my bets..   yes you are entitled as others may well be, to a refund because you were returning off peak but if you don't tell 'em…….   as for our experts , its either they are on holiday, which is none of our business or they sussed you out a longtime ago and don't want an argument here that they have 1000's of times in their regular work....   anyway  I've said all this from the start this thread is getting boring and repetitive.   dx ...    
    • @BankFodder and @BazzaS Thank you for your responses ~ I take on board all that you've said, and can only apologise again for all the narrative.   My nephew who's been [supposedly] dealing with this for over 6 months, unfortunately didn't have the experience and was consequently taken in by them and the way they 'operate', and he consequently let me down massively including through the Ombudsman this 2nd time: * 2nd Complaint with Ombudsman initially registered 11/04/2019 but, not registered properly until 15/04/2019 through their helpline (by this time my nephew, who was down as my rep for the Ombudsman, too, and the preferred contact, was away and out of the country until 07/05/2019, which was the day before the ombudsman's system had given for all evidence to be in). * Eventually after asking for and being granted 2 or 3 extensions all evidence had to be submitted by the 28/05/2019, though I was still able to keep adding evidence which would supposedly be taken into consideration (it wasn't...don't think any of it was, and it didn't take me long to work that one out!) via the messaging system. * On the BH Saturday (25/05/2019) during a phone session with my nephew in a last ditch attempt to try to get the evidence on the site, he ended-up really pushing my boundaries over this (I've finally had EMDR last year for all the trauma I've been through and that had finally kicked in)...I ended-up calling my nephew a patronizing [and might have used the F word!] prick and turning the phone off. Haven't spoken to him since, or the rest of my family, am only communicating with them through emails, texts and messenger on Facebook, and am intending to keep it that way until I'm god and ready. * The Ombudsman eventually issued his decision on 05/07/2019 (N.B. During this time he'd contacted me twice on the phone, thus bypassing my nephew's status as npower have been doing for years, including in the run-up to my lodging the latest complaint with the Ombudsman). * Npower appealed the decision on the 11/07 (the arrogance of that will strike you once I get the chance to upload the evidence I've been accumulating over the time my nephew has been 'dealing' with them and subsequently), I appealed the decision on the 18/07, which was the day before the final 14 days to appeal were up (N.B. During our 2nd converation, the Ombudsman had told me, whilst prefacing this with "I probably shouldn't be telling you this..." 🤪, that if I left it until the day before, I'd then have another 14 days whilst he considered the 'appeal' and then, even after that, I'd have recourse to appeal to his manager if I felt he'd got something wrong!!..........Yeh right! 🤬). * In the end he rejected both of our appeals and this is the basis of his response on the 01/08/2019, which he'd taken to be a relatively simple billing issue, along with my not having understood my bills and never having paid enough all along (NOPE!):- "Some of the bills are shown differently on the spreadsheets, but the information is the same. For example, on the first spreadsheet there is a bill of £3,032.40 on 4 October 2018. On the second spreadsheet there are three bills issued on 4 October 2018 for £677.33, £678.30, and £1,676.77. These three bills add up to £3,032.40. I appreciate that this can be confusing for customer’s, but this is something I did cover in my original decision. Whilst I acknowledge npower’s point that a manual bill will essentially contain the same information as the bills previously issued, it is the way in which the information is presented that is crucial to assisting the customer to understand their account better. After considering the appeals from you and npower, I can see no justifiable reason to change the decision, which I maintain is fair and reasonable for both parties, based on the evidence I have reviewed. I confirm that Ombudsman Services: Energy’s full and final decision is that npower should: • Issue a letter of apology. • Apply a credit of £120.00 to account 142309111 for the two failed appointments in 2015 in line with the terms of the Guaranteed Standards of Service. • Apply a goodwill gesture credit of £200.00 to account 142309111 in recognition of the shortfalls in service. • Provide the customer with a manual bill to show a clear breakdown of charges, payments, and credits on account 142309111 for the period from 19 February 2013 to 19 February 2019. We have now reached the end of our investigation process and there is no further opportunity to appeal. You now must decide if you agree to accept our decision in full and final settlement of the complaint."   * I haven't accepted it (why would I, when it's based on lies; npower breaching every SLC and Customer Obligation going with me; the GDPR and former DPA; fraudulently altering my data to fit in with their narrative; obfuscating, kicking-up a dust-storm, using bullying and harrasment every time they're challenged, all with the intention of trying to put the onus of responsibility for .managing. my account back onto me and save themselves coming under further scrutiny with Ofgem...though they're so far behind what has gone-on with this company over the years and/or they just don't want to unsettle their "Dear Stakeholders", especially with one of the Big 6; and all whilst I've been finally able to get the very damning evidence together against them?!). I'm about integrity and having a moral compass ~ everything this company isn't and lacks ~ and I will no longer compromise that for anything or anyone, particularly not this shower of 💩s in npower.   So yes @BazzaS I " a) want to take action" and furthermore, I believe I've got a very good case against them with your help.   Again thank you both for your support and I'll start on the bullet list over the week-end and also start uploading evidence (I've got rhemes of it on a USB stick, which I'm currently redacting the important ones of).   GM  
    • Hello.   I have received one of these penalty notices  for a prescription from several months ago.  I usually have a prepayment card but they're saying it may have expired, which it could have done.  Unfortunately, I can't find the card itself so I can't confirm.  I was going to pay the penalty on the grounds I may have carelessly let it expire but on the website for paying it says I may be entitled to free NHS prescriptions as I'm claiming Universal Credit.  I can't recall which elements but I suspect it's child tax credits and possibly something due to not high salary.   I'd never considered that I may be eligible but if this is true, then I may have been buying the prepayment card unnecessarily.  Which makes me wonder if I can avoid paying this fine because even though I ticked the box to say I have a prepayment card, which was technically not the case if it's expired, I may be eligible for free prescriptions.  Assuming I am, which I will try to determine next week for sure, do you think I can appeal the penalty based on the wrong box being ticked but ultimately it not be a fraudulent claim because I am entitled to them free anyway.   Does that make sense?  Your thoughts on the matter are all appreciated.
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Incorrectly billed Council Tax.

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This is a long and messy story, so I'll try and stick to the short version to begin with.


Fifteen years ago I moved from my previous address to my current address, I informed my local Council (Shetland, for both addresses) that I was taking over responsibility for my current address, that I was no longer responsible for my previous address, and gave them details of whom I was given to understand was taking over responsibility for my previous address.


All seemed to be good, and in order, until February/March 2013, when out of the blue I received two letters at my current address, from my local Council advising me that they were now at the stage of applying to the Court for Summary Warrants against me for sums of Council Tax supposedly due for periods sometime between 2011 and 2013 at my previous address, followed shortly after, also to me at my current address by a Council Tax bill for my previous address for the whole of the 2013/14 tax year.


I wrote to the local Council at that time advising them I was not responsible for Council Tax at the address stated, and I had not been responsible for Council Tax at that address since relocating from it in '99. They did not reply, and I have never heard anything from them on the subject since. So, after a month or two of silence, I presumed (as you do) that they'd accepted billing me for Council Tax at my previous address had been some sort of error on their part and the issue was closed.


However in July this year I started receiving the usual computer generated threats from the vultures at Scott & Co. demanding I pay them the two sums of alleged overdue Council Tax for my previous address my local Council had written to me about in February 2013. I wrote to S & Co. restating I did not believe I was responsible or liable for the sums they were demanding, that I had already disputed my responsibility and liability with the Council concerned, and having not received any response from them to the contrary I believed they considered the matter closed, and consequently so did I.


They replied, quite curtly making it very clear they had no interest or intentions in entering in to any discussion with me on the issue, they had full intentions of proceeding forward until or unless instructed otherwise by their client, and that if I had anything to say, to take it up with their client, not them.


I wrote back pointing out that I believed they had a responsibility to inform their client that I disputed the charge(s) they had been engaged to pursue, that any disagreement was between their client and myself, and that if their client disputed my stance the onus was on their client to contact me, not vice versa, as I had already contacted their client concerning the matter over one year previously, and they had chosen not to address the issues I'd raised with them. Predictably I have received no reply to this


However, as I had no faith or trust in S & Co. actually doing anything as a result of receiving my letter, a few days later I again wrote to my local Council, restating I did not accept I had any responsibility or liability for any Council Tax at my previous address which they believed may be due for any period after 1999, and this time providing them with a timeline of events for the last fifteen years for the address, as they are known to me, as backup. Finally I requested that I would be very interested in learning how they came to believe that I was responsible and liable for any such charges, especially taking in to consideration the timeline I had just provided them with. Unsurprisingly I have received no reply to that letter either.


Meantime S & Co. equally predictably have been racking up the anti, and churning out steadily escalating dire threats as regular as clockwork. Last week, one month after last writing to both S & Co. and my local Council, I emailed both the front desk at my local Council's finance dept. and direct to the Debt Recovery person within the same finance dept. demanding an explanation of just what they thought they were trying to achive, and what on earth did they think they were trying to do - again predictably, neither email has been replied to.


So, where do I go from here?


From what I can gather legally disputing a Summary Warrant is effectively a non-starter (despite IMHO that being completely contrary to the principles of justice). Is this actually the case? Do we really have a system in place where a local Council can bill just about anyone they choose to for Council Tax, and then hide behind a wall of silence and hired guns to steal whatever sum of money they choose to off that individual, and that individual has absolutely no legal comeback whatsoever to dispute or challenge either their liability to pay, or the sum demanded?


Is there any viable avenue of challenge and redress in this situation, or am I simply going to have to sit back and wait until they decide to make me bankrupt, and let the argument as to whether this bill legally constitutes one of my liabilities or not, be settled in that Court? If there isn't, I can't see what's going on here as being anything other than legalised extortion/theft etc.

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I am quite shocked you have had no reply at all from the local council.


Its the head of finance you would now need to go to to dispute this and normally these details are easily found however for your council they are not.


I would give them a quick call and ask for the name and email address for the head of finance.


Ive never seen an issue like yours that has not been easily resolved before with front room staff.

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Thanks for your reply IdaInFife. I agree that this could and should have been quickly resolved by front line staff, and indeed I thought that it had been when I received no reply or other correspondence from them concerning the issue after writing to them in spring 2013.


As you have already realised, contacting any one specific individual member of staff within the Shetland Council is difficult to impossible, on account of their long term apparent policy of only making available front desk contact details to the public. Where, by all appearances, when used, front desk staff cherry pick who sees what, when, and if at all, as they see fit. The only reason I had a direct email to the Debt Collection person was on account of them having emailed me at some point in the past on a wholly unrelated matter, and I'd kept the email.


As it was near the end of last week that I sent my emails to finance, my current thoughts are to wait and see what happens by the end of this week, and if there's no change attempt to make direct contact with someone like the finance director or the Council Chief Executive. In all honesty, based on past results with attempting to resolve other matters elsewhere within the Council machine, I have little faith in being able to obtain contact direct details for either, but at least I can say I tried....My local councillor I doubt would be able to help much, as in previous discussion with them they have readily admitted they find the entire Council civil service an almost impenetrable barrier who rely on "we are not at liberty to discuss individual cases" as a get out of jail card for virtually everything. Beyond that I guess there's only the Ombudsman....


At the end of the day its the legislation that appears to be flawed, Councils are run by humans (although sometimes you do seriously wonder....), and errors, etc will happen. There needs to be effective safeguards in place to have them resolved to both parties satisfaction both quickly and fairly, otherwise Councils can pretty much do what they like and hide behind a wall of silence and uncooperation to get away with it, as mine appear to be of mind to do with this.

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