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Vauxhall motors be aware every one must read

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I own a Vauxhall corsa vxr nurburgring edition. Vauxhalls flagship.


the car is 2 years old on a 62reg the mileage is 4000 car cost is £18k


I started to notice a clunk from the gearbox



I went to my local Vauxhall dealership in July .Penfolds Lewisham South East. and



Left My Car In Penfolds Repair Garage to be Diagnosed.



I got a call the same day from Chris the service desk at penfolds and

he told mey car has low compression cylinder 4 and

a Vauxhall engineer has to be send out to inspect my car. and



penfolds was sure is was due to engine remapping - decided to Void my warranty on my Standard Car.


I decided to call Vauxhall customer care department/ Vauxhalls head office in Luton and

spoke to a representative



I Explained the problem my car has and the dealership voiding the warranty and

they could not help me and stop the dealership from voiding my warranty



I decided to call them again the following day and



I managed to speak with the regional manager Vauxhall Luton.

he told me my car's warranty should not be voided on a car with such low millage

and with no signs of modifications



he assigned a engineer to inspect my car and told penfolds to continue diagnosing the problem.


3 weeks later no engineer showed up and

Vauxhall customer care representative called me and

said iv got to sign a disclaimer for Vauxhall to send off my ECU Unit To Germany to Be Inspected

and can take 2 weeks to come back with results to see if the ECU is standard and not remapped.



this is outrageous because all Vauxhall wanted to do is find excuses not to fix my car

because im a young lad with a vxr and the dealership automatically say the problem is due to the way I drive

or that I have remapped my engine.



it is terrible the way Vauxhall have dealt with me

and the time It has taken to get things moving is just not good enough.


5 weeks later my Ecu Arrived at the dealership from Germany when it should of only been 2 weeks and

the test results was CLEAR ECU STANDERD



Vauxhall was very embarrassed and assured me my car will be fixed but

they have still not accepted the warranty claim and

fix my car and they have to send a engineer out to inspect my car

what I would say they mean find more excuses to not fix my car.


now after 7 weeks my car being in Vauxhalls dealership

I had a phone call from Vauxhalls customer care and

she said I have to sign another disclaimer for the dealership to strip my engine

and they will send a engineer to inspect my car.


now its the end of September my cars been in the dealership near enough 3 months

and Vauxhall do not have a clue what is wrong with my car

and they have rejected my warranty claim to fix my car.

and have put me aside now because of all the steering reclaims Vauxhall.

are to busy to talk to me let alone fix my car.


after 11weeks I have had nothing but Vauxhall to tell me false lies and excuses to get out of paying to rectify the problems and fix my car


avoid this company with all means



my car is 100% standard with 4000 genuine miles and

still in manufactures warranty and

still Vauxhall will not fix a common problem of cylinder 4 low compression/misfire


also engine oil is leaking from engine head and



Vauxhall do not have no clue what is wrong with my car and refuse to honour my warranty


please email me for any questions on this and I will be happy to help



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The car is not fit for purpose.

Send them a recorded delivery letter explaining that unless they fix the car to your satisfaction within 14 days, you will have to take it further.

From your story it looks like they are in a corner now, so their only option is to fix the car.

I had a Vauxhall once and after some dealings with their now garage in bedfont, I sold it for very cheap.

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Is this dealer the same one you bought the car from ?



Is the car on Hire Purchase ?

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