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    • Hi, this is my first time posting here, I hope Im posting at the right place. This is a long story... prepare for a long read! I hired a local painter & decorator (lets call him Painter R, R stands for rogue lol) back in late July to do the work in my house. The work includes painting of the ceiling and walls in the house, and also fixing a ceiling of the extension (where the old conservatory is, the previous owner made it into an extension. It was leaking at the extension, the ceiling was therefore taken down before for two months to let it dry up, and I needed someone to put it back). I asked "Painter R" what kind of paint is he going to use, he said he is using Crown paint. I asked him is it good paint, is it durable, resist to mold, resist to acid (I meant to say corrosive, but mind my English), and he said yes. My house is not a very small house, its a 4 bedroom house. The whole job was £4650, and I accepted the quote since I wasn't able to find anyone else at that time. The work began at early August, "Painter R" sent 2 boys to come and work on my house. The work was delayed for a bit, and eventually took two weeks, but everything "seemed" fine (since I am no expert, i didnt really know what to look at, as long as the painting seems ok, ceilings put back, I was "fine" with it. I did point out some small things out and they did fix them/they said they would but sometime they didnt and I had to tell them again), so I paid the full amount with direct debit when the job was almost all done (Painter R called me up to urge me to pay, stating that he will have to pay the guys "tomorrow", since he and his guys were pretty friendly so I did it, what a BIG MISTAKE I did).   There were issues with them, including I asked them to fit some of my blinds back, but they did not put any of them back, and also thrown away the brackets, at first he was trying to make me leave it, stating he doesnt remember me asking him to put any of them back. Luckily, I stated it in the text messages that I wanted some of them back, so he sent someone back to fit some of them. And made a deal with me that he is not charging me for an extra hole that needed to be filled, and a piece of wood that they put back (but was not very well done, another trader who, I found later on, agreed with me), so that they will not come back to fit one set of blinds back (which originally, fitting back all blinds is part of the job), however, I accepted it because the conversation was getting nowhere. Two weeks after the ceiling was put back, there were cracks and bulges appeared, I called them up, they came back to fix it, cracks still exist afterwards, so I called them up again, they came back to "fix" it again. This time, the guy used a lot of fillers, making the ceiling an uneven ceiling to try and cover up a crack, but still, the crack exists, even to this day. Worth mentioning is that, the paint that he mentioned they would use is Crown paint, but the paint that the guy left behind after fixing the ceiling, is just cheap paint that you can buy from B&Q. Now, here comes the real problem. Around 30th Sep I had cleaners to clean the house for me since my carpets are being fitting on 6th Oct, it was found that the paint can be washed off, just by gently rubbing it with water using fingers, and the paint could be seen dissolves on fingers! I called "Painter R" up, and was told that he was not in the country. "Painter R" finally called me back on 5th Oct, he said he never stated what kind of paint he would be using, and he said this is what he meant about wipe-able and non wipe-able paint, (in which I dont really remember he told me anything about it, but even if my memory is messing with me, that he really did talk to me about this and even, lets say, recorded it, since I am no expert/professionals at painting, I would think "wipe-able" meaning "the paint can be wiped with a damped cloth without any problem", and "non wipe-able" meaning  "the paint will not be wiped off by a damped cloth", who would expect the paint to be washed off just by water?!?!) He said things like, he has painted a hundred houses like that, its a standard paint to be used in all new builds in England, etc. He was very rude on the phone, stating he "even used a wipe-able paint for me in the kitchen and dining room and bathrooms already", but I found that the paint at the two small rooms (one bathroom, one toilet), can also be washed off easily. So he said he will send someone to paint those two rooms with the right paint that Saturday (9th Oct), nothing more. He said there is no way he is going to repaint the whole house for me. So I said to him "my carpet is being fitted on 6th, what if any paint dripped on them?". He said "Im not going to do anything after the carpet is fitted, or you will find the slightest thing on the carpet and charge me for it." The conversation went on, eventually he said, "Im not going to do anything after the carpet is fitted, you had your chance, good bye." and he hung me up! I called him back straightly, and he said, "So what do you want?" I stated I still needed those 2 rooms fixed, so he said he will send someone to paint those two rooms with the right paint that Saturday, and he wont guarantee anything about making my floor dirty. I accepted it. Then I called up citizensadvice, and asked them what to do, then followed some of their advice. I quickly found a trusted trader from a website recommended by citizensadvice, and talked to the trusted trader (Lets call him "Trusted trader A"). He was a kind gentleman who listened to my problem, and he quickly identified that the paint they used, was very likely cheap contract matt, which is not suitable for a redecoration job like in my house. He told me to use a silky, soft cloth damped with water, to wipe the walls left to right for around 10 times and see what happens, so I did, with a car washing cloth damped with just cold water, and the paint was being washed off everywhere (apart from Kitchen, Dining room, utility room and the main bathroom)! I told "Painter R", "I am already seeing the old blue paint on the bathroom wall just after 10 seconds of gently wiping with a damped cloth", he told me to "stop wiping the wall, now you are damaging it" I told "Painter R", "you did not apply primers before using that paint on top of it". He answered: "There's no such thing as primers for walls! You do not know what you are talking about I'm afraid"   On 6th Weds, "Painter R" said he has given the paint to his painter for Saturday morning (9th Oct) and the painter will be there at 9am. I asked "Painter R" what kind of paint he is using this time, he mentioned the name of a paint which "trusted trader A" said should erase the problem. I asked "Painter R" how many coats is he applying, he said only 1, I asked why not 2? (because 2 costs is always recommended) Guess how he answered me? He said "If I get anymore messages no one is coming on Saturday". So I stopped texting him as advised by "Trusted trader A". I also sent a formal complaint letter on 7th Oct to "Painter R" through email, stating Consumer Rights Act 2015 in the letter and mentioned that he can continue to perform the fixings that he is going to do that Saturday, also stated about what other things I wanted, asking him to reply me in 14 days. He never replied, and no one ever came on Saturday 9th Oct. I texted both "Painter R" and the worker who "Painter R" said would be coming, none of them ever replied. I havent been in touch with them since. I paid "Trusted trader A" to come and have a look at the house on the following Sunday morning 10th Oct, and he wrote me a report and gave me a quote (since I needed quote from at least 3 traders.) "Trusted trader A" pointed out 3 things in the report: 1: The walls prior to painting could have been a sheen finish and may have required a primer to stop the penetration occurring now, there are plenty of primers on the market  2: Preparation could be an issue, if the walls had been abraded off using grade 120 sandpaper to key the surface down prior to application of paints and a Vinyl or Durable Matt used  3: The product used looks and feels like a contract Matt product, which would normally be used on new plaster finish and would not be recommended for a redecoration product. Trusted trader A" Also stated that the quality of the work in some areas was not very good. I also found another trusted trader from another trusted website (Lets call him "Trusted trader B") "Trusted trader B" pointed out a lot of things that were not done right by "Painter R". He said similar things as "Trusted trader A", stating that the work was done poorly, preparation was not done properly. He stated that, some people would ask for contract matt to be used because its very cheap. However, for a 4650 job, it really shouldnt be contract matt unless you specified you wanted contract matt (which I obviously didnt). And the ceilings that was put back by "Painter R", was not done right, no metal corners were used, and hence why the corners dont look straight. I also found that all the ceilings in the house is painted with contract matt, and can be wiped off easily using a damped soft cloth. Im getting 2 quotes for the paintings of walls and ceilings from the two trusted trader. (as I was told to get quotes from 3 traders.) but for now, I am only able to get 1 quote for the fixing of the ceiling from "Trusted trader B". Following the advice from citizensadvice, I should be writing a letter with more serious manner 14 days after I sent the first. With the average of 3 quotes attached which I am still yet to be able to find. If the trader still do not reply me 10 days after that, Ill have to go for the small claim court.     After the long read... I would like to know, what else should I do next? Is it likely for me to win the small claim case? I really need some help and advises here.
    • Hi Guys, I have made the changes.  Thank you so much for your feedback so far it has really helped.    To whom it may concern.    Thank you for your letter of claim. I can now officially respond and highlight your clients very shady, immoral and borderline unlawful operations.    It has become very apparent that the whole process is set up to pressure me and other motorists into paying trumped-up “invoices” without a second thought. This is definitely not going to happen in this case!     If you had taken the time to do your due diligence, you would have realised that the whole case is fundamentally flawed and an absolute joke from beginning to end.     Your client’s shady operations have been widely publicised in the area and laid out in black and white in the Stoke Sental for all to see, plus a few pictures thrown in for good measure which are safely in my possession.  Does the name Nick Cartlidge ring a bell?   The local MP is now heavily involved, publishing an open letter and taking this matter to the highest level. The whole situation is just a big mess for G24 and continuing this way is just making it worse.    Your client can either drop this laughable case immediately, or I will use the mountain of evidence I have against you and proceed to take the matter further.     Yours sincerely
    • "DPDGroup UK Ltd" has finally replied and defended the case as expected.   I have till 21st November to reply.   The defence seems similar to others where they are claiming to have no liability as I have not contract with them directly but as I have learnt from the forums here that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 gives me the right to claim directly against a company because I enjoy all the benefits as a 3rd party as I'm the beneficiary from that contract.   Just looking at the next steps on gov website it's asking me to choose the closest court to me which is "Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court and Family Court" but having a look at reviews on Google dosent seem like a very good court with bad service etc I dont think that dosent really matters, but just trying to make sure everything's proper before proceeding      
    • post their up to one mass pdf pleASE   dx
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NPower trying to make me pay them £3100


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Can anyone offer any advise on how to deal with N-Power?



I was with them for 2 and half years, and they kept messing up the DD and

they sent so many wrong statements and bills.



Eventually we were set up on a plan which expired in April this year.

They then sent us an invoice saying we owe them £3400 as we have been paying the wrong amount

even though they put us on the tariff and set the DD up.


I've complained and complained and complained to them.

I eventually managed to switch providers as they blocked it at first.


It has now reached deadlock with their final say on the matter

is they will knock £250 off due to the bad service but because we are no longer a customer of theirs

we need to repay the rest within 2 years at £132pm.


At the moment our outgoings are a lot more than our incomings so

their is no way we can afford anywhere close to this.



We offered £20pm but they wouldn't accept that and are now threatening to get a 3rd party debt collection involved,

even though I have never signed anything to say they have authorisation to pass my personal details to another party.


Their customer service is absolutely appalling. I am going to go to OFGEM but will it do any good?


I am just worried now that we are going to end up with bailiffs banging on the door or extra charges being added.


Can they really force us to pay £3100 even though it was them who set the payment up incorrectly?


Please help, we are at the end of our tether.

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Sorry - I did type out quite a lengthy reply about 24hrs ago but the whole site seemed to go down completely while it was being submitted.



I've only just been able to get the site to load again and there seems to be a serious problem with the HTML now.



Hopefully, someone else will be along to help you...

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First thing you need to do is get copies of all information they hold about you including payments made and readings taken.



Probably the best way to get this is to send them a SAR requesting all information -

there is a charge of £10 for this.


You also need to know what the opening reading was when you moved in (or moved provider to NPower if that wasn't when you moved in)

and what your leaving readings were make sure both start and end readings are actual readings and not estimates.



Then you need to compare the amounts being charged for based on their bills with your readings.


People with more knowledge than me will be along soon to help I hope.

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back billing regs.



as the OP nor anyone that has posted additional question

on the same thread has replied in 10days now



I think its dead.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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