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BT warns it will increase phone bills by 6.5%

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BT has warned millions of customers it is increasing its prices by up to 6.5% from December this year.


It will increase the line rental for direct debit customers by 6.25% to £16.99, and the rate for calling UK landlines by 6.44%, while the pence per minute (ppm) rate for calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers will go up 6.44% from 9p a minute to 9.58p.


The set-up fee for landline calls will increase from 15p to 15.97p, residential calls to the Timeline speaking clock will go up from 36.6p to 38.97p and call return will increase from 19.9p to 21.19p.


Broadband prices are going up by as much as 6.49%





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That's disgraceful considering it can't provide a decent service. The high speed broadband, when working properly is superior to anything else on the market but it's reliability is very poor. We had 15 days without any usable internet or phone recently and I had to make 4 fault reports before it was fixed, each one involving at least a 3 day wait for repair (5 if it includes a weekend). Every time the engineer came out they blamed the pole across the road for the problem and said it is due to be replaced. That was several weeks ago and guess what? The pole still has not been replaced, the internet has packed up again and it is another 5 day wait for a repair! No amount of complaining seems to budge them from this wait, they just blame BT outreach engineers for the wait and say it is out of their hands (still BT though???). They also threaten to charge you £130 each time they come out if they find a fault on your property with the wiring etc which is quite anxiety provoking to those of us without the expertise to be sure it is not. There is no automatic compensation for time without any internet or phone, last time I rang to ask for half the bill to be deducted (for 15 days without phone or internet) and I had a lengthy debate on the phone as they would only offer compensation for about a third of the bill. In the end I emailed and itemised what I was deducting from the bill as compensation to which they agreed in the end but there was still nothing for the inconvenience or the cost of using mobile internet for all my family members. You do get free access to a free BT wifi but this was difficult to access from our computers, very slow and the mobile internet was better. I would willingly go elsewhere for phone and internet except for pressure from family members who want the fast upload speeds that you get with BT.

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It is not just BT B/B customers that their bad network maintenance is affecting, since April my B/B speed by another ISP has more than halved at one time going below the Upload speed of 0.12Mb


After phoning my small ISP on 10th Aug who tried to help by juggling something their end but this didn't improve much, then on 19th Aug Internet off for about 4 hours and when it returned their Status said that their Provider (BT installing Infinity?) had diverted/re-routed round the works and that re-route had been faulty (my very low speeds) and had finally broken-down completely, and had now been repaired and connections were coming back. Since then my speed is increasing every day and I even get flashes on the Test of 12/16Mb before settling today at 4.97Mb.


Still not back to the 7 or 8Mb that I was getting earlier in the year but I live in hopes, if I live that long:jaw:

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